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Canuck Dreams
Citation:   Narcotic Dreamer. "Canuck Dreams: An Experience with Codeine (exp20257)". May 4, 2006.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    rectal Codeine (extract)
Back in 1996 when I was but 16 years old I found an instructional manual as such on how to efficiently extract codeine from OTC Tylenol that was easily accessible to me. Being in Canada (Ontario to be exact) I can go to any corner pharmacy and they have very cheap bottles of the stuff that I can buy with absolutely no questions asked, this availability has proven to be a bit of an issue at times, but we'll get into that later. I generally get 200 pills for about 8 dollars Canadian, that would be something like 6.50 American. That's 1600 mg of codeine for less than 10 dollars, an amazing deal if you ask me.

Regardless, I started experimenting with codeine by taking 3 or 4 Tylenol 3's, I found that I ended up with nasty side-effects from taking such large doses of acetaminophen. One time in particular I remember taking 5 capsules and being called in immediately after to work, I managed to get about 2 hours of work done and ended up leaving with extreme nausea and stomach cramps. From this point I swore off high doses of Tylenol and began to extract my product, at first it was quite a bother heating up water and cooling it with parents constantly hanging around but I've learned some very useful tricks over the years that I'll be happy to share.

First, I discovered that ASA or Aspirin is FAR superior to APAP or Tylenol. The dissolved product is much more of a 'sand' or 'salt' consistency and can be strained out with almost no problems. The Acetaminophen always ended up taking quite some time to dissolve and would be almost powder consistency. This caused it to plug up the pores as such in the filter I was using and would elongate filtration time to a painful 45 minutes or more. Any attempt to squeeze the liquid through invariably ended up with large amounts of sediment in the finished product which would then need to be filtered again and even THEN the finished product would be milk-white. ASA dissolves virtually right off the bat and with only a slight amount of squeezing, filtration can take as little as 5 minutes.

I also never use hot water any longer for a first time through. My general process is to take 200 pills of aspirin, put them in COLD water, stir until completely dissolved and filter right away. They virtually fall apart on contact with the water so don't worry about that, if you use Tylenol for this it will take a VERY long time for the pills to dissolve. I find that placing them in a plastic bottle and shaking vigorously aids in their dissolving. Once I've filtered the 200 pills I KEEP the finished product in a container and then use that in mix with boiling water to get any left-over codeine in the mush. I find that I can get 2 or 3 solid doses using this method from the finished product. The dose from a hot water extraction of the capsules is noticeably higher than that of a cold water extraction, so I count in the extra codeine when judging my doses.

I find that oral use of the drug is a bit tedious and can lead to a large amount of nausea and stomach pains. I've seen many people throw up from the nausea opiates can cause. I find that rectal administration is the preferred route. There's 2 major ways I generally go about rectal dosing. One is much easier and quicker, and one is much more difficult to do, but becomes fairly easy with practice. On one hand, if I'm just wanting a quick dose right away, I have a marked turkey baster that does the job average dose is 400 mg (note, this is a high dose for most people and I would recommend no more than about 90-120 for a first time user) and so I can just use the extract and the ml gauge on the baster to measure accurate doses in ml.

The other method involved infusing the codeine liquid with something in order to make a sort of suppository.

I also find that smoking a joint or eating a marijuana cookie right when dosing increases the effects to make for an extremely pleasant buzz. The codeine takes away much of the paranoia/anxiety that marijuana can cause and the marijuana adds a much stronger psychological element to the high that codeine alone seems to lack.

I've found myself slipping into some pretty heavy use because of codeine's very easy access and pleasant but mild high. I can use, on my heavy days, an entire 200 bottle and average about 800 mg on an average day. the addiction from this drug is very subtle and easy to slip into, I've used other addictive drugs in my life and was always able to catch a glimpse of myself slipping into a routine of use. With this drug I was using casually, turned around one days and suddenly realized I'd used every day for 2 weeks. I do plan on cutting down, and while I'm not overly concerned, it's something that I've resolved to do over the course of the next few months.

Physical/psychological side-effects to addiction seem to be almost nil, the caffeine in the pills can cause some insomnia, but that seems to be almost it. One positive aspect of this drug is that, thanks to its legal status in my country, there's no threat of adulterants. I always know exactly what I'm getting and how much I'm taking and therefore fear of overdose/serious physical problems are very much minimum.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20257
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 4, 2006Views: 72,069
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