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Kava Collection
Kava Kava
Citation:   Various. "Kava Collection: An Experience with Kava Kava (exp1958)". Jun 19, 2000.

  oral Kava (tea)
From: Anonymous
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Kava Kava
Date: Jun 1993


Thought I'd share my experience with Kava Kava. I bought 1oz. of Kava Kava at a local herb store (cost about $2.50 US). I used the recipe posted here some time ago. I mixed 1oz. Kava Kava powder with 10 oz. Coconut Milk, 2T Olive Oil, and 1T of Lecithen. Put all this stuff in the blender and blended well. I then poured the concoction in a glass and placed it in the refrigerator for about 1hr.

Let me tell you, this stuff tastes god-awful! Part of it was that the powder wasn't totally dissolved, so the liquid was kind of grainy. Couldn't handle much more than a few small sips at a time. I drank about half of the above mixture over a period of about 30 min. Effects came on rather quickly, and could be described as a light-headed euphoric-like feeling. I was playing some good music, and noticed that it sounded particularly good. No particular problems with coordination. Overall quite pleasant, not overly strong, so most activities were still possible (I wouldn't recommend driving). Probably worth repeating, but don't know about that taste, YUCH! Does anyone have another method of preparation which might be more tolerable?


From: Michael Batten
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: RE: Kava information
Date: May 1994

I have tried kava and it is the most piss poor drug in the world, I have soaked, strained, boiled, chewed the most potent grade available (waka) and it does sweet jack. The most potent form supposedly is when you get a thick slippery goo, which always happens with any thorough preparation. I have heard that the resin may be extracted by soaking kava in acetone strain & evaporating the acetone to leave a yellow resin which when smoked on cannabis gives an 'LSD like' trip (this may be an exaggeration!!). I think that the situation with kava is like that of Khat, the fresh material, well prepared is quite powerful, the dried important stuff is useless, my basis for saying this is my own and other people's experiances with Kava and a few papers I have read on the subject (which generally conclude that kava contains a powerful narcotic). The only effects I have experianced from kava are; mild tranqilisation with distinct skeletal muscle relaxation simmilar to 2 - 5 mg temazepam (this was kava (waka) soaked in warm water for 15 mins, stirred up and skulled) and very mild tranqulisation with slightly stronger muscle relaxation silmmilar to about 5 mg temazepam (kava ( waka) macerated, boiled in olive oil/milk and forced through a cloth). Kava is available in most Fijian produce supermarkets, and is not covered by the Victorian poisons act (Which is so cunningly general that it requires separate listings and clauses to allow the sale of the most basic licit drugs and even prohibits the mere thought of taking chemical which do not exist and may not even be possible to make, its true !!!).


From: Rob Zwissler
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)
Date: Jun 1994

I've taken Kava Kava (root chunks, lowest about 1 1/2 tsp, most about 1 oz)
about four time, and haven't really noticed anything. I've taken it as
suggested in a book (add to boiling water, then drink when cool; I put it in the fridge and ground it up in a morter/pestel before adding it), with
orange juice, and with strawberry quick. Oh ya, and in each one I've added
about a tsp of lecithin granules.


From: Brent S Noorda
Newsgroups: talk.politics.drugs
Subject: Re: Kava Kava III: The Final Chapter
Date: Jun 1994

About 14 years ago I found myself in Hawaii, in a small hut with
my brother and myself the only white guys there--everyone else
was from Tonga. In a friendly ceremony a woman mixed kava with
water in a bowl, and passed it around in a coconut shell. We
had to go outside to pee alot. Between passes of the bowl someone
would get up and dance (they had to almost squat because the hut
was so short) and then people would throw in a dollar. My biggest
faux pas of the night was to throw in a five dollar bill, because
I didn't have any one's, but I immediately learned that that was

The effects of the kava were not great, mostly a numbing feeling
in my mouth, throat, and head. However, I was impressed that after
a couple of hours of this I was able to sing along with the
Tongan men in their own language (or so it seemed).

Exp Year: 1993ExpID: 1958
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 132,704
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