Bad Trip in Amsterdam
by VortX
Citation:   VortX. "Bad Trip in Amsterdam: An Experience with GHB (exp1930)". Jun 19, 2000.

  oral GHB (liquid)

Always been a big xtc user. The last year always needed more than one pill to get me going. I felt it was time for a change. Now, Amsterdam maybe the drug capital of Europe, but no-one here had heard of GHB. So, I ordered it from internet and made a liter. Me and my friends went out the same night. I carried the stuff, so I took more than the rest. Lets concentrate on what I took, I was the one who got in trouble anyway. Took a tablespoon. Unlike my friends, didn't feel anything after 45 minutes, so I took another one. Then the first dose started to set in... I was already at 6 gram before even getting out of the door.

So off we went to a club nearby. took 2 or 3 more table spoons that night and few beers and two wines. I felt great. Like my first ever xtc. Drunk-like, but very sociable. I started to sit at the bar and then I don't remember more than a couple of flashes (scenes). I remember the doorman running up to me saying, 'I help you out!' And I remember that I was surprised, like WHY? Anything happened? Next flash I was already outside with my friends pushing me in a cab. Then I woke up in my room. I thought, what a scary dream. I was totally naked in my own bed. I began to explore my house, but felt I was still dreaming... Than I panicked...How come I was naked? Did I walk home from the club totally naked? I really thought this was what happened. I totally freaked out and started to cry. Took a cold shower hoping I would recall a little more, and most important, I wanted to make sure for myself that I did NOT walk home naked. Then my friends came back and told me that they undressed me at home. I was so relieved. I still felt embarrassed that I was dragged out from my fave club on a Saturday night. I still felt like crying, but even when I felt like shit, I also got incredibly horny and had sex with my roommate. I couldn't sleep afterwards, which is strange. Then again, I probably slept for an hour or so very deep (when my friends got me home).

ok ok, heard many things about alcohol and ghb not going well together. I now know thats true, even though the effect BEFORE I passed out was really a lot of fun. But if my friends wouldn't have been there, anything could have happened with me.

Also, I hear a lot of people defending ghb with saying its not a date-rape drug. I think it definitely can be used as one. I got horny, sleepy and forgot what happened...A mean combination if you ask me...

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 1930
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 33,853
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GHB (25) : First Times (2), Overdose (29), Club / Bar (25)

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