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Is Ketamine an Entheogen?
by Raven
Citation:   Raven. "Is Ketamine an Entheogen?: An Experience with Ketamine (exp1960)". Jun 19, 2000.

250 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)

Ketamine Hcl, Special K, Vitamine K, Ketalar, Ketaset, K.

Is it an Entheogen? Yes.

When I first came across some K I was in a state of mind where I was tripping on LSD at least once a week, usually twice. I would have great trips and was living alone at the time in a ranch house in a flat valley surrounded by 14,000 peaks. So beautiful. BUT, I was beginning to think that I had learned all that I could from LSD. I was actually getting depressed about this, in fact I thought about it a lot. What's my purpose, why do I love to trip so much? I Knew that there was a purpose, but couldn't quite get to it. I tripped more than anyone I ever Knew, and loved it more. It has always been a part of my life, since I was 15 or so. I would have the neatest trips and wanted to put them together and find a bigger purpose, they were always magical and powerful. Every one. I saw ball lightning one time and was tripping hard and was so happy. That storm went on to blow a tornado on Limon Co. and made a big ol' mess. Full moon too.

Then a few days later I was way up in northern Colorado going to a small cowboy town for a service call. Walden, one of my favorite towns, but nothing there, just views. I was running late, but Knowing the magic of that little town, I was just kinda going with it. As I pulled up into town I saw a hippy van with a real live hippy talking on the phone. Well, in Walden this is quite a sight. I had a big bag of MJ leaves a grower friend had givin me, so thought maybe I would do a little trade. 'Hey, how's it going?' 'What on Earth are you doing in this town?' Well, we got to talking and I asked him if he had any doses. 'No, but I got some K.' 'Huh?' 'K' 'OK, tell me about it' He told me a little about it and I was excited to try it. He mentioned Dr. Lilly and I remembered seeing something in Omni a few years before about Vitamine K. We made a trade and he took my address for the future. Never Knew his name. He said if you do a 1/4 you'll meet God or one of his entities. 'Hmmm, sounds neat. Can I drive on it?' (It's a beautiful drive up by Walden) He said NO!

I stopped by a freinds on the way home and we tried a little. Pretty neat.

I had a couple bottles or so and started to try it everyday. I was doing 1/32 and 1/16 gram at a time. I was having really cool trips and had very interesting things happen all around when I did. Dr. Lilly's ECCC was making itself Known to me. At that small dose once I was a head on a flying carpet, flying through my mind, smiling. Also at those doses I was getting new Knowledge from K. K taught me so much in a very short period of time. It Knew everything. It said, 'Everything ever Known is stored and can be visited.' Also it said, 'Knowledge starts with K for a reason.' And many many other tidbits of Knowledge. I asked it why I loved to trip so much, it said,'For the good of Man.' Hmmm, I wasn't sure what that meant, but I Knew all along that it did have a purpose. K doesn't speak in audible words, it's like Knowledge implanted as you need to Know it. If you have a question that you've never been able to figure out, K will put the answer in your mind so you Know it. It is strange that way. Once you Know it, nothing can shake that out of you. You really Know it. My last 1/8 I decided to do in one dose, on the winter solstice. I was listening to a live concert by Paul Winters and he was in some Cathedral of St. Somebody in NY. As he started the concert I snorted the 8th and heard a person talking about a tree, then I entered the mind of Paul Winters and was having his thoughts. WOW, I was in that church in his mind! The music was awesome and I WAS in his mind. To date this was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced. My K was gone, bummer.

The Dead came to town and of course I went to the shows, then on a skateboard came this K-man. Wow, neat. We talked and I got some more. He told me that I had been having strong trips on threashold doses. But, he had heard of heads on plates, etc. flying through peoples minds. Cool I thought.

So back home I did 8th gram doses and learned about the next level of K. There is levels. I had some very interesting and powerful moments on it fer sure. I began to talk more with K and ask more questions. Once I had a clear vision of Jesus, with long hair and beard, classic Jesus. Since I had all but abandoned my Christian beliefs I was suprised, I asked him what he was for, he said 'For all of you.' I took this to mean white people but was never clear on it. Just cause you get an answer, doesn't mean you'll Know what the answer means. My friend who I had turned onto K had the exact same vision and he took the answer to mean us on Earth.

One day I was planning on doing an 8th and cut the gram in half and half again, 1/8 gram. No, 1/4 gram, but I just for some reason didn't do my math right. I had wanted to do a 4th someday, but hadn't quite got the nerve yet, God or one of his entities, yea, but not yet. So I put on a tape of 'Shell Games' by Don Harris, I think. It looked like a lot but went up my nose smoothly and began to melt. I layed down and closed my eyes, K-land, yes, I love it. Mmmmmmm, K-land. But, whoa, beyond K-land, next level.

Looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee, Reeeaaaalllliiiiittttyyyyyyyy, Hoooommmmmeeeee.

I was God, I saw light and warmth. This is Home. Sooo familiar, where we belong. Where we go. Everything is perfect, no words, just basic feeling. Love, Reality, Home. This was about the only words that I could bring back. Really no words there, but strong feelings. I Knew I was God and that I wasn't a little while before, but didn't have any idea what I was before. I was completely calm and comfortable, it was Home. Perfect. I wasn't alone either.

Then I was starting to come down, I didn't want to come back, K said, 'K brings you back.' Oh, well. As I continued to come back at first I Knew I lived on a round thing. Then I saw a row of canisters and Knew I lived in one of those. I was so amazed at what I was seeing. Then it hit me that I lived on Earth, then that I was a human. WOW, how strange. Then that I was this guy who fixed typewriters, I never have lauphed so hard in K-land before. I was God, but a guy. I had a hard time believing it at first. But, it was true. I was a little sad to have to come back, but K let me Know that I have a purpose and was to help save the Earth. OK, I guess, but it was sure nice there. I'll be back eventually. ;) As I was lauphing K said, 'This is just the vehicle you ride in here on Earth.' Now I have never been all that excited about my 5'5' vehicle and balding head, but this did help. Ha!

Whew, was I hung over. I Knew I had to go help someone move some typewriters and was very weak and actually threw up. You walk like a robot on K, and it took me a few hours to get it back together. I had a drip down my throat so Knew that it would take a little longer to recover. If it all soaks in your sinuses it hits better and you don't have a long recovery period. I realized that I did a 4th. What the Hell, I did the math a few times and how did I ever figure a 1/4 is a 1/8. K tricked me into doing a 1/4, no doubt about it. It felt that I needed to go ahead and get there. Needless to say my life has been changed permanately from that one experience. I thought K was powerful, but then I Knew it was possibly the most powerful thing anywhere.

In the previous K-land adventures I would talk with K and tell K how much I wanted someone to share my trips with. K always told me that it would help. I met my wife very shortly after this trip. She was everything I wanted and even a little more. My life was pure magic then and is still. I never question things that happen to us, (well maybe I do) but I Know there is a path for us and K is a player in it, even now that my Konnect has dissappeared. Even without K, it shows us things and helps make the Koincedences flow. It says hello often. K told me that it will help save the world. I believe it. I learned so much about the mind from K, I'll never forget the experiences I've had. It came into my life by pure chance when I needed it the most. So powerful. I never heard of the collective unconscience till I started talking about it to others and they told me. I saw it first hand, it is a place you can go. K would show me people it wanted me to introduce to it, that never worked out for one reason or othere. But I remember who it showed me. Just in case. K has took me to the future a few times and I would be simply amazed when things would happen just like it showed me. K has givin me hope when I used to be a doomsday warrier to my friends. I Know better now. K put my wife and child into my life in the exact way it said it would. K said it will keep us together, I believe it. K said I should put my family together and I talked with my Mother and soon my Dad visited her. They both lauph at the thought of getting back together, but I see something that they are missing and I believe they won't be able to fight it forever. K has blown up machines so that I have a conveniant service call for money I didn't Know I needed. It has a great sense of humor and I have seen it play so many tricks on myself and others. My friends (beer drinking buddies) all thought I lost my mind, I felt that I found it.

In a one year period I blew my LSD trips away. I love LSD a LOT, but the K definately took a liken to me and showed off a little. After reading other K-posts here, I see that K is a living spirit that shows the same type things to anyone it sees fit too. Not everyone gets it, but those who do tell the same stories. A guy who I just met recently did his first K-trips and I saw another like myself who's been there and he was so excited to tell me about it as he Knew noone else would understand. His descriptions almost made me get there from memory. 'The place with no words' he couldn't describe it, but his face told me everything I needed to hear. We stared at each other Knowing where that is. 'Yea,' I said, smiling. There are no words to describe. As many have said, 'Nothing like K.'

So for me, yes, it is an Entheogen. :)

Exp Year: ExpID: 1960
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 62,044
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Ketamine (31) : General (1), Various (28)

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