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The Living Forest
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   TheRealLooch. "The Living Forest: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp19945)". Sep 17, 2005.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
When I came across Salvia Divinorum, I was very interested since I remember seeing it advertised on various websites (quick note, I'm a somewhat experienced drug user myself. I've done weed, opium, acid, ecstacy, and shrooms) I read reports and decided to try it, but after a while I gave up hope until a friend of mine said 'What's something cool I should try?' So I suggested Salvia, and he ordered a half ounce online and sure enough it arrived.

He said it looked like dry leaves. He tried it out before me and said it didn't work. He described to me how/how much he smoked, and obviously it wasn't working right.
So last night, Me, C, and M were in my basement and we rigged a bong out of a 2 liter bottle. This was about 12:30 at night. We smoked about 5 bong pack each. We were all sober at the time, with a good mindset. M said he really didn't like what his body felt, maybe his body was rejecting it. So he sat down and after a few minutes felt better. While he was sitting, C and I kept smoking bong packs.

I kept getting this really, REALLY odd sensation that I had to 'declare borders' and make 'distance measurements'. This is very odd to describe but here goes: where I was sitting, I felt like there was this force field behind me and I had to figure out where the rest of the force field was. C was noticing the same thing as well. I was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, the hood felt like a brick wall behind my head. I took it off and it seemed to liven up the mood I was having. M joined us again and started smoking some more. He didn't feel anything, but C and I were having the oddest mind trip. No melting walls or anything like that. I'd say I was having a pure mind trip, no visuals or anything like that but I was having the rest of the trip properties, not sure if what you say makes sense, or hard to make sense of what other people are saying, having no idea what's going on, stuff like that. Time set for right about now was 1:20 AM.

Anyways, we felt bummed, we were all psyched beforehand now we were bummed. I asked if C would loan me some of the salvia, I wanted to try some more by myself. He gave me a TON...I thought it looked like more than a quarter of MJ. So C and M left, and I went into my room. I turned the lights low, put on some Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon is soooo perfect for any situation), packed a fat bowl, lied down, and started to smoke. Time: 1:32 AM.

One bowl: gone. Nothing much

Two bowls: gone. Starting to get the mind trip

Three bowls: gone. Good mind trip

Four bowls through 6: gone. Wow.

Brain's starting to have a mind of it's own. Time: 1:37.

Bowl number 7: gone.

My Pink Floyd: Back Catalogue poster (if you've ever seen it, it's the one of all the naked women sitting by a pool with the album covers painted on their backs) starts to move, the women are conversing with each other...I don't hear anything, but their mouths are moving. The album covers are alive.

Bowls 8 and 9: gone. Wow.

IT WORKS! SWEET! The music became so ambient that I really connected with it. It was resonating throughout my room and my head. And for the weirdest reason, my nose felt very runny. Has this happened to anyone?

Anyways the trip started getting really cool now. My room grew dark. My walls glowed a faint purple, as if my entire room were decorated with black lights. But my ceiling. Wow. It turned into this brightly colored, swirly fractal vortex, constantly changing colors, having so many textures, it looked like it was just a few inches below my ceiling, just spinning there.
This continued for a few minutes more. As it was going on, the vortex expanded and grew in and out, through the ceiling (I saw it in the ceiling, as if the ceiling became transparent), it moved from side to side, shrank, and then went back to it's original shape. Then it stopped spinning, and then started spinning backwards.

Right about now, Dark Side Of The Moon was at Money, David Gilmour was still singing, his guitar solo hadn't happened yet. As he was singing, all of a sudden his face appeared through the vortex in a SUPER colorful bubble and it started spinning slowly with the vortex. Oddly, his face started out young and started to age as it circled with the vortex. Then it disappeared. Then suddenly the rest of Pink Floyd's members heads started appearing in bubbles, one after the other, growing young to old and disappearing.
Then all of a sudden the vortex died out. It just seemed to vanish. My room was bright, as if my overhead light was just turned on, them it turned blue, and everything in my room started growing these red spots. It's not like red spots appeared on top of things, it was like they were inside everything and tried to push their ways out. I saw the materials being pushed out of the way of the red spots.

I looked over to the wall to my right and it turned a very pale pink. It looked like it was covered in some sort of goo. I reached over to touch it, and it started to ripple, as if I dropped a stone in water. My entire room started to ripple (well, just my walls and carpet, my bed and dresser were mysteriously fine). Then the place where I touched started to grow out. This pale goo turned into what looked like a building, then more 'buildings' were sprouting up and shrinking back to nothing at a surprisingly fast rate (I'd say about 10 seconds).

Then the oddest thing happened. If anyone's ever played Mortal Kombat 2, you'd remember 'The Living Forest', the level with the talking trees. Those talking trees were on my ceiling. I turned my head for one second, I looked back, and they were there. It surprised the hell out of me, but didn't really scare me. Also, if you've ever watched Sesame Street, you'd probably recognize those alien creatures with the big mouths that kept going 'yyyyep yep yep yep yep yep yep. Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh.' Those trees were doign that yep yep uh uh thing for like 5 minutes. There were about 10 trees. 9 of them were 'yep yep uh huh', and one was always talking to me about my love for weed (yup I'm a pothead). Then that one started going 'yep yep uh huh' and a different tree started talking normally to me about my love for acid.

Then suddenly the trees started shrinking, my walls stopped melting, and my room was back to its original shape. Us And Them was playing on my CD player. I looked around. I was fine. I looked at my clock, this trip was about 25 minutes long, it was almost 2 AM. Not at any point in time was I scared, my mind never was screwing with me. In fact I barely had any thoughts at all, most of it was 'wow that's awesome!'

I had an absolute blast with salvia. Most people need a sitter, I am a very strong willed person, so I can handle myself. But I can see why some people would be scared of their experience. But be warned, people. This can be too much.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19945
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 17, 2005Views: 18,936
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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