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An Economical Auditory Adventure
Citation:   Azureskies. "An Economical Auditory Adventure: An Experience with DiPT (exp19709)". Mar 15, 2007.

  insufflated DiPT (powder / crystals)
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  3 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
In the beginning i was quite unsure of attempting use of any research chemical, but eventually my curiousity overcame me with the sudden availability of dipt. My friends (B and A) and i purchased 150 mgs (promised to be enough for three) for only twenty dollars. The white powder at first had the appearance of cocaine, but upon closer inspection we found it to be much more crystalized.

Around 11pm after a few cans of beer B insufflated his dose, and with his assurance that it 'wasn't that bad' i did the same. Little did we know just a few minites after insufflation the dipt became quite ill tasting. It was niether nausea inducing as herion nor numbing as cocaine, but horrible tasting and a bit inflammatory. I became dizzy from insufflating and sat down. I begin to feel the coming up effects just a few minites later. They were the typical Tryptaphine trio, accelerated heart rate, light headed-ness, and a bit of sweat formation. I have a sensitive heart so i always become a bit alarmed with its aceleration, and the pain in my nose was doing nothing to help.

After watching B clutch at his nose, and I sitting dazily on the floor, 'A' began to ask questions. B confessed he knew little to nothing about the chemical or its proper dossage, and i began to get worried, but it quickly passed. Deciding to spare his nasal cavity of the tortures b and i had endured, 'a' placed his dipt into a gelcap and took it on a empty stomach.

We were in my bedroom, B sitting comfortably on a chair near my stereo, A laying on my bed, and myself on a bean bag chair, our positions allowed us to form a sort of triangle around the stereo. We are all extremely close friends and feel very comfortable around each other. We all patiently waited. B and I were excited but skeptical about a merely auditory trip, while A did it basically just because the two of us were. Around the time of A's ingestion (11:15pm) B's and i's insufflation had hit. We were both fairly speedy, and gradually we began to notice a distortion in our hearing. At first it seemed as though there was a slight pressure in my ears and the radio's pitch began to twang and shift. It was interesting but nothing too fantastic.

We continued drinking for around a half hour, all the while noticing some strange things. It was apparent that A was having a different time than B and i. He was not interacting with us and instead was laying supine on my bed. B and i decided to smoke a bowl, and not one to turn down marijuana A quickly joined us outside. Once outside B and i heard what seemed like some sort of strange car pass us by, as we turned to look for the car (people performing illegal acts tend to be a bit parinoid) only to find the producer of the noise was the wind through a large pine tree on the side of my home. It became harder to place the source of noises, as they always seemed to surround us. Finally A began to perk up a bit, he asked how we were feeling only to quickly fall silent as we mocked his voice. He sounded like some sort of troll or ogre while B's and my voice sounded normal to us. In all fairness A's voice is normally a bit lower than ours, but the dipt seemed to exaggerate and exploit that almost to the point of hilarity.

Due to the cold, we returned indoors, and to our original positions. After sitting for just a few minites I decided to take a walk as the sounds outside had proven to be more interesting to me (especially the way a flapping flag sounded like running water), and B decided to join me. At this point A had stated he was not feeling well, and did not like the way the dipt had affected him. He assured us he was alright, to go ahead and take our walk, he was just feeling 'weird.' So B and I grabbed a beer each and were off.

We began to walk around my large circular neighborhood. At this point it was around 12am. We were talkative and giggly, nothing very unsual, as few people can make me laugh as B can. We walked slowly listening carefully to the sounds around us. The wind once again sounded like cars passing, almost cavernous, and my shoes in the mud provided an interesting almost tactile 'squishy' noise. Suddenly, we heard a breaking beat in the distance. We became explorers, trying to find the source of the noise. We tracked it to a house, at some point recognizing the track as a shitty rave radio staple. We could not discern if the music was loud or if in our enhanced state, we had built upon it in our minds. We began to think there was a party we could crash, but upon approaching the house we saw a man in the window alone, who after noticing us standing on his sidewalk quickly turned the music off. We joked we were being avoided and continued on our way.

Outdoors sounded so amplified, it was amazing. B thought he heard crickets, although, this being december the likelyhood of outdoor insects was very small, but upon listening i decided i could 'almost' hear them too. on our journey home i heard what at sounded like birds, I stopped dead in my tracks. I grabbed b's arm and had him listen. He heard the 'birds' as well and we both listened as the sounds timpered and stretched into jungle noises and eventually into a screeching/scraping noise and eventual numbing silence. We returned home.

A was still laying on my bed seemingly asleep. We awoke him and he again stated that he did not like the way dipt made him feel. When asked to specify he could not. A is extremly fond of herion and B and i decided that he was simply 'faithful' to his dope, and was incapable of enjoying any other drug. We joked that this was the price he was paying for infidelity. He was not in any pain he assured us after further questioning, and B and i placed a cd on.

The cd was 'steropathic soul maure' by beck. I could not recommend a better cd to listen to while enjoying dipt. Many tracks are recorded live, and have odd sounds thrown in here and there. After the last song, fast foward it a bit to some hidden noises that will absolutely blow your mind on dipt. B and i were amazed. Everytrack sounded different to me, a bit lower here, a bit higher there, occasionally sounding like a warped tape deck. I heard sounds i had never noticed before. We decided to rouse A and smoke our final bowl.

A was a bit of a downer insiting this was not a 'real drug' in the same sense that herion or coke was, while B and i vehemently disagreed. We sat out back in A's car to conserve our warmth. After promply finishing the bowl we went indoors. It was around 1:30 am, and my grandmother who keeps odd hours checked in on us. Her voice (normally annoying) was amplified a thousand fold and had a strange metallic edge to it. It was shocking. I assured her we were alright, just returning from a walk. She did not notice anything, as we were not visibly tripping. Her voice however had greatly startled us, and i began to have a bit of a bad trip. She bid us goodnight and went to bed.

B and i placed a new cd on this time, this one was one we were both familiar with and B was amazed at the difference he heard. At first i did not even recognize the cd, he had to placate me various times as to the veracity of the disk in the player. A returned to the bed and began dozing. B and i moved in closer to each other and the disc player. We next to each other inches from the speakers. The music was not particularly loud, yet we heard and noticed things/effects we had never heard before. Just watching the track and timing counter while listening to the cd became one of the most entertaining points of the evening. We noticed 'layers' to the tracks and began to place the sounds in relation to the speakers. For example, the bass line on one track was 'down and to the right' while the organ was 'in the middle upper left.' the music became almost tangible to us. I felt fairly connected to B, as we were experiencing and hearing the same things. It was nice to have him there to compare sounds with, and reassuring that he heard the same thing at the same place and time that i did. I began to become extremly aware of everyone's position in the room, and for some odd reason could not get a handle on it. I kept having a tactile feeling that the room was 'alligned' (i suppose would be the best way to state it differently). We listened to the music and all began dozing, and fell quickly asleep in our original positions.

The next morning my hearing had returned to normal and i had no left-over effects at all. I have however begun to pay much more attention to my sense of hearing. I listen much more closely to all sounds around me and actually appreciate them for what they are instead of treating them as background noise. I feel incredibly bonded to B. The drug produced in me a bit of the depressing frenzy that lsd has a propensity to, but it was nothing i could not handle as i took it in a loving and safe setting with my two best friends. B and i were amazed that a drug could have such a strong effect on only the auditory aspect, while otherwise leaving you completely normal. This drug did not produce a very strong spiritual revelation, but we all did feel very connected to nature and its sounds, and as we all felt this way, it was inherent that we bonded interpersonally.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19709
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 15, 2007Views: 13,091
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DiPT (110) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4)

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