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Special Synergy
Cacti - T. pachanoi & AMT
Citation:   Paris. "Special Synergy: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & AMT (exp19816)". Erowid.org. Dec 21, 2002. erowid.org/exp/19816

T+ 0:00
18 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 35 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
For about 3 years I did a lot of psychedelics, but after 9-11 I found myself too paranoid to order research chemicals and suddenly the only people trying to sell me acid were trying to rip me off and sell me bunk, so Iíve chilled out a bit since then. So at the time of this trip I was a pretty experienced tripper, having tasted most of the fine chemicals that had come my way more than a few times. Even post 9-11 itís quite easy to find San Pedro cacti around and on this particular occasion I had the good fortune to be in possession of a small amount of AMT, too. I had done AMT on numerous occasions and in combination with a number of other drugs Ė mostly other synthetic tryptamines; the only phenethylamine I have mixed it with is MDMA. I had tripped on cactus once before, but I found it too mild to warrant the preparation, taste, and necessary pre-trip fasting (a ritual of mine) involved in the process. But, mix a little cactus T with a little AMT and... itís a party, right? [Iím writing this report largely because I havenít yet seen one about this combination, which surprises me given the relatively easy accessibility of both substances right now.] On top of this, I was in Vegas for the first time with my girlfriend (also an experienced tripper) Ė and on top of that, we had a free hotel room in one of Vegasí most expensive hotels, and we had tickets to see a tripped out show at said hotel. Weíre not huge ĎFear and Loathingí fans, so our aim was not at all to do Vegas in that style, but we still had a lot of fun.

Since my first experience with San Pedro had been disappointingly mild in spite of having used what should have been an adequate amount of cactus, my girlfriend and I prepared a significantly larger amount this time. I wanted to make sure that my preparation would not be a wasted effort. I have no idea what the weight or the total length were, but we used a number of smaller, separate cacti and we harvested them fresh from their pots. I ended up doing most of the dirty work: I removed the spines with a paring knife, skinned the cactus, and shaved off the dark green fleshy material underneath the skin Ė which should have, according to internet sources, contained most or all of the plantís mescaline Ė into a bowl. The green stuff was then placed into a ceramic pot. We boiled the cactus in distilled water with a little citric acid (donít use too much or the taste will be horrible) for over 6 hours, then we strained out the shriveled cactus bits with cheese cloth, saving the tea, and then we boiled the bits again, repeating the process. We saved our tea in a mason jar.

I had acquired the AMT in powder form and for transportation/ingestion purposes I put it in vegicaps Ė about 35mg for me, 20mg for her. Though Iíve read of people taking monster AMT doses online, Iíve never been able to get above 50mg comfortably (due to body load/nausea), and since there would also be mescaline involved, I didnít want to go overboard. My girlfriend is even more sensitive to AMT and has never done more than 40mg at once, hence her lighter dose (itís not that she doesnít like to trip hard).

We had logically assumed that AMT, being an MAOI, would potentiate the mescaline. We werenít concerned about problems with the interaction for some reason Ė we probably should have been (not that we ended up having any problems). Both drugs last a long time, but that was fine with us as we enjoy really long trips.

We both fasted for 2 days prior to ingestion, not only to put us in a spiritual mindset but also to avoid excess nausea and unwanted MAOI interactions. I'm always one to suggest fasting before a trip, the longer (within reason) the better.

The Experience:
Based on some reports we had read regarding mixing AMT with mushrooms, we decided to follow an ingestion schedule to ensure maximum effects, as follows Ė we drank the cactus tea first, over the course of about Ĺ hour (itís hard to drink it fast because itís nasty; we both almost wretched by the time the jar was empty). Since mescaline takes awhile to kick in, we waited about an hour and then ate our capsules just as we were starting to feel the M. Our room was on the 16th floor and we were looking out on the strip as the sun was setting Ė it was strange to watch the natural light fade as all the artificial lights came on, especially since we had never been to Vegas before (not to mention the fact that the drugs we starting to kick in). At this point neither of us were very used to mescaline, but we were both quite impressed with the organic, wholesome feel that it had in comparison to less enriching psychedelics like foxy or AMT alone. We were both experiencing mild visuals and tactile hallucinations, but at the core of it was a pleasant spiritual essence that canít really be described, similar to MDMA but way more pure. There was also a feeling that there would be much more to come, but as is always the case with AMT and mescaline, the ascent was slow and gentle until the dam burst.

Once it was fully dark, we both bathed and prepared to go to the show. It felt good to shower. I was feeling a little nauseous and slightly uncomfortable when we rode the elevator down to the ground floor, and then we walked through the casino. This was an expensive hotel, so the gamblers and other people at the casino were dressed formally and, I would assume, generally were pretty rich. In spite of being well off, they looked very serious, very depressed, and quite uncomfortable (even though they were presumably recreating and thus, one would think, trying to have a good time), which was quite funny to us as we were coming up on good drugs, existing on the same plane as them in physical form only. We had to wait in line to pick up our tickets (which was difficult because I had begun to get fidgety and it was becoming hard not to smile), and then we entered the theatre for the performance.

The next few hours were a prolonged blur. The state I was in is most comparable to my heavier acid trips, in that specifics escape me and I was overwhelmed with the sensory input of the moment. Itís hard to remember any details of the show, except the following Ė I was nauseated and fidgety, with a typical AMT body load, and there were a few times when I thought Iíd have to puke. This was generally in response to the stimulation: the colors and the music and the characters on stage and flying overhead, doing whatever they were doing. At times everything would seem to bend/swell around me; these were the most intense moments, when I thought I actually would puke (but I managed not to) Ė these could have merely been rushes of the AMT (on me it has a similar roller coaster effect to MDMA). There was an intermission in the show, and there was no way in Hell either of us were getting of our chairs. The rest of the audience were as grim as the people in the casino.

Finally, the show ended and we went immediately back to out hotel room. We were blasted Ė it appeared that not only did the AMT potentiate the mescaline, but there was some sort of special synergy between the two. On the way back we were mostly looking at the floor, and looking at each other and smiling, trying to make sure we didnít get lost. We werenít overly paranoid about being found out because, like I have said, we are experienced. Stuff was moving all around us, but we were protected.

We spent the next several hours in our hotel room. We were way too messed up to even want to try walking around The Strip (that had been our original plan), and even had we wanted to we could not have because we were afflicted with the drunken, dizzy, strangely fatigued state of an AMT plateau. So, during the evening we spent most of our time looking out the window Ė most of that time was spent looking at the clouds in the sky, which gave me some of the most fabulous visuals Iíve ever had. We saw spirits who were clearly letting us know that Vegasí days are numbered, that looked as though they were about to come down and destroy the city. My girlfriend took a long bath (which I supervised, just to be safe). Neither of us had even the most remote interest in sex, nor in food. We were in a profoundly euphoric state, and we were as connected to each other as weíd felt on any other drug except acid. The only drawback to our state was, and anyone who has done AMT would probably agree Ė the plateau lasts forever, and itís easy to get bored, disassociated, or royally sick of the body load. We got a little of all three. But this was still part of the blur, before time became a readily perceptible force.

Several hours later, it was morning, and we were still very, very messed up. It had been well over 12 hours since dosed and it was clear that we were nowhere near the end. The sunrise proved much less interesting than the sunset, as we couldnít see the sun itself but merely the light it cast, and every time another casino turned off its lights it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. The clouds were still angry but now we could see the mountains outside of the city, which were beautiful and strange Ė the layers in the rock are tilted at nearly a 45-degree angle, very interesting. We concluded that the mountains were very strong and that they didnít like Vegas any more than the clouds.

The next thing we knew, we had to check out of the hotel and go home. Of course, we were still wasted, and probably not in any condition to drive. But still, even 16 hours after dosing, we were only starting to come down (and on these drugs, that meant we still had several hours of fun left), so we decided to take advantage of it. We certainly werenít tired even though we had been up all night, so itís not like we would be falling asleep at the wheel. So, I started driving and we decided to try going through Zion National Park on our way home. [obligatory disclaimer: even though I did it, never drive on psychedelics!]

[Iíll note that right before Zion I stopped and bought an Amp energy beverage at a gas station. Amp has all kinds of stuff in it, so I was slightly concerned that it wouldnít go too well with the AMT, but my high at that point was mostly a result of the mescaline or something about the combination, so I decided to drink it anyway Ė it gave me the required energy and I suffered no adverse reactions. This was over 18 hours after eating the AMT.]

Driving ended up being quite easy, and seeing Zion while tripping was well worth the effort. We had never seen it before and it was way too beautiful to imagine. At one of the vistas we stopped and got out of the car, and experienced quite a contrast to Vegas Ė complete stillness and quiet, the essence of natural spirituality so rare in the urban lifestyle. Checkerboard Mesa was peppered with snow, truly an awesome sight in the early afternoon light. By this point, the more unpleasant effects of the drugs (body load, nausea) were mostly gone, so it became more acid-like, just visuals, tactiles, and still that divine spiritual feeling. There was also some amazing scenery after we left Zion. I began seeing faces and animals in many of the rocks/mountains (they all had a story to tell), and I saw all sorts of things in the clouds. A lot of what I saw, Iíll admit, was negative, but the negativity wasnít directed at me, so I wasnít at all disturbed by it.

We arrived at home in the early evening, the effects having almost entirely worn off. I felt very relaxed, peaceful, and spent. Sleep came relatively easily (Iím an insomniac, so take that with a grain of salt).

This trip was definitely a mind-blower, the cocktail a very effective combination. It wasnít until later that I thought the combination might have been a bit dangerous with the MAOI/amphetamine interaction. I didnít feel any worse afterwards than I would have expected to feel on a larger dose of AMT by itself, however, so things worked out all right. In subsequent months I lost my taste for AMT, so I donít believe I have repeated the combination. The most startling thing about the trip for me was the duration Ė I was solidly tripping for over 24 hours, and I didnít think anything outside of DOB would ever do that to me. I was expecting to be tripping for more like 16 hours, so I can only deduce that something about the combination (and perhaps the dosing schedule) managed to make the trip longer. This was also the most complete trip I have had, both in terms of substance and style. As for the effects, the mescaline filled in all of the holes that AMT would normally leave wide open, and the AMT gave everything a very strong push. The result was comparably profound to very large (30+ good hits) acid doses. The inherent euphoria combined into what Iíd term a Ďmeta-euphoriaí. There were times during the trip that it seemed absurd to me that there was any combination of drugs I could take that would put me in the state I was in (and Iíve done a lot). I was able to suspend reality enough to see the spirits in the clouds/rocks as relating directly to everyday physical reality. There was a concreteness, a spiritual relevance to the trip that I havenít experienced elsewhere. Definitely a +4! Strangely, outside of gaining a better connection to the spirit world, there were no practical insights that I remember coming to during the trip. Connecting more with the spirit world was a big step, though, and this trip really put me in touch with my psychic abilities. After the trip, it wasnít difficult to come back to reality and move on with normal life, but, like Iíve said, Iím an experienced tripper.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19816
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 21, 2002Views: 20,712
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