Body Ends and Music Begins
by oranges
Citation:   oranges. "Body Ends and Music Begins: An Experience with 5-MeO-DIPT (exp19835)". Sep 30, 2003.

12 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


An interesting little miracle happened just as we were about to begin this adventure. My partner, Bead, and I had spent all this time and effort preparing for the trip by putting up more Christmas lights and making a really good mp3 playlist and stuff. When I woke up at 8am all the electricity in the neighborhood was out. I wasn't too worried at the time, but when 12pm rolled around and it was still out I was slightly dismayed. We'd planned on meeting around 10:30 or 11ish so we could talk about boundaries and expectations before dosing around noon. We were all running a little late, but that was ok. An expedition had been sent out to retrieve some D batteries for the little stereo so that we could at least play cds.

We were just finishing up the last few details when Bead decided to turn on one of the lines of Christmas lights so we'd know for sure when the electricity was back on. As soon as he sat back down again the lights came on and we all rejoiced cause we'd get to experience all the cool things we'd prepared.

Our group of four, Bead, Spore, Hands, and oranges (myself) made for some interesting social interactions and tensions. Spore has been one of Bead's lovers recently and Hands is her good friend who we'd never met before. Our foxy was in a baggy weighed out to 50mg so we wanted a group of 4 so that we could split it up fairly evenly. We also thought it would create a more comfortable atmosphere. In the end I think having Hands there was definitely for the best as far as keeping it a tame, non-sexual environment.

On expectations for the trip:

The taste wasn't half as bad as I'd expected. - Although the music brought me to some really intense places, it was never too overwhelming even with the dark songs that we'd forgotten to take out of the playlist. - The trip and it's lingering effects lasted much longer than I'd expected. - The body load was heavy but not unmanageable (especially since I'd fasted for 12 hours beforehand and everyone else had had a small breakfast.) - And yes, I felt very very sexual during the kick-ass long peak (whether this was due more to mind-set or to the drug I don't know).

The amount of liquid we had to drink was small, since we mixed it 1mg/ml, so we drank it straight (cause we'd heard bad reports about people mixing it with a huge glass of juice to try and cover up the taste and then having to chock down all this really nasty tasting stuff) and chased it with a little orange juice. It tasted like a chemical, but it didn't make me want to gag or anything. I had this urge to lick my chops like a cat in order to get rid of the slight aftertaste that lingered briefly. We were all rather nervous as we headed for the bedroom which we'd made comfy with pillows, blankets, a heater, nice lights, and of course the music.

It came on quickly, we all reported feeling like springs being wound up and my innards felt like they were rearranging themselves. I was glad I had fasted because even though I knew it was going to make the comedown harder I think this part could have been really miserable if I'd had food in me. I felt like I was actually up, as in fully feeling the drug by 1:15ish a mere 45-50 minutes after taking it. I usually take longer than everyone else to feel things so I think the empty stomach really helped it come on quicker.

As we were coming up Spore and I shared this moment where we were
discussing what it was feeling like to come up. In my own words spoken later to Bead (after Spore and Hands had left but we were not yet down):

the air was thick with music
the air, the ground, everything was infused with music
it had a physical texture...or maybe
it added texture to the air and everything.
It was like adding another dimension to everything.

The visuals were somewhat subtle. Sometimes things would wiggle or breathe but mostly it was colors for me. Things were very color themed; sometimes green, sometimes orange, they would almost have a soft faint glow to them. Wood grains moved deeply in and out of them selves but didn't swirl around.

If I ever felt a little overwhelmed I could just look out the window and feel much better or walk into the living room or kitchen for a second. The bathroom was really cold and I felt alone and disconnected from everyone else so I didn't like it in there. As a sort of side note, speaking of bathrooms, I ended up peeing alot, it seemed like more than was necessary for what I was drinking, but who knows, I was experiencing time dilation too.

It was nice in the bedroom because we have a king size bed lofted and a couch partially underneath it along with our two desks so there was lots of room. A couple times I climbed up onto the bed to sort of get away for a little while. It was perfect cause I could be alone and be to myself while still hearing the others talking and I could see them if I looked over the edge so I never got really lonely like in the bathroom.

One of the times I was up there I laid back and closed my eyes and the visuals were just really stunning. I didn't feel like they were
choreographed to the music, but they were definitely flowing with it. I was surprised because I was expecting maybe some closed eye pattern visuals but I was getting really detailed three dimensional scapes that morphed and flowed and changed colors. It was really spectacular. They ranged from a soldierly formation of cubish spheres with enormous spikes that grew and shrank to a Dali-esque 'scape with a melting morphing gateway. The most intense it ever got (which I think was my actual peak) was when I went beyond the visuals to a point where my sense of being was so soft and the music was so tangible that I couldn't tell where my body ended and the music began, it was all one. It was a truly beautiful experience.

I had the type of body high that was similar to what I usually associate with eating marijuana which is somewhat dissociated. Physical sensation felt really good and definitely lead me to feel somewhat horney. In fact, during one of my sessions up on the bed by myself I started out rubbing my belly and then moved on to pulling on my nipple. I think I came very close to orgasm from just this stimulation. I really wanted to take off all my clothes and writhe around on the bed. I wanted to put things in my mouth, especially other people's tongues. As I mentioned earlier, I think it was good Hands was there because the reason I didn't do these and much more sexually explicit things was, I think, solely due to his presence. If it had just been me, Bead, and Spore I don't know if I would have contained myself and the current sexual climate surrounding the three of us would have possibly made that into a very difficult situation.

I started to come down right around 5pm after a solid 3 hours of peaking. The initial switch from being up to coming down was fairly difficult. I had some paranoia and was worried about my body. Eventually I got a hold on the situation though and the come down started to go more smoothly. We brought out the food we'd obtained for the event, sourdough, crackers, pita, hummus, cheese,and yogurt. I also had two Ensures. Eating was a difficult thing all night. I would have stomach upset and feel sort of dizzy every time I tried to eat but I ate anyway cause I knew my body needed it and would hate me later if I didn't. Even at Sparky's 24 hour diner in the city around 10pm I was still having trouble getting myself to even eat the food. I was pretty tired and grumpy by the time we got home and went to bed around 1am.

I would say I was still fairly up around 6pm when Spore and Hands left. After that things started to chill out alot as Bead and I sat around and talked about the experience. The music became less physical but still had a strong effect on me, I still got lots of wiggly visuals in the bathroom and although my thoughts seemed to be happening pretty clearly in my head, actually doing things was confusing.

As far as music goes for a foxy trip, I have to say that Shpongle is a must. Shpongle is amazing and totally fucks with your trip in the best way possible. I had never heard them before and I'm kinda interested to listen to them while sober now to see how differently I think of it. As I mentioned before, the music was never too overwhelming. It was definitely controlling my trip and even when it was taking me to dark places it was not bad, just interesting. There was one time toward the end when I was having some difficulty with my come down when I asked Bead to change the music to something happy but otherwise it was all cool.

I won't do this drug frequently or anytime soon because the body
load/fasting was such a significant thing to deal with but I do plan on trying it again because this was a great experience. I felt like 12mg was a great beginning dose, it took me really deeply into the trip but never over the edge. Perhaps I will try a higher dosage sometime but I'll probably stick with 12mg for my second experience too.

Things I think people should be aware of:

Make sure you're in a good group of people and know everyone's boundaries. If you aren't sure you can stick to the boundaries try to do something that will force you to hold to them (having a 'third party' so to speak worked well for us I think). I also think people should be aware that the lingering effects are longer lasting than I've often heard them reported. I was still feeling some effects a 1amish almost 12 hours after we dosed. I feel pretty ok today, but I haven't gotten out of bed yet either :) We'll see how work goes this afternoon and evening. And for me, the body load was high and fasting was very good, but I think that is also why I had a come down as difficult as I did.

I plan on telling all my music friends about this drug!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19835
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 30, 2003Views: 19,282
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