Visions of Blood and Warriors
Citation:   Michael. "Visions of Blood and Warriors: An Experience with LSD (exp2001)". Jun 21, 2000.

5 hits oral LSD (liquid)
LSD is the most amazing physocactive wonder in the entire world. It is a marvel that helps me and many other create a world in there mind that is different from the outside world and one that one can live out all there dreams and nightmares for that matter.

I had one of the most wonderful experiances of my life on the wonderful drug of LSD. My dosage was 5 liquid hits and I am at shame to admit my age of only 15 years old with such strong drug experiances. Me and a friend of mine named D. Bought 4 sugar cubes two for each of us. My friend in the car put 5 liquid hits on two cubes (2 on one, 3 on the other) at 12:45 AM. I went home and immediately me and D. dosed all of the hits.

It was a over an hour before I started to take any notice and I didn't even take notice until after smoking a boul out of 'big red' properley titled because of it size and after my favorite football team the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Then we went upstairs and started playing a multi-player game on my Nintendo 64 and then it started to begin.

I had the most intense feeling to kill everyone in the game. I started shooting anyone and everyone while watching light spectrums on the big screen zooming in and out. I saw tracers fly past every bullet. My heart pounded. After about 25 more mintues I started my very long peak. At which point things got very interesting.

This is 100% fact and is in no way shape or form made up. It began with seeing players from the game in the house. I was starting to feel as if I was in the game and I had a gun of my own. I then without any reason at all stuck my face to the tv and for about an hour I thought I was in the game. My friend D. told me I was sitting the whole time but in my mind I would fly around corners shooting my bullets with tracers golare.

When I got hit with a bullet I could almost feel it in my body. I started to get upset and started to go insane. Running all over the map shooting anyone and everyone who opposed me. I begain screaming wildly. I remember once I was being chased so bad I aimed the gun at my head and pulled the trigger four times. Each time I could feel the bullet pierce my skin but when I checked nothing had happened. I turned around fell over and began to throw up humungous chunks. I thought I was dying in real life or at least something bad was going to happen. I came down to my computer and wrote the following lines.

'As I sit here I feel as if I am going insane. I see visions of blood, god, warriors and war. I cannot escape it and I fear I will be in this world for the rest of my physcotic life'

I know not all what I went through. I have been through very much for my age. In my opinion, LSD is the drug that will help anyone deal with anything.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 2001
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 21, 2000Views: 6,875
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LSD (2) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Unknown Context (20)

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