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Really Did the Trick
Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Exporer. "Really Did the Trick: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp20166)". Jan 18, 2003.

1.5 g oral Syrian Rue (ground / crushed)
  42 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
Being an avid psychedelic, experience seeker and generally willing to try anything I could provided I researched and knew the positive, negative and experiences of others, pharmacology, etc. You get the picture. If it seems interesting and can be considered safe is used properly, I do not hesitate to give it a try if I come across substances. I've started with marijuana when I was merely 12, but i never considered it a 'gateway' drug, because I knew I would try anything that fit my criteria, it's just obviously marijuana seems to be the easiest substance to obtain, especially to a jr. high schooler. What actually happened to pique my interest in psychoactives was my last baby tooth. It was stubborn and I still had it when 12, and it was just hanging there easily moved but would refuse to let go and fall.

Thus the dentist and my first experience with nitrous oxide. I was fascinated! I suppose if there is a gateway drug for me it was the laughing gas at the dentist office. After this I experiemented with other things, marijuana being next. This occured because of a few friends on the playground in 7th grade discussing the Beatles. My older brother was a Beatle fanatic. So were these two newly met friends and we could all answer each others trivia. Well the conversation moved on to 'pot' and the Beatles use and finally I was asked if I ever did it. I lied and said 'of course'. So I suppose that's what 'peer pressure' is all about.

By 15, I was hanging out with local bands and smoking nearly everynight (never really during school or important things). This age is also when I sampled mushrooms, the next week LSD and later that year a few lines of cocaine. It was the psychedelics that really tweaked my interest. I researched and learned all I could about them. I would do a lot of lsd or mushrooms on weekends (they grow naturally in the area). It wasn't till I was about 25 did I get to sample MDMA. It was the real deal, back in the late 80s. What really intrigued me was Peyote and Mescaline and DMT. I never thought I'd get to ever sample those since I'd never heard of them on the street. Well research led me to a source of DMT (extracted out of Mimosa hostilis in the mid 90s, nearly pure, snowy white DMT.) I found this extremely pleasureable and insightful spiritually, both vaporized or capped up and done with capped up powdered Syran Rue seeds (a pillayuasca?).

What I REALLY still wanted to experience was mescaline. I had read Doors of Perception in Jr. High and studied the peyote religion. Knowing real synthetic mescaline was very rare, I doubted I'd ever find it. I had obtained 2C-B and I must say, the *visual* aspect of it is nearly identical to mescaline (at 25mg for me). But after finally getting the mescaline experience (more on that in a bit), I must say 2C-B lacked the magic in the empathy and real body euphoria. 2ct7 was a tad closer but still lacked the fullness of mescaline. 2ct2 was pretty close, but DOB was the closest feeling I'd ever had by a non-mesc substance that wasn't mescaline. DOB feels a lot like MDA at times but with visuals. It's up there as one my favorite but the long duration does seem to turn some people off.

Okay now to the mescaline. After researching a while, I found that the San Pedro cactus had mescaline, albeit in lower concentrations than Peyote, and one could order it. So that's what Explorer did. Having several feet to play with, I proceeded to use a blender and a lil water and lemon juice to make a frothy liquid, which i pressure cooked on the stove for 20 minutes, strained through a t-shirt in a big bowl. I returned the mush to the pressure cooker and added a lil more water, and did another 20 minutes. Strained again into the bowl with the first. Then I repeated a third time.

This yielded quite a bit of cactus smelling green liquid that wasn't that thick as you might think. Oh, using heavy PVC gloves, I did squeeze the t-shirt so all the liquid could be expressed. This did make about a liter, so I slow boiled that down to 3/4 cup of liquid. To drink this foul liquid, what I did was hold my breath with an altoid ready. I sipped a bit gulp, and sucked the altoid then bit it BEFORE exhaling. That actually made it taste hardly anything! Obviously it was very bitter (good sign for alkloids!) when going down, but without breathing it's not bad since you don't get the cactus smell in your nostrils. I took a sip of this about every 15 minutes so the pedro tea was consumed over 45-60 minutes. I've NEVER experience nausea at all like this. By the time I'd finished the concoction, (an hour) I was feeling very tranquil. This was not unpleasant. I didn't want to move much, just lay back and smile. This is due to one of the alkaloids other than mescaline and unlike peyote which has a LOT of alkaloids, there was no nausea and stimulation at first.

The mescaline takes 2 hours to really start to feel and 3 to start getting real interesting. When it starts at 2, the tranquil feeling is slowly replaced with the mescaline pleasurable stimulation (not wired, just aware of things not usually are!). By the hour 3, things start throwing off beautiful colors but very subtly. It was a great feeling much like MDA with these patterns but not as intense as I would have thought. This is what led me about a month later to do the exact produre with about 2.5 feet of pedro but right before sipping the tea, I ingested a few gelcaps (1.5 grams) of Syrian rue for it's maoi properties.

Well the rue and pedro REALLY did the trick. At 2 hours I got up from my computer and went sit out in the back yard. I live in the country and the only back there is vast pastures and crops and so many stars. There is also a radio tower or somekinda rf tower about 2 miles away. The visuals became so intense as I started at the stars and then looked down, they followed and streaked as if they were falling to the earth! It was awesome. Also, I need to assert that my mind was very clear and my thinking sharp. It did not dull that at all. Some psychelics readily play mind tricks on your thinking, or put you in 'loops' but this was not the case with this very spiritual natural psychedelic. My eyes were attracted to the radio tower in the distant. Being night the tracing redlights going up the tower every couple seconds was an awesome site. They were so clear and gave off star like projections. I moved my head away along the horizon at the light from a town about 15 miles away, but to my amazement, the red lights from the radio tower simply followed my vision in many flashing trails that persisted at least 25 seconds. This was crazy visual, moreso than anything but DMT. I finally wanted to get up and go listen to music and noticed my walk was a bit of a stagger. A permanent smile was fixated on my face and the music I listened to was simply magical. Even though I'd heard them 100's of times. The trip with the rue seemed to be extended as well to 15 instead of the 12 hours I experienced without it.

All in All, syrian rue at only 1.5 grams seem plenty to potentiate the mescaline experience by about 3 times. Never did I feel like anything I experienced was from the rue except the potentiation. The whole trip felt like just mescaline but much stronger. This is a wonderful alternative to the diminished and endangered peyote plant.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 20166
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2003Views: 26,216
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Cacti - T. peruvianus (69), Syrian Rue (45) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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