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A Summary of Experiences
by DevilDoc
Citation:   DevilDoc. "A Summary of Experiences: An Experience with Various (exp19925)". Erowid.org. Apr 29, 2003. erowid.org/exp/19925

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Here’s a summary of the chemicals I’ve tried thus far:

AMT – (50mg) Very strong body buzz with milder psychological effects, usually just an alert feeling with some magnificent trails (completely dilated pupils). Also features a dramatic shift in auditory pitch – my girlfriend (high pitched voice) sounds like a man. Negatives are the body buzz (after 10 hours it gets taxing and annoying) and diarrhea after about 5 hours

5-MeO-DIPT – (At 20mg) Strong body buzz, a mental shift that is more noticeable than AMT. Somewhat of the same pitch-shift, but not nearly as dramatic, with fewer trails (slightly dilated pupils). Negatives – just diarrhea at 3rd hour and beyond.

2C-T-2 – My first phenethylamine. (At 30mg) Dramatic shift in consciousness, trails that rival AMT. Nothing on the auditory side. Negatives – Very cold the whole time, lack of ability to concentrate on anything.

DXM – Incredible at any level, really. Great euphoric feeling that makes music sound great. At higher doses (> 500mg/kg) incredible CEV’s (the only drug to date that gave me CEV’s), and with 3rd plateau long sequences that resembled stories with eyes closed. Negatives – painful diarrhea at times, long duration can seem to last forever (seems not to matter at all with higher doses, as euphoria increased exponentially). I had, what I thought was a +4 with this stuff at 1200mg/kg with a booster of 400mg at 4 hrs. I couldn’t begin to describe it, but it freaked my friend who was tripping with me – he said I stopped breathing a couple of times and was talking gibberish for over an hour.

5-MeO-DMT – Had an earth shattering experience with this stuff orally at 30mg following HWBR seeds (10) and 8g Syrian Rue. Very alarming, scary, and ultimately made me lose consciousness a few times (even though it seems I was still awake and walking around). The combo proved to have the same psychological effects as Salvia divinorum (see below). I have little memory of this event, but I know until I lost consciousness I had this never-ending, constantly increasing, rushing feeling in my mind. It freaked me out and scared me to death.

Other psychedelics:

Salvia divinorum – Even a small amount has earth shattering results for me. I tried three times with decreasing levels, and each time I got freaked out, lost consciousness, and became VERY paranoid. 2 different sitters thought I was going to kill myself, but I have no recollection of any of the events they tell me about. I remember (right after inhaling) what seemed like the world unzipping, sound and all, and then I freaked out and that’s all I remember until coming to.

LSA – I tried HBWR (4 – 15 seeds) and MG (300 – 500 seeds) seeds with limited success on their own. Basically just some trails for all the trouble of grinding up all those MG seeds – not worth it, in my book. Got some more intense visuals (just color enhancements and some extra shining) when combines with 5g+ of Syrian Rue. No negatives on their own besides the work, but with Serian Rue I had some extreme nausea, and vomited with a 10g dose, despite dosing each half an hour apart.

Amanita muscaria – Tastes great as a tea, but other than throwing up the pulp when I ate it as a soup once or twice, I never got anything from it. I never even had a change in consciousness, although there was a slight shimmering to lights for a few hours. Same with varying doses, and various sources of the mushrooms and prep methods.

Weed – What’s there to say? No matter what I try, I always prefer and come back to weed. It is the best stone, a great high, a mild but always present euphoria, a perfect auditory enhancement, and, of course, there is the tuning of the taste buds. It always puts me in a cool pensive mood to do the self-exploration I need to, and answer the questions I want answered. I’ve only been paranoid once or twice, and both times were when I was younger. While there is a huge variation of strengths, strains, ratios, etc., it’s always a great experience.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19925
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 29, 2003Views: 11,300
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