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2C-Impressive: A True Psychedelic
by RG
Citation:   RG. "2C-Impressive: A True Psychedelic: An Experience with 2C-I (exp19017)". Nov 18, 2002.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-I
  T+ 2:32 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam
I awoke at 12pm on a Sunday. I didn't have much to do, and I recently acquired a chemical that sounded very interesting. It was raining out, and I thought that was nice, I find rain to be relaxing. It was cold out anyway.

I had read everything I could on this chemical, all trip reports, dosage recommedations, forum posts. I was excited and nervous about trying it.

My previous experience with psychedelics includes mushrooms, LSD, 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA and a few others. I was expecting a gentle, relaxing trip that was fairly mild. I kept a Word document open as a journal for the experience. The following is that document:

12:05 15mg taken on empty stomach 10 minutes after waking up with some oj.

12:20 Set and setting- rainy outside. House quiet and empty. Stomach hurting slightly. Have headache, probably unrelated.

12:40 No confirmable mental effects, but nausea getting bad. A hot feeling is developing in my stomach and is extending into my body some, not really bad, not good. Slight physical stimulation starting.

12:45 I feel something in my head. Nausea bad, going to lay on bed.

(typing at 3:15)12:55 Threw up bad, with a few dry heaves.

1-2:30 full psychedelic. I am very impressed and should have been more prepared for the experience. Visuals very impressive-tracers, digital like, cev, very interesting patterns, fluid like movement. Multicolored, beautiful patterns formed that looked like ancient writing, when looking at things up close or when I closed my eyes. Very introspective. Just laid in bed with music playing. There was a point where I was a little anxious, hearing things, like voices, and vehicles pulling up, but my dog was there and she is a good watchdog. Worried about visitors. Wanted to be alone. Nausea gradually subsided. Thought about many things. It was like dreaming in a way. Got notebook to write at beginning of this time, but laid it on my disorganized dresser and didnít feel like touching it.

2:37 Realized I had some responsibilities that were earlier forgotten. Feeling was still going intense. Took .5xanax.

3:20 Right now, feeling good. This was impressive. Still have some visuals and tracers. Sipping on chocolate milk. I am glad I can pretty much function normal. I am glad it is raining in a way. Colors very bright, very nice to look at the leaves. Still some jaw tightness, not as bad as before. I think it is a relaxed psychedelic compared to others, making it almost perfect. I can imagine having an experience too intense, but I can't imagine pure panic. The beginning got scary at first, the stomach twisting was a lot to handle. I actually felt poisoned for a while. I wish I would have taken this at night, but outside looks beautiful. The computer just froze I am so glad this program recovered it, lol. I like the body shivers I get in a way. Too bad I have a slight cold during this. I am returning to my normal self after a dreamlike experience. I was laying in bed listening to music and thinking about my life and life in general. My ego was definitely lost some. I just didnít expect this, and right now, I donít really know what I did expect. I never really woke up today in a way.

3:55 Listening to pink floyd. Donít know what to do with myself really. Wanted to fix computer but I want music. I just want to feel comfortable.. I do, but theres some things I first must have to do before I really am. I need to clean my room and get things organized. WOW first time Iíve seen snow this season or maybe that was just a visual from the leaves falling.. I donít know. No more magical compounds for a while I need to get organized. I wish I didnít have to take that xan, but I had to. I didnít realize when I took it that it might be too intense for me to do my daily activities. Great psychedelic, Ö wow.

4:05 I think if I didnít take the xan I would still be pretty calm now. It started getting calmer at 2:30 but I still was anxious about being up and about. Im hungry but my stomach wouldnít handle much.

4:10 Its quite intense looking at the leaves. The depth of the color is phenomenal. Meditation is more possible. Memory loss of the peak is there, it was like a dream in a way. I can recall specific events and feelings from it though. I should not distribute this chem., only to chosen Ďcloseí others, and to that word I have yet to define who. There are some really comforting feelings I am getting, and then other, negative vibes, originating from other people, and responsibilities, and the unknown.

4:15-8:45 I am still tripping. I feel pretty good. I clean my room, do some laundry, and play games on the computer.
9:00 Depression has set in. I still feel slight effects , slight visuals. I hope I feel better. I havenít been this down in a while. I take a multivitamin and some extra B vitamins.

11:00 Still slight residual effects. Depression lessening, most likely from the vitamins. Watch some TV.

I fall asleep at about 1am, with no real problems. That was last night, and I feel normal today. This chemical impressed me, and the experience reports, dosage recommendations, and forum posts didn't fully prepare me for this. I believe I am more sensitive than others to this chemical. I have normal tolerance to lsd and mushrooms though. I would like to point out that, if trying this chemical for your first time, start out light. The experience I had was much more intense than I expected, in good and bad ways.

I look forward to taking this chemical again, at night, in a few weeks. I wouldn't want to do this more than once every two weeks. Overall, it was a great trip, I was very impressed, and I am glad that I ingested 2C-I.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 18, 2002Views: 14,637
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2C-I (172) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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