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Falling in Love While on MDMA
by Willliam
Citation:   Willliam. "Falling in Love While on MDMA: An Experience with MDMA (exp19183)". Nov 27, 2002.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 0:59 1 tablet insufflated MDMA
  T+ 1:05 1 tablet oral MDMA


This is not the first time I had fallen in love with someone when I was actually rollin when I met them. The whole point of this story is so that other people may avoid the same problems that I have gone through. But let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have tried many drugs over the years, so it wasn't like this was my first trip or anything. I consider myself experienced in the art of getting the most out of those wonderful x pills. I have taken them over 30 times in the past 2 years, but this was only her 4th or 5th time.

It had been several months since I had rolled, so I knew that once I committed to my trip that it was going to be powerful. My friends and I had done a lot of planning for this event. Everyone was ready. We all didn't eat anything all day, had plenty of glow sticks, vicks (vapor rub and inhalers), and were ready to go. everyone ate one and snorted another, but then we realized that we forgot the OJ, so I went to the local store. I remember walking up and down the rows of food when it suddenly kicked in. Everything seemed to make sense. I felt like I had found the answers to impossible questions like 'How to find world peace.' Everything was just wonderful! (BTW, I find it really does help to wait a few weeks or so between trips, they are much more fun that way).

So anyway, I finally find the OJ, and was at the counter to pay when I saw her, the most perfect thing I had ever seen. She was a friend of a friend of mine, but all that I knew then was her name (from her name tag) and that my friend said that she liked X, so I invited her to the party when she got off work. I never actually thought that she would actually come over, but at the time I was glad that she did. *I want the reader to understand that if I wasn't on x at the time, I wouldn't of even spoken to her. I would have gotten the OJ asap and gone back to the party.

So she arrived about 1.5 hours later. at this time, she popped 2 pills, and I took my third of the night (just to be on a similar plane at the same time as her. this was a very bad idea because it was this action that triggered a series of misunderstood events that left both of us very hurt.

At first everything was awesome (Duh, bc we were rollin). We enjoyed endless hours of light shoes with the glow sticks, that sweet menthol smell of the vicks, techno, and an undescrible connection through all this and lots of eye contact.

I felt like I had known her my whole life. All her troubles (and mine) seemed to fade away as the night went on. One thing led to another and we eventually had sex, and seemed perfect also. I just want the reader to understand that the point of my experience it not to preach against sex while on x, but to let everyone understand that x opens you up. Now you can take this two ways, that you can easily connect with people you don't know in a positive way, but also understand that most of my love relationships that were formed as a result of x usually would not have formed without the drugs. See, we talked and shared personal things with each other, but they were thinks that I would not have said if I were sober. And needless to say, I regretted saying those thinks a few weeks later...

After that night, we were together 24/7 for about a week, maybe 2. After that everything went down hill. We didn't have anything in common, it was just horrible to finally know about her personality. I thought I knew all about her, but the x distorted my perception of right and wrong by making everything seem perfect.

If I could leave the reader with anything, it would simply 'Beware of what you do on x because you and your feelings aren't just opened up more than normal, they are completely exposed for everything positive and negative.' And more than likely they will seem very positive at the time, just try to consider life after you return from the X-Heaven.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19183
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 27, 2002Views: 59,844
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