Connecting on New Years 99-00
by Zam & Zara
Citation:   Zam & Zara. "Connecting on New Years 99-00: An Experience with MDE (exp2017)". Jun 21, 2000.

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150 mg oral MDE (capsule)
Material : The MDE was from a reliable source in the form of hard powder chunks in capsules. The certainty of material was pretty high. The MDE powder tastes bitter, especially strong on the front of the tongue. Zam thinks it tastes about the same as MDMA, while Zara thinks it's not quite as bitter as MDMA or 2CB.

Zam (male) : body weight ~ 100 kg (220 lb). Zam's general entheogen sensitivity is average, though usually he prefers somewhat lighter doses than others. He chose to do 150 mg MDE.

Zara (female) : body weight ~75kg (160 lb). Zara's entheogen sensitivity is definitely higher than average, requiring less material than most people with most substances. She chose to do 100 mg MDE.


The effects were very similar in direction and tone to MDMA, but with much less physical body pleasure, less memory disruption, less unbridled euphoria, less need/desire to talk talk talk, feeling more quiet, very positive mood, pleasant but consistent warm body vibration / trembling. Made for an excellent chance to connect, much like with MDMA, but without the strong negative effects generally experienced both during and after MDMA.

We would both like to do this again, perhaps in 6 months or so. I think next time I would want to perhaps try 2C-B on the tail end as a re-integration tool.


10:40 (T+ 0) - We carefully measured out our MDE doses and each put our powder in a small amount of grape juice and then drank the juice. This potion is drunk on an empty stomach (neither of us had eaten a meal during the day, but Zara had some peanuts 45 minutes earlier). Strong bitter flavor. Zam came at this New Year's Eve with a desire to create some openness in the work stress and cynicism that has settled in over the last few months. He spoke and invited openness into himself as his last MDMA encounter had been very alienating and isolating. We were both a little concerned that the MDE might have the same effect.

10:48 (T+ :08) - Zam feels a light level of warm settling energy in limbs and body.

10:58 (T+ :18) - Zara starts to feel a 'lighter floatier feel' in her body.

11:00 (T+ :20) - Zam 'Odd eye tracking change' - definite effects starting, focus of eyes and mind lagging behind head movement.

11:05 (T+ :25) - Both of us are feeling small miscellaneous alerts, suggesting that we're getting closer to launch.

11:10 (T+ :30) - Zara is coming up strongly & quickly. Within the span of about 1-3 minutes she went from feeling tiny alerts to being fully on.

Zam is noticing a persistence of visual objects occurring. When he looks at an object, then looks away, the shadow of the object is still in his visual field. (like looking at the sun and looking away, but with much less bright objects)

11:14 (T+ :34) - Some coordination confusion, Zara drops a couple things.

11:18 (T+ :38) - Huge increase in sweating for both of us, especially hands (sweaty palms). This isn't particularly unpleasant, just interesting.

Zara is finding the experience very mdma like, with a floaty body and mind feel and warmth throughout her body. Zara also notices the odd sensation of having to pee, while not actually needing to. This is a sensation familiar while coming up on MDMA.

11:21 (T+ :41) - Zara needed to take a shit which is also common for many people when coming up on MDMA.

11: 24 (T+ :44) - Zara notices that she's not having much difficulty with mental thought processes ... certainly nowhere near as much trouble following a train of thought and remembering things (short term memory) as with cannabis.

11:25 (T+ :45) - Zam wrote: 'able to think clearly, linear thought good, no memory disruption or focus problems'.

11:26 (T+ :46) - Both of us experience shakey bodies but not unpleasant, shivers are somewhat constant with a pleasant warm vibration.

Zam : Ear Temp: 99.0 (avg of 3 temps) Zara : Ear temp: 98.8 (avg of 3 temps)

11:56 (T+ 1:16) - Zam is experiencing jaw tension, but it's not too bad. Eyes are jumping around, we both feel good, sweaty, somewhat shakey, mild empathy, comfy jittery, not as pushed to talk as with MDMA, feel quieter, relaxed without feeling opiated.

12:00 (T+ 1:20) - Watch a little new years eve 'hurray' on tv.

12:31 (T+ 1:51) - Zara is feeling talkative and good. Very open and comfortable with both the desire and ability to analyze life situations and problems. This aspect is not as pushy as with MDMA, but definitely quite openning and helpful. We spend quite a bit of time sitting on the floor and talking, open, but not absurdly so. We have a very nice talk and enjoy planning the next few months. Talking about recent communication breakdowns, forgiveness is easy, and we feel good about how we're talking. It all seems very practical and natural. Zam is definitely experiencing a medium level of jaw tension.

12:50 (T+ 2:10) - Zara is experiencing somewhat consistent and mildly annoying flitty mind anxiety. There is no particular focus for the anxiety, but it's destracting to her to constantly have her attention drawn away from the conversation at hand so she decides to try to reduce that with a small 5 mg dose of valium. Zam also decides to try valium to combat his jaw tension.

1:00 (T+ 2:20) - We check for and notice mild analgesia (pain reduction). We tested this by pinching strongly the flesh between thumb and forefinger. The normal level of pain was obviously somewhat reduced.

1:15 (T+ 2:35) -

Zam: Ear temp - 99.6F Zara: Ear temp - 98.8F

Zara spends a while trying to describe her method of breathing to relax from stress or anxiety. The best description she could come up with was 'Picture a black holo-deck (Star Trek style). You're sitting in the middle of it with the infinite (yet finite) blackness of the room surrounding you and spreading out in all directions. Take a deep breath in and then try to breathe out into that space. Spread yourself and your consciousness to fill the whole space, expand yourself into the space.'

1:15 (T+ 2:35) - We both feel the first alerts of coming down off the MDE plateau.

1:35 (T+ 2:55) - We are definitely coming down, palms are noticeably less sweaty. The come-down seems nice, smooth and mild, and we're both still comfy and happy.

1:40 (T+ 3:00) - Zam is coming down a lot, feeling a little tired, jaw tension, not as interested in conversation, mind feeling a little bored. This is a little like the post lsd 'strung out' kind of mind feel. Not really focusing or wanting to focus on anything.

1:50 (T+ 3:10) - Zara is considerably closer to a normal mental state. Finding it more difficult to be enmeshed in and enraptured by life. More mental agitation. Feel like doing something more than sitting and talking where sitting and talking was totally ideal only 40 minutes ago. She now finds herself thinking 'what's next?'

2:30 (T+ 3:50) - Both Zam & Zara take a prozac and an ibuprofen.

4:00 (T+4:20) - Both take 500mg L-Tryptophan and eat a few carrots. Male has a little yogurt.

The tail end of the experience had some lingering body effects. While this felt a little like the end of an MDMA experience, it was not as bad. Where one normally get a sad 'waving bye-bye to the good friend as they're leaving' feeling when the effects of MDMA subside, this was less sad, seemingly in the same proportion that the MDE effects were less 'Super Happy Lovey Yumm' than MDMA has been.

It seemed like the body and mind effects lingered for a couple more hours.

In all, Zara seemed to have somewhat stronger effects than Zam, but not by a great deal. Zam's MDMA experiences have shown him that he's perhaps somewhat psycho-spiritually or physically resistant to the MD* spaces and finds them hard to flow with when he's there. But this was very pleasant and he didn't feel significant resistance.

The next day, the hangover effects were calm for both of us. A mild headache for Zam which is normal for him after virtually all entheogens. He took an additional L-Tryptophan and ate normally. Definitely feeling a little tired, but nowhere near as run down as after MDMA. We both also experienced mild jaw tension the day after.

Two days later the hangover from the MDE was mostly non-existent, certainly significantly less than 2 days after MDMA.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2017
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 21, 2000Views: 45,024
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