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Fun But No Potential
by Mr Friend
Citation:   Mr Friend. "Fun But No Potential: An Experience with BZP (exp18788)". Oct 27, 2004.

    Piperazines - BZP (powder / crystals)


Well I'm taking a break (I guess) from 'researching' - it seems like about time I contributed something to the community. First a bit of history - I have done weed, LSD, mushrooms, xtc, special k, (BZP), perscription pain killers/muscle relaxers, and a whole bunch of herbal assortments (most of which were not worth my trouble). Also, my opinion of stimulants is not held with the highest regard, but I realise that there are people out there who love the stuff and ever since BZPs turned illegal there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to bite my tongue anymore.

This report is more of a noted diary of experimenting over a 2 month period among a group of around 20 (mindset for most of the time was rather happy and smirky beforehand).

My first expectations of BZP were to be of a unique new stimulant that would be less addictive than speed and something that may even make a good substitute. I didn't even think that the potency difference would be a problem. Although after a while it became apparent things were not as great as they first had seemed.

My first attemps, with dosages around 100-250mg were pleasant enough, but nothing huge - I liked another person's choice of words where he described his state of mind as being impeccable, or my own words of a 'neat and tidy feeling'. I think it would be safe to say that the potency difference is actually around 1:40 (between that and dex) - my highest dose (in a single dose) was 2g although that is not the highest dose that I have witnessed - on another note, I think I should mention that doses of 1-1.5g to be quite sufficient, and even too much for people new to it with unpleasant projectile vomiting sometimes occuring (2-3%). Infact, out of the 20+, the lowest tolerence I saw was where 600mg (850mg was also fun for her, but with a few bad moments) being VERY good for her - lucky gal. I myself probably averaged my dose at 500mg with additional supplements whenever I felt the need (anywhere from 30mins-4h after intitial ingestion).

Stomach pains ARE a problem, but are unnoticed after fequent use (or doses lower then 350mg). Addiction seemed to be a bit of a problem in those that were prone to addiction in the first place, but easily ignored by people who cared enough to not what to get addicted to it - also those who did get slightly 'into it' found it a lot easier to deal with then with other substances, in terms of drying themselves out.

It should be mentioned that I had my first panic/scytz attack on it after a week of 'frequent' use and 2h after eating 1g. It was a good thing I had a capable friend around to quickly snap me back with a bit of an ego boost (it should be noted that I was also under a LOT of stress and confusion at the time - big story). Although the experience did leave me in a 'took about' state for a week or so about the whole thing and later that evening coming down felt like a nice ol' dose of brain damage. I took BZP again 2 weeks later. Ho hum.

Some of my stupider friends also thought injecting it might be fun and, without telling me (till later), went ahead with the intravenous administration of BZP carbonate (I prefer the carbonate because it doesn't dissolve into water as readily as th HCl does). This was done by former meth addicts and they commented that shooting up doses of 1-2.5g being REALLY good and 'just as fun as meth'. Too bad their arms hurt like fuck and their veins were going mushy and/or hard in places - 1 guy even missed his vein and burnt a good ol' hole in his arm - did I mention BZP is highly caustic? I also wondered to myself a bit about the caustic part of it, and whether that would be bad for your stomach at all (what with gram dosages and all), or anything - I suspect that it's probably just as bad as the next drug, but who really knows. Although, if I go by that logic I'd rather be taking an amphetamine considering how much of the drug you actually end up ingesting.

And last, but not least, it's Schedule I so don't get involved with it. DO NOT SNORT IT. Smoking it is yucky. IM is impossible. IV would definately be short-lived: DON'T DO IT.

Some of the good things about BZP (if I haven't already mentioned them) are things like it having next to no comedown (most report the comedown to be pleasant) and that it's hardly addictive (in my opinion) unless your into that sort of thing. I doesn't really effect my sleep patterns, and no matter when I take it I always seem to go to bed when I plan to.

This drug was also good with *alcahol (beer??) + valium 5-20mg/xanax ?/tamazapam 10-30mg - taken seperately with BZP*, weed, and alcahol - the usual warnings apply (do your research) - once or twice I experimented with around 100-200mg of codiene, WEED, and 400-700mg of BZP, which I do not reccamend, but at the same time I do - (weeeeeeeeeee), WEED!, coffee/tea, LSD.Also there did not appear to be any ill-interactions with people taking BZP while on olanzapine (2 witnessed cases). Studying, concentrating, sociability, anything speedish - it's all there in its own clean feeling way without the same noted body high as speed - maybe a little of that once one starts to hit the 1.5g range (:37.5mg of d-amphetamine).

Now, after the 2 months, I see it has been an interesting experience with an unkown amount of harm done to my body, if any, although I still say I probably won't go through such an extreme again - others are still game.

It's a shame that this drug is now schedule 1 - it probably had a whole bunch of medical benefits, or maybe not - probably won't know for a long time.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 27, 2004Views: 19,216
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