Soaring Into the Ground
by bite
Citation:   bite. "Soaring Into the Ground: An Experience with Methcathinone (exp19541)". Dec 10, 2002.

50 mg oral Cathinone (powder / crystals)
>Erowid Note: We aren't sure whether the substance described in the following report was methcathinone or cathinone.

Last night, a good friend of mine came over. This was the same friend who initially introduced me to harder narcotics. The night before, he had tried to OD (He dosed 300mg of MDMA and did aproximately 500mg of cathinone during the period of a night. Also to be noted was that he hadn't slept for 72 hours upon dosing, so once at my house he was hitting 100+.) Well, once at my house, I took care of the boy and asked to see just what it was he had taken. His mouth and the area around it was completely swollen, from the E, he had black circles around his eyes, and he was pale. His pupils were almost fully dilated and he couldn't stand up because this only resulted in fainting. Nor had he eaten for a good 36 hours. Anyway, he whipped out a bag with about a gram of some white powder, stating it was some 'crazy' crank (amphetamine). This was all he had left from the previous night. I opened it up and was surprised by the sweet smell. Later I learned that it was cathinone, by a trusted source. He said I could keep it, because he thought after this experience that he wasn't really turned on by the thought of hard drugs. I put it away in a drawer of mine for safe keeping and went to bed. My friend left.

The next morning, I woke up, sleepy as hell (as always), but a little excited. It was a monday morning, and the idea of taking a small hit of the cathinone had been looming in the back of my head.. well, since I got the stuff, the previous night.

I wasn't quite sure how much to take, seeing how I was going to school, and didn't want to really speed. I just wanted to dose enough for threshold effects (a buzz) so that I wouldn't walk around sleepy at school like I always do without 2 pots of coffee (side note: I took too much for a threshold effect, I noticed. I got a real speed out of this dose). Ever since my previous experience with amphetamine I had promised myself that if I was EVER going to do speed again, I would drink a lot of water in the hours prior to the experience. Well, seeing how I had overslept a little, and I was anxious to get the stuff down, I didn't bother. I filled a half a liter cup of water, dropped a vitamin C tab in it (for flavor), and drank until there was only a little left. I sprinkled 40-60mg of cathinone into the drink, and swallowed. At this point, I had to rush down to the train, so I wouldn't be late for school. (I live in Stockholm, and at the time it was -6c outside, and dark(Yes, even at 8.30am)).

Before I go on, I should probably give you an idea of my previous experience with drugs: Hash and Ritalin - more times than I can count. Amphetamine - Once. MDMA - twice (1st time, 100mg, 2nd time, 300mg.) I'm 15 and weigh in at about 140lbs. I box twice a week, so its mostly muscle. I was first introduced to drugs aproximately 1.5 month ago, so I guess I accelerated in the ranks pretty quickly for someone of my age. Back to the story, I arrived at school just short of 9am. We had math, and the effects were definately starting to kick in (t+25m). We had a substitute so I wasn't really worrying about being on best behaviour. Which was a relief, because our normal math teacher reminds me of a death camp gaurd out of Nazi Germany. I was sitting next to my best friend in the second row. We were studying for a swedish test we were going to have next class. I got bored of this pretty quickly and started conversing with my friends who were sitting in the row behind me. I'm normally a pretty witty guy, but the cathinone turned it up a notch. Or two. Maybe three. This was great. I could come up with jokes I never would have thought of normally. Those small things that you can comment on, that people really crack up over.

Thought process was really at 110%, but not the same kind as on pharmaceutical stimulant. I noticed that even though I wasn't wearing much, sweat was dripping down under my arm pits. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have done this. It didnt really bother me, though. I knew I would sweat. I couldn't sit still through the whole class so at one point I rushed downstairs to talk to my buddies on IRC and then go back up. Dont ask me why I did it, I think I just wanted somethign to do. My mind was really racing. I could finish peoples jokes even if I had never heard them before. I knew what people were going to finish their sentence with before they had finished it, and I was a little annoyed at how 'slow' and 'stupid' my fellow classmates were. I noticed a little dizzyness and got some spots infront of my eyes at the end of class when I stood up, so I went and loaded up on water in the bathroom, to keep myself hydrated. Next was swedish. (t+2hrs)We had a test. Whew, boy did I breeze that one. I was one of the first to finish, and I hadn't even READ the extract from the book that it was about, so I had to read the 10 pages before even startign on the test, and upon completing that, I had to do a second test the others had already done last week. I had missed a day of school and subsequently the test.

Next was mentor time (t+3hrs), which was then taken over by our english teacher. I found this painful to endure, since all we got to do was sit and listen to a lecture the juniors had to give for an hour. After this(1+4hrs), I found myself pretty irritable, and noticed I was coming down. Or atleast, I thought I was. We went to lunch, I dont think I had an appetite. In any case, I didnt eat. History came at 1pm (t+5hrs), and I wasn't really in a bad mood yet. I think I was a little hungry, and definately cold. I wanted more, but I knew I would, so I had left my bag at home. Im happy I did this. Finally, history was over. It seemed like it took forever. During the break between history and english I definately noticed I wasn't up for any form of social interacting and needed to sit. I kept myself hydrated, and generally tried to stay out of peoples way. I probably would have hit someone otherwise.

English was horrific. It was last period, (t+6hrs) and I was _really_ hungry (I had dosed on an empty stomach, except for two cookies I ate for breakfast.) I just sat and stared into the wall for what seemed like an eternity, but was really more like 30 minutes. I aced the pop quiz, though. Thought process was still okay if I needed it to be. Time perception wasn't really altered, it was more the kind of 'eternity' like when you're waiting for water to boil for a half an hour. I left english in the middle of class, saying some quick goodbyes, and ran to the train as to not miss it. I got home, got some food in my stomach (I was ravished) and went down to my room. I was much to exhausted to stay infront of the computer, so I put on some good music at a comfortable volume and lay down. I thought for sure it would be lights out the same second my head hit the pillow, but I found myself just laying there for about two hours, listening to the music, and my heart pound.

My heart was still working overtime (I got home at t+7.30hrs, and was in bed until about t+9.30hrs). The hunger didnt really subside from the stuff I ate when I got home. I stayed hungry. Lieing down was nice, don't get me wrong, but sleep wasn't possible. I only got out of bed because dinner was ready. I basicly ate until I was full, which wasnt't all that much. Then I went back down to my room to talk to people on IRC and MSN. 45 minutes later im hungry as ever (AGAIN). I ignored it cause I was too lazy to go get food. My heart was still racing (t+11.30). An hour later I went to bed, and fell asleep. I woke up more than several times during the night (probably 8-10 times I can recall), which is highly unusual for me. I sleep like a rock. I woke up today, didn't really feel like getting out of bed, but I did. I felt pretty much back at baseline at t+12hrs, even though my heart was still working pretty hard. Also to be noted was that my dick went WAY small during this experience. I can definately see the addiction potential for this drug.

All in all, the rather short euphoric peak effects are great, and I really enjoyed the increased thought process, and when I come down, I only wanted more because the reality I came back to definately doesn't feel all that great. No noticable hang-over effects (the next day.) Next time Im definately going to eat more (I hadnt brought any money to school.) I think that was what threw me down extra hard. You need energy to speed. Specially on this. It doesnt really remove my appetite like I had expected. Granted, my dose wasn't very large, but it was definately enough. I dont think I'll take more than that recreationally in the future. I'll be sure to drink more water in preperation next time so I dont have to run for more every 45 minutes next time. Use with moderation and be careful.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19541
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 10, 2002Views: 48,309
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