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The New L.S.D - New Years Eve
by Jezu
Citation:   Jezu. "The New L.S.D - New Years Eve: An Experience with AMT (exp20090)". Jan 31, 2008.

130 mg oral AMT
  2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
Time: 0 Hours

At about 7pm in the evening when i decided to dose, being experienced with this substance i decided to double my last dose to about 130mg. This was done by placeing the powder on a flat surface and splitting it in to equal piles of 8. I then place two of these piles in to a rizla paper and swallowed. I had already eaten beforehand, and had drank a can of beer.

I spent the first few hour smokeing skunk and listening to steve hillage with my friend S. Although my friend wanted to trip he couldnt, this was because the last time he took this substance it overided all his pain killers and his back was in too much pain. Note : The amt did not cause the back problem that was already there even before he took the substance. Although all psychedelics do this too him AMT was slightly stronger but even with that there was no negative body load on his last AMT trip. Although after he has had his back sorted we will be planning a good trip into the country.

After an hour and a half we set of to meet other friends so we could all set of to the party together. So on the way I decided to get some more beer which i was served by some strange who was girl humming to her self and makeing strange sounds. Sorta like la la la de de de Mmm Mmm Mmm. Strange !

Time : 2 hours

It was now 9pm and all my friends had arranged to meet up at T house and we were waiting a bit for the party to start which was about 11pm. So to pass time we wathched a bit of T.V and talked about crops circles and if they are man made or not and the conclusion that we came up with was that there is something doing them to try and make people think diffrently.

The odd person came to the house to sort things out for the party like smoke machines and strobe lights. I started to feel some effects of this crazy drug and by this time my friend S stood up and said that he couldnt sit next to me cos he felt like he was piggy backing of me and picking up my vibes of the trip and even another friend K was picking up the same vibes.

I was at this time feeling euphoric and happy. I had managed to drink about two cans but had to leave it at that for a bit cos i was feeling not ill but just coudnt drink any more for now sorta like the feeling you get from a pill come up.

Time passed and it was now time to wander to the party it was about 10:30pm. My friends where jokeing about how i was a space caddet and I replied jokingly no space a captain, then they started calling me a satalight saying yep he is still up there orbiting the earth not quite come down yet. Still it was pretty funny. It took about 30 mins to reach the party which was in a house by a set of locks, still my friends commented about picking up my tripping vibes although I was walking aroung with a constant smile on my face and dilated eyes though.

Time : 4 hours

We turned up at the party a bit early, cos there was no one there, but a few minutes later people appeared from nowhere which was strange. The effect of the drug where going strong with mental clarity with compassion, no fear or lothing at this party i thourght there was still no hallucinations yet though. We got inside and I felt ok enough to start drinking T had dissapeared somewhere and K had a girl sat on his lap which was probably to hurt her ex-boyfriend who was also there, even though there was no trouble that night.

The set up was super strange it was a smallish room with a couple of soffers and some decks, in the corner of the room was a brightly decarated small christmas tree with a strobe light hidden in it with a smoke machine behind that. Everybody was dressed up in fancy dress except for me S and K because T forgot to tell us.

There where some pills going around but I decided not to take them dirty things especialy because i was on a research chemicle. There was also a strange big fat, geeky type with glasses who didnt seem to be a nice person going on about playstation 2 is life and vice city is real. He also went on about how he is a psyhco and some other bad things but even with that negativity, there was no negativity to the trip just compassion. I talked a bit to my friends who where basicaly saying I dont even look as if i am on anything except for me smileing and my dilated pupils. Everything was just peacefull and in perfect harmony I was just super happy. Not in the bullshit pill where its all ego building crap but almost onestep closer to enligenment where there is no confusion only truth.

Time passed and it was soon 12am.

Time : 5 hours

At about 11:50 we all went outside and they started to set of loads of fireworks by this time I started to hallucinate, but the strange things was that the images where in the background and very L.S.D like but its almost like I dont notice them but I do.
Its like when I'm dreaming and something strange happens say like I can walk through walls but I just see it as normal thats what the hallucinations are like. Its almost a break down of reality, like this reality is just a dream we need to wake up from.

I also met another friend who has done alot of acid and he sugessted sometime next month we could all go out in to the countryside camping and try to do something constructive. I then talked about the importance of remapping the brain to accept diffrent perceptions and how it is the future of the humanrace.

It soon hit 12am and everyone was running aroung hugging each other and shakeing hands shouting happy newyear, which was kind of strange especialy being on this coumpound. By now it was too cold so i went back inside. I could go on and on and on cos this was a very long trip and i didnt get home till about 8am the next day and no sleep for ages, so here is a brief of the last few hours.

Time : Brief

at about 1:00 am My friend S decided to see if he could realy freak me out, not to be nasty but to try an experiment to see if this coumpound could produce negative effect, I seriously new nothing about this at the time. All that i knew was he had a pill, so at one point he turned around and pretended to cough up blood with some red stuff comeing out of his mouth, it did look real but I just carmly said to him are you ok he paused for a bit to see my reaction and said yeah I was just testing you on freak out on this substance. Even though he knew it was impossible to freak out because of his previous experience.

Back at his we talked about buddism and how this reality is a trapp, and how getting a girlfriend is also a trap because its is following you animal instintcs which cant be done if you want to reach enlighenment. So I came to the conclusion that I want a girlfriend but I dont but I do but I dont, which is something that is driving me crazy.

When I was staring at the wall for a bit there was also mescaline like imagary on the wall almost like watching an animated cartoon. There was also stuff about this is you last life to reach enlighenment because the human race will no longer be here for your next re-encarnation and it will all end soon, probably 2012.

So this substance is amazing but a little bit draining, I would say its the new L.S.D the perfect drug to remap the brain. But even though i was at a party I still had meaningfull conversations with people.

I would say this can be a life changing coumpound and I think that all the negativity from other reports could be because of :

People are inexperienced trippers that have negative trips on this substance

Someone is fabricating negative trip reports because if this stuff is that good it could be the new L.S.D and the goverments dont want that just look at the 60s

People are receving inpure compunds or its not even AMT what they have

Note : There have been no negative effects of any kind, execpt for total energy drain for about 2-3 days. There has been no headaches, no nauser and only a slightly bloated feeling on the come up. There has been no other negative effects except for slight dehydration. The drug usually takes 2- 3 hours for me to feel the empathy/compassion with the hallucinations starting at about 4 - 5 hours
and it can last up to 18+.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20090
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 31, 2008Views: 7,289
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AMT (7) : Large Group (10+) (19), General (1)

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