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Yabba What?
by yags
Citation:   yags. "Yabba What?: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp19755)". Erowid.org. Aug 9, 2018. erowid.org/exp/19755

  smoked Methamphetamine (pill / tablet)
I went through about a two year phase of doing yabba and I have to say its one of the most fulfilling drugs, which I can confidently say after consuming way over 100 of the little devils. I live in a big drug no-no country so I have to be vague with info on settings etc. Yabba itself is a small package and can be either red or green (being stronger) and has a .. I think its a 'WY' on the surface.

Whenever I smoked yabba, all I needed was a rectangle of foil, which I make perfectly smooth by folding paper and pulling the foil through. Then I shape it like an elongated pan, with a flat bottom so the pill heats up evenly, and tall sides so that the vapour doesnt go everywhere. Also, the pill like... Melts, so I have to make the 'pan' long to allow it to flow a bit. Oh and a handle coz the aluminium gets hot, fast! And a note or just some paper that I wanna roll up to chase the vapours with. I can make a funky little filter kinda thing with one of those yogurt drink bottles (if anyone noes yakult...), two straws, water and a bit of an imagination.

And so to smoke the yabba, I want a lighter with a tiny flame, since all I wanna do is heat the foil and not burn myself. Its advisable to have a couple of lighters since they heat up very fast! Depending on the size of my foil pan, I wanna replace it say every pill since the residue that collects on the pan surface makes it hard to heat up the pill and gives a really nasty burnt taste. And so anyway, once I've smoked everything I take the paper I rolled up to inhale the vapour, and take it apart. Then using say a credit card or what, I collect the powder thats on the inside of the paper and I can smoke it or snort, eat it whatever.

So I smoked yabba yeah.. At first I started with doing jus a quarter at a time but the dosage excelled to about 3 or 4 full tabs a day. So anyway, first time I tried, maybe it wasnt pure because it tasted like heaven! Cant quite describe the taste... Somewhat vanilla only sweeter. And it felt so smooth to breathe in... And no matter how long I hold it in, as soon as I exhale so much vapour comes out still... And its pure white silky, creamy stuff... Heaven! I start to feel excited almost instantly and the hit is great. I feel excited, happy, completely satisfied and appreciative, insanely talkative (I found that I philosophised a lot with my friend who took yabba with me) and whats best is that I have complete control over my actions. I can still think clearly and rationally and theres no blurring of the senses. If I do a half, depending on how strong it is, I can stay high for about 4 hours. And so if I keep topping myself off who noes how long I can stay high? I once stayed awake for 65 straight hours with the use of only 4 yabba pills. I lost 6 kg that weekend from not eating and from dehydration... I suppose if the pill was ever introduced to the western world it would be used a lot by people looking to lose weight.

Yeah there are downsides, like not being able to sleep, absolutely no appetite hunger whatever (no wonder- these pills were originally made for german soldiers during the 2nd world war to make them fight longer and better... Although I dunno why they mainly come from thailand now??). There was also the being incredibly dehydrated and constantly drinking water (which, weirdly enough, felt sooo damn good). And the comedowns were always hell. No sleep, anxiety, being restless. Jus like the complete opposite of the good feelings. I can feel frustrated and everything I do overwhelms me and I feel like my brain is wracking away and I jus want to relax. I found meditation helped a lot through come downs. And I would have an uncanny urge to do something with my hands...
I would have an uncanny urge to do something with my hands...
Like I used to paint my nails, sew random things together, fold clothes, draw pictures, anything that would be completely mechanical and not require any mental thought. And there would be the moodiness, irritability and depression and anger at everything and anything. This would last say 4-8 hours (I'm only saying this from experience)...

Yabba is definetaly habit forming, but I think its more a psychological addiction than a physical one. Someone once told me it fucks up your body jus as bad as heroin does. Although I'm not too sure. But its a goood good drug... Its very cheap since mainly shippers in thailand use it for the long hours they work. I suppose I got charged more though. Where I live, yabba cost (I'm not too sure about my currency converting skills but...) US$5 for a yabba pill. But here ecstasy costs about US$15 and one gram of ketamine is about US$35. So its relatively cheaper.

I found the biggest thing that influenced the effect of yabba is my state of mind.
I found the biggest thing that influenced the effect of yabba is my state of mind.
Almost as if it works like an amplifier. Like I had a coupla music performances, and I was on yabba, and I got so nervous... More than ever before. Trembling and sweating. And then on a big date... Did some yabba before leaving for the date and had an amazing time. If I'm chilled out before doing yabba I become more mellow (still, in a very talkative way...), if I'm excited, I become super-hyper. I once tried yabba and ecstacy and my trip was very hyper and I didnt feel as disorientated as I usually am on e, although the comedown was a lot worse (I find that they hit me quite bad...).

I havent done yabba for over a year now. My dealer got arrested and I'm too paranoid to go to the connections I have/had through him. Also I'm susceptible to hair testing for drugs so even if I had the opportunity I would pass. Although as soon as certain situations change, I'll be back on yabba as soon as I can.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 19755
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 9, 2018Views: 6,480
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