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Powerful Trip but with Strong Body Load
AMT & Cannabis
Citation:   KrazyMike69. "Powerful Trip but with Strong Body Load: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp19230)". Nov 27, 2002.

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
AMT at 40 mg was a pleasant trip with mild visuals. The body load was hardly a problem and even somewhat enjoyable. However, AMT at the 60 mg was a little bit different. The environment was my cousin's college since we were visiting her for the weekend and it seemed like a good place to experience AMT for a second time.

To begin, my friend 'R' and I dissolve 250 mg AMT into 100 mL of 80 proof Vodka and this leaves us with 2.5 mg/mL. So, we each drink down 24 mL (or 60 mg) and once again, it tastes and smells horrible. At this point, we are all sitting in my cousin's dorm room and it is roughly 9:00 PM. After ingesting the AMT we also take 2 Dramamine tablets each to combat the nausea and 2 Magnesium tablets each to help with the jaw clenching.

After sitting in my cousin's dorm room for about 15 minutes, talking to her and her friend, they suggest that we go watch a movie at this recreation center. The movie they decide on is The Royal Tenenbaums. We would have preferred a movie based on drugs or a somewhat trippy movie, but unfortunately they did not have any of those around. Anyway, we head to the recreation center and all of us sit down and begin watching the movie. About roughly 30 minutes into the movie, I start to feel the effects of the AMT coming on. But they are not pleasant effects. I begin to feel slight nausea coming over me and even a little lightheadedness. After a bit longer, the nausea becomes stronger as does the dizziness. At this point, I'm thinking about people's experiences with horrible come-ups on AMT and I guess this must be what I'm experiencing. At close to an hour into the movie, I cannot really sit still any longer and I feel that I'm going to throw up. I tell everyone that I'm going to step out for air and that I'll be back in a minute.

Once I get out of the room, I notice my coordination is a little off and it's a bit of a challenge to get from place to place. I had no idea where I was, taking into account that it was my first time at this college, so I see some stairs and go down them. Now I'm just looking for a place to throw up, so I see a door that leads outside and I open it but there are too many people out walking around that would see me. I shut the door and see a big trash can behind me. I can't hold it in any longer so I start to throw up in it. Then I hear people walking down a hallway towards me and I look up and they look a bit frightened, so I dart down a different hallway and luckily I find a bathroom. I throw up for about 5 minutes and suddenly I feel a little bit better. The nausea seems to be subsiding and the trip seems to be coming on stronger now. I look at myself in the mirror and notice that I look pretty messed up. My eyes are really dilated and I look pretty pale from getting sick.

Now that I think back, I find it kind of humorous to think about what was going through those people’s heads when they saw me throwing up in a trash can with my dilated eyes and everything. After I leave the bathroom, I somehow find my way back to the recreation room and I tell everyone that I'm doing okay, sit down, and start watching the movie again.

I find myself closing my eyes and getting a lot of CEVs during the movie. Actually, it was pretty hard to keep my eyes open for awhile and so I sat there and drifted off in my thoughts and enjoyed the trip. Soon the movie is over and my cousin and her friend are ready to head out. R and I follow them out of the room and we begin talking to each other about what we are experiencing. He tells me he's tripping very hard as well, and we both are seeing visuals everywhere we look. Both of us are pretty uncoordinated at this point, too. Once we step outside, the visuals come on harder and it feels good to be out with some fresh air. As we walk around the campus, everything seems alive. Looking straight ahead of me is almost hard to do because of the huge sensory overload I am having from everything. The sky, trees, buildings, and everything else is pulsating. Colors also seem a lot richer and fuller, too. My cousin's friend leaves at this point.

Before heading back into my cousin's dorm room, all three of us decide to smoke a few bowls. So we sit down on a bench and smoke and talk for awhile. Her college is very liberal, so it is common to smoke out in public like we did. Even a cop walked by and didn't say anything. After we are done with the three bowls, we decide to head back to her room. The high from the weed helped make the body load a little more tolerable and it even helped enhance the trip, too.

At T+4 hours we are back in her room and hanging out. I'm enjoying all the visuals I'm getting just looking around at everything. Objects are stretching and breathing, the carpet is swirling, and other things appear to drip down. It is very nice. A quilt my cousin had in her room especially caught my eye. It had circular designs on it, and each one of the circular designs would spin around and move every time I looked at them. After awhile, my cousin decides to go to sleep since it is late and she is pretty tired. We turn off all the lights in the room and everything is still very trippy. R and I sit and talk about different things for awhile. Either we are in a very humorous mood or the AMT made us feel that way, but we are laughing about a lot of things. Despite the body load, the AMT has definitely put me in a good mood.

After our conversations, I thought it would be a good time to listen to some music. I put on my headphones and listen to a techno mix I had. Music sounds really alive and loud. Every part of a song causes a different sensation to go through me and I even pick up on parts that I never heard before. I am also getting very good CEVs, with lots of colored patterns and shapes moving to the music. After awhile, I sort of get lost in my thoughts and wander off in them and before I know it, my cousin wakes up and it is around 9 AM in the morning (T+12 hours).

At this point, R and I get up and realize we are still tripping. There are still slight visuals everywhere we look and the body load is still with us. But I think we are starting to come down slightly and some of the more negative come down effects I read about are beginning. We both have a slight headache so we take some Advil to help and we both have slight stomach aches so we take some Tums to help with that. After getting ready, my cousin, R, and I decide to go out for some breakfast. As we're walking around campus, heading to a coffee shop, I start to feel some of the nausea come back to me that I was feeling during the come up. R is starting to feel nausea, too. We both try to eat a little bit of a donut and have a little coffee, but neither of us feels we can keep either of those down so we didn't finish them.

After we leave the coffee shop, my cousin wants to finish showing us the rest of her college. So we walk around with her for a little while, although both of us come very close to throwing up a few times. Once we are finished getting the tour, she has some places to be, and it is time for R and I to head back home. Luckily, at this point, most of the nausea has passed and we no longer feel like we are going to throw up. So, we leave her college and begin our trip home.

All in all, AMT is a very powerful chemical. There was a large difference between the trip at 40 mg and the one at 60 mg. Unfortunately, some of AMT's negative side effects became a lot more prevalent at 60 mg. If only AMT didn't have such a strong body load with so many negative effects, it would be great. The next time we try AMT will probably be with a dose of 50 mg to see if the good effects of the drug better outweigh the negative effects.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19230
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 27, 2002Views: 16,704
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AMT (7) : General (1), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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