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Broken Down and Rebuilt
Citation:   Silverfucked. "Broken Down and Rebuilt: An Experience with MDA (exp19376)". Jul 22, 2007.

1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
Alright, in the last 2 years I have taken MDMA 7 times, once every 3-4 months. I have no MD tolerance. Interestingly enough I have never had pills that didnít require two for full effects.

So about 4 months ago I call a friend, we'll call him Rico Suave, looking for some tabs. I had some MDMA in my possesion, but was planning on dropping soon and I never like to be dry, so I needed back up. So I give Rico a call and he says he'll have to look around. He calls back and says he can get some, but theyíre gonna be $35! So I ask what type they are and Rico casually says omegas. 'Orange?'. 'Yeah' I almost came right there. I knew the reputation of these pills! They were pure MDA Later that night I go pick up three.

So I get it all planned out, and invite my friend, we'll call him John, to take one with me at upcoming 'Buzzfest'. He is a virgin to almost all substances, but very interested in experimentation. I introduced him to shrooms. This kid just got around to trying weed this month. But he is a very emotional person and I had been wanting to introduce him to X as I feel he is THE friend who would appreciate it the most.

So the day of the event comes, an all day concert, happily my marquis turned black, I had no doubts! We waste the day sitting in anticipation, till the sunsets at around 7:15. I let John drop his Orange Omega about 15 minutes before I do mine, cuz when we did shrooms his came in later and peaked harder. It begins:



(T+ 0:00-:30) Upon taking any drug I notice an immediate shift in consciousness, this was no different. The minute I felt the pill slide down my throat I felt different. We sat around with nervous anxiety waiting for something to happen. Nothing much would happen here. John makes fun of some fat people which would later come back to haunt him.

(T+ 0:30-:45) Strange caffeine energy keeps springing up in us and the leaving. To pass time we walk laps around the venue to pass time, then sit down, then 5 min. later feel the need to do it again. Sometime around +:40 John talked to a girl he knew. I found I had a hard time following the simple conversation and that her shirt was VERY pink. At this point there was a minor disassociation present, like when I am sketched from the comedown of too much amphetamine, and a slight tingling in my head and body. John and I sit down again.

(T+ 00:45-1:00) Alteration definitely happening now. Butterflies in the stomach and Iím wondering if its really gonna kick in, just like I always do. John and I are acting strange, yawning, stretching, rambling nonsense. 5 min later, 'Oh my God' 'I wish I hadnít done this' says John. This actually made me happy, as I knew they were kicking in. I reminded him that I has told him at least 3 times that day that when it came on, he would get some anxiety, and that this was normal. Apparently my comment was very reassuring as he took a deep breath, and I literally watched his eyes widen like a child. 'Oh my God, this is amazing' 'I've never felt this good' typical stuff.

His coming up pretty much got me going. Within minutes I felt the 'window open'. In an instant I felt the confusion and disassociation disappear, and the butterflies of anxiety turn to butterflies of excitement. A grin spread from ear to ear and warmth spread thru me. I busted out the glowsticks and was amazed once again. They seems to have thicker tracers than normal, but still barely noticablely different from MDMA. I was back home.

(T +1:00-1:30) Well now we were both feeling it good. I tell John the best part of X is meeting new people, and we're off. The body high is noticably different. Not nearly as 'floaty' and there is significant muscle tension, shoulder especially. People say MDA is more speedy, but I felt more weighed down.

We run from place to place, talking to anyone and everyone who will listen. E makes you wanna talk about E and the first thing I usually asked people was if they were rolling. A couple said yes. I mentioned that we were on Omegas and one guy gives me that 'You don't know what you in for.' I didn't. John and I go buy water. It is the best tasting water ever. Drinking it sent images of crystals, lush waterfalls, and purity thru my mind. Very imaginative! All this drinking though suddenly put my stomach in a bad mood, so we went to sit down, where I'd be spending most the night.

(T +1:30-3:00) I shot up very quickly, too quickly. These two hours were a blur. John became very talkative, saying things like 'I love you man' in the beer commercial style and lamenting his making fun of fat people. In his world everything was perfect. He was having the E high that made me fall in love with the chemical. Strange, it was his first time, 2nd time doing anything mind altering. and I was the one finding it too intense.

On to my world: Life had become a blizzard of sensory and emotional input. There was loud rock music playing in my face, John pouring out his life story to me, and a variety of people, lasers, and glowsticks all around me. I showed John earlier how my eyes wiggle on X (his didnít). Now they were shaking so hard they would roll completely back in my head. I wouldnít notice it until John said 'Your scaring me'. He said it everytime time it happened, and when it stopped, he'd go back onto to his ecstatic ranting. In fact sensory input is what made the high so intense. When the bands were playing it was too much, but during intermissions I became talkative and loved up.

I spent most of these 2-3 hours sitting in the grass changing postions from indian style to leaning back. There was so much stimulus that I just ended up going numb to it and agreeing with everything John said. If I stared at the grass it would suddenly shift a foot to the right. My skin literally felt like really soft leather. Sometime during this John left to talk to other people, but came back 'cuz it just doesnít feel right without you, man'. Also I repeatedly tell John Iím fine and having fun, so I wouldnít cause him to panic.

(T +3:00-5:00) Finally the peak wears off and the high moves down to my normal level with MDMA. I immediately open back up and tell him that the last 2 hours were hell, but Iím fine now. He appears hurt that I lied, but I told him it was so I would ruin his first time. He thanked me. We went on to talking about how stupid violence is, and how George bush needs to take E.

We get up and walk and I am presented with a feeling of total peace with myself. I feel truely enlightened. Instead of running my mouth like on MDMA, this MDA just made me want to relax and soak in the universe. And listen. We talk and play with glowstick. The tracers bring to mind the music video for Dave Matthew's crash. totally awe inspiring. I meet up with a guy whoís rolling on 'green smileys'. This is a guy Iíd normally hate. Ghetto white dude with a platinum grill. Yet our use of E seemed to unify me with him and accept him for a person. We chilled for a few and went on our way.

Later I got the privalege of laying down and looking at the stars. Totally awe inspiring. Such a sense of beauty and power. The night clouds seemed to speed by at an unnaturally high pace. The ones in my periphial skated across he sky in seconds. When I looked at the moon, John and I both say three. The normal white one with a yellow, and blue one haloing it. Also it looked as if the moon was shooting towards the Earth. It made John nervous. We walked and talked for a while.

(T +6:00-9:00) Pretty much came down all the way at this point. John and I popped some prozac, vitamins, and 100mg 5-htp. Actually it was timed perfect and I left the concert able to drive. There were still lingering feelings of peace and visual static here and there. Still had yet more meaningful conversations, that werenít as sappy and more truthful. Went home and watched cartoon network that seemed more realistic than normal. There was a fly in that room or so we thought. We still donít know if it was real to this day. Sometime around 3:00am I went to bad and fell instantly asleep. John however didnít sleep the whole night.

Overall MDA and MDMA are very similar, and if it wasnít for the large dose I wouldnít have been able to tell. I'd say the best comparison for MDA:MDMA is GBL:GHB. MDA seemed rougher, more pushy, and stronger. It had less social qualities and more introspective, but I feel it was almost every bit as empathetic. Maybe a little less euphoria. Definitly more visual, yet they donít even touch what shrooms can do. Also MDMA seems to lower my inhibitions just a tad more than MDA, so its better for parties and such. Still MDA was a beautiful drug and would love to reexperience it at perhaps 2/3 the dose.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19376
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2007Views: 31,254
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MDA (34) : Relationships (44), General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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