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Galangal Experiments
Citation:   Various. "Galangal Experiments: An Experience with Galangal (exp1916)". Jun 19, 2000.

  oral Galangal (roots)
From: John Anderson
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Galanga Injestion
Date: Nov 1993

> I eat galanga all the time. I was first introduced to it when I started
> getting into Thai cooking. Galanga (also called 'Laos') is used
> extensively as a spice throughout Tropical Asia.
> Forget the dried or powdered stuff, get fresh! It is available in Asian
> grocerys all over Dallas, so it can't be that hard to come by. It looks
> much like ginger with a translucent skin. It costs around 2.50 to 6.00
> dollars a pound, and that goes a LONG way - it's potent!
> I often make a spicy chicken soup, and through in about 10 slices of the
> fresh stuff (the receipe calls for 5). It's DEFINITELY psychoactive! I
> experience quite a buzz within 10 minutes of finishing a bowl. I agree,
> it's somewhat like marijuana - but I really like it. I make the soup
> often for friends and all have experienced the buzz - some quite
> intensely.

Excellent, thanks for the tip. I had some last night in my rice, but I didn't use quite enough for the effects to be noticable. For me it takes about two heaped tablespoons to get the effect. (into a cup of rice) Unfortunately any more than this and it gets too strong to eat!

> If anyone's interested, I post the receipe (apart from the psychoactive
> properties it's quite delicious!)

Yes do that! I'm sure there would be heaps of interested parties, including myself <-;

> One final note: I have found other interesting things in Asian grocery > stores, like betel nuts (including FRESH frozen ones at one store), > assorted inhalents, and bizzare bottled herb & vitamin drinks.

Inhalents?? interesting, I have noticed all the herb drinks but never thought much about them. Ever tried any?

The inhalents are not as exciting. They're all pungent smelling concoctions based on volatile oils like camphor or eucalyptus.

Like I said, I'll post the galanga soup reciepe as soon as I get a chance to dig it up. There's also a file on galanga at


From: Kenneth23
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Galanga experiments
Date: Feb 1995

Well, I don't know about brands, but fresh galanga is absolutely DELICIOUS in south-east asian cooking! I once had a Thai friend make me a sort of white curry with chicken and galanga. There wasn't much -- mabye a few 4'x2' slices in the entire (large) curry pot, so I didn't get any sort of 'high.' The flavor, though, was fantastic when cooked, vaguely gingery, yet distinctly different.


From: Bruce Dale
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.psychoactives
Subject: Re: Galanga experiments
Date: Feb 1995

Gees yeah

I also was very inspired by the galanga.rpts @'s archives [] and followed what the instructions on what appears to be 'a modern legend' - that is two teaspoons of dried galanga(l)/laos powder and felt zilch !!

Tried 4 teaspoons in orange juice 3 days later and still nothing. !!

Had much better luck with Guarana...

Might stick to the real stuff in future !!


From: Tommy the Tourist
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.psychoactives
Subject: Galanga -Forget it!
Date: Mar 1995

I posted a few weeks ago about my experiments with galanga. At that time I had tried both powder and dried roots with no psychoaactive effects whatsoever. Last night I found fresh roots at the local Middle Eastern grocery. I bought about 10oz of roots that slightly resembled small onions with tops. I trimmed off the green shoots saving 8 1-1.5' diameter roots about 2' long. Probably 8oz of solid roots total. I put them in a blender with 24oz of V8 juice and blended until smooth. The mixture wasn't quite as foul as the powder or the ground, dried root, but it was still pretty unpleasant. I waited 20 minutes between halves to let my stomach recover. No psychoactive effects within 3hrs so I went to bed. A minor case of the trots the next morning for all of my efforts. No more galanga for me.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 36,613
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