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January 1st
by Demo
Citation:   Demo. "January 1st: An Experience with AMT (exp20096)". Sep 23, 2008.

60 mg oral AMT
  1 repeated smoked Cannabis
Okay... first of all, English is not my first language, so... you might find some errors of grammar, plus I'm not myself right now.

I waz sitting at home when I decided to take a trip to a place far away from here, a place where only dreams come true. I wanted to enjoy this trip in a different way this time. I decided to take it and go to the movies. I had 2 capsules, each with 30mg. I have had some good trips with 30mg, so I diceded to increase the power of the visuals and then I took both capsules to see what would happen. Anyways, I went to the movies about 7:30pm, I ate both capsules at 6:00pm, knowing that the movie would start at 8:00pm. So.. I gave the chemical basically the best time to kick in, the time I was going into the movie.

I wanted to see Lord of the rings and its been out for I while, so I got there and bought the ticket for Lord Of The Ring two Towers. At that poing I started to feel the AMT started to reach out for all the parts of my body, like when u feel a goose-bumps, u feel that wave going all over your body, like when someone throw a rock in a lake, u see the waves going from the point where the rock hit the water until the point where u can't see it more, because it gets soo weak that it stops. But I waz just seen that rock hitting the river, because that waz just the begining, I was going to see way more stuffs than that.

anyways.... I walked into the movies and bought a coke. Got into the room and felt the cold air from the a/c on my face. It was alright that the room were cold because I had brought my jacket with me, and I knew I wouldn't be cold. I remember that the screen was soo big, bigger than the usual. I felt like getting into the movie. It seened that I was right inside of the movie. I was soo concentraded on the movie that I didn't think about nothing else besides me. I did woke up from that dream a couple times when I realized that people were going down on the stairs right besides me. I hated that, because it would stop my trance (OBs: for me, dream is when you put your mind to think about something that can't be explained. Like... when you see a person's pictures on the wall changing faces, thats a dream, you know you're seen that but its not real) The movie looked like a dream to me, it was soo amazing that i was actually seen and feeling what I was feeling at that time. I remember that I didn't sleep for one moment at the movies.

Okay.. at that time I was paying very attention on the movie. I don't remember the time going by because I left my cell phone in the car, I mean, I forgot it there. But, anyways... I just remember that I had to go to the restrooom. It was amazing, I remember going down on the stairs and I thought that I was going down in a space-ship. I dunno but I think it was because of the lights on the side of the stairs. so... I was going down on the stairs and I got into this tunnel, I could see a light on the end of the tunnel, but it came from the right side. when I got there I saw it wasn't a tunnel, it was just the exit to go out to the restroom. Inside the restroom I started seen the floor break apart in little square peaces, it was flooding like if there were water under it. I think I was seen that because all the floor were made with little peaces of title and my eyes were moving in different direction.

After this movement I went to the wash my face. I wanted to see how my eyes looked like. I could see just a llttle peace of my brown eyes, basically it was all black. I almost fell into that blackness forever. The time was going sooo slow, or I wasn't thinking about time at all because I woke up and forgot that I had to go back to the movie. I don't remember how long I was there for, but I was lucky that nobody walked into the restroom, because they would see someone almost hitting the mirror with his face.

I went back to the movie, and sat down to see the rest of the movie. When the movie finished everybody started to walk down the stair. I followed them because I knew I had to go home and put some psy-trance on my computer and listen to it. It sucked because I couldnt play any music in my car because I had been working in my car's stereo that aftermoon.

so... I started to walk down the stairs and I felt that was way to many people were inside the theater. I'm talking about alot of people, and all of them were trying to get out there as soon as possible. Like, people in africa, running to see if they can get a grain of rise from the bag that ripped off when it falls on the ground and throws the rise of over the sand floor.People in Africa try to get a grain of rice, but this people were trying to get out of the movies. I was like, 'this people are really trying to get out of the movies or what'. I think I thought about that because this old ladie stepped on my shoe when I was going down the stairs, and when I looked back, her face were soo different. I dunno, I looked at her just for one moment. I didn't want to look at her anymore before her face were changing shapes.

Outside the theater was amazing. I don't know if it was could or not but I was feeling amazing. The visuals were starting to get more and more intense. I think the visuals weren't that intense because I was inside of the movie theater and it was way darker in there. At that point I knew I was tripping. I was picking. I was in a plateau.

I got to the car and I started driving home. It was a good drive because I didn't have music on the car, because if I had music playing in the car I could have flown out of the street.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

When I got home I felt like smoking some of this kronic I got from my friend, it was quite expensive, but it was worth the price. I turned off the car and started smoking. With a couple seconds I started listening the wind blowing. It kind of freaked me out, but I knew how to control me, specially when the wind start blowing soo hard that my head started to hurt. I was going to go crazy if that sound wouldn't have stopped. I has lucky that I was smoking and it made me feel much better. After smoking my cig. I went home.

One of my roommates were awake and drunk. So we sat down to talk. We talked alot. I just know that we talked alot about life and things from out of space (he is a cool guy when he is drunk).Everything was cool until we started talking about his family. That was the last thing I wanted to listen to at that point. It was hard to tell him that I wanted to go take a shower, but you know how drunk people are. They don't stop talking. Eventually I just walked out the patio and went inside take my shower.and left him there, talking to himself, I was just saying, 'uh huh, uh huh, etc'.

I felt like taking a bath with the bath-tub full. I started shaving,(I knew I was going to be playing with the blades for a while) then I turned the water of the tub on and finished shaving. I dunno why I turn the shower on but when I sat down on the bath-tub with the water hitting my head, it felt like have large peaces of rock hitting a planet. I had my eyes closed and the visuals were soo intense that I couldn't belive what I was seen. Something that was unbelievable. I eventually realized that the tub were almost over-loading, then I turned the water off. You won't beleive but I saw dolphins on the water and I saw even faces in the water. I know the dolphins were my hand and the faces in the water were there because I had just seen Lord of the Ring.

When I got out my roommate had gone to sleep. At that time I don't remember what time it was but I knew was starting to get euphoric again and I figured that I had to go smoke some more. I felt like going to my car to smoke instead of smoking inside the house. I thought it was going to be more peacefull. I went out to my car and brought a cd-player with me cuz I knew my stereo wasn't working. I got my 3 favorites cds (Euphoria white-label, Tunnel Trance force vol23 and DJ tiesto In Search Of Sunrise 3), I knew that combo would make someone go far in the sky, dreaming with all the starts in the sky. The combo of this 3 cds make me get fully ecstasy, a one trance to a place where u don't remember wheather I smoked or not, a pleasure soo great that I never thought about time or problems. A pleasure that made my eyes seen stuffs that are not there right in front of you. I'm talking about OEVs. ****ing awesome.

I just remmeber one time I looked to the sky and thought about life and death. How death would it be. Would it be a total blackness or a total whiteness. I knew that if I had to die one day I knew I was going to die happy, alot of people haven't got this far. To see the sky as if it was like raining and it wasn't. That was too trippy for me. I could feel the rocks falling on top of my head. At that moment I dunno why but I felt something inside of my head telling me to come inside and writing all of this. I dunno why I typed this, I'm not sober right now. I just know one thing, the words are starting to act like words in a word-soup and its too late to go out to smoke more, I mean its too early in the morning.Anyways I'll fix the typing errors tomorrow.

From this trip I took this life's point of view. Do whatever you want with your life. Just enjoy it, in a way that you know its the best for you. Do whatever you like and what makes you happy, because a lot of people live their life and then they die wothout knowing whats happiness For the people that take amt as an entertaiment, I would say, 'people are curious, and they dunno what to expect from the unreal, just be carefull'. Just think about what happened with Alice in Wonderland. She went behind the rabbit. She saw how deep the rabbit goes. When you trip, don't let your mind take you to places that you might never come back. Just think that you're the one in control of everything.

Thats it from me. I think I'm typing too much. I'm gonna go chill. Peace out.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 23, 2008Views: 5,333
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AMT (7) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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