Primordial Wisdom Teacher
Citation:   Daniel Pinchbeck. "Primordial Wisdom Teacher: An Experience with Ibogaine (exp20492)". Jan 18, 2003.

3 tablets oral Ibogaine
Last week, I had the opportunity to take iboga (ibogaine) for a second time – more than five years since my visit to Africa. I did this at a wonderful new clinic in northern Mexico. The clinic’s main purpose is to treat substance abuse but it is also available for those who want to try iboga for personal or spiritual reasons.

Now for my personal report. The main aspect of this second trip was my long conversation with 'Mr. Iboga,' who appeared to me as a black man in a suit. In my initial vision, he led me up the stairs to the 'Castle of the Bwiti.' I was a 5-year-old girl in this vision, and he was holding my hand. Iboga gave me direct, telegraphed answers to my questions. I asked what iboga was, and the answer I got was: 'PRIMORDIAL WISDOM TEACHER OF HUMANITY!' Much of my trip focused on my personal faults, which were displayed in detail, and my anger at myself for being unable to correct them. The answer I got was 'GET STRAIGHT! DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE SHIT!' When I argued that it really didn’t matter, the answer was: 'EVERYTHING MATTERS!' – that I have no idea how important the smallest act or gesture can be. I was given insight in how to become a 'spiritual warrior,' by finding the right path and then refusing to deviate, not being deterred, no matter what. I asked, What should I do? 'WORK HARDER!' I also realized, 'I am lucky!'

My sense was that 'Mr. Iboga' was a form of enlightenment mind, like the Buddha, who had chosen a different form, as a plant spirit rather than human teacher, to work with humanity. I asked if he would consider incarnating as a human, and the answer I got was, basically, 'already did that' – as if, in some previous cycle, he had passed through the stages of evolution we were now navigating. I also had the thought that 'dimensions' was too rigid a term for psychedelics, as well as everything that preserves a hard 'subject-object' distinction. More accurate would be to talk about vibrations and intervals and resonances. Iboga causes a loud ringing in the ears, and I thought this might be something like a dial tone, signifying a change in the frequency you are picking up. Is iboga a direct hotline to 'GOD' (Galactic Ordering Directorate)?

At one point, I also went flying through the solar system and into the sun, where angelic beings were shooting around the core at a tremendous rate. My intuitive understanding was that every planet and star has its own form of manifestation of consciousness depending on its level of evolution and vibration. We are the manifestation of Earth’s consciousness, its sensory organs and self-reflective capacities, at its present state of evolution. We are changing quickly because the Earth is in an accelerated state of transformation.

Some information had to do with what might possibly be (?) 'previous incarnations.' I thought of my allergies to cats and dogs, and realized (or was told) that what caused allergies was 'fear of animality.' The conditions for this fear is set up in one’s previous lives. I saw particular images of myself with two others as High Priests in tall hawk’s head masks, perhaps Babylonian? I couldn’t really identify the historical context, nor do I take this that seriously.

I thought about the terrible state of the world – saw images of possible nuclear war, sheets of red fire devouring cities – and the answer I received was: 'GOD IS JUST!'

For a while, I also saw sickening images of 'Grey Aliens' landing on a post-cataclysm Earth, and herding hordes of suburban Americans into their UFOS (this narrative taken from David Jacobs’ book, The Threat). Later, when I went over apocalypse images again, the message was: 'EVERYTHING IS SAFE IN GOD’S HANDS!' This message, Biblically caricatured as it may sound, actually gave me considerable comfort.

What I took from this trip was support for the theory that iboga was, in fact, 'The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' in the Bible. Its placement in equatorial Africa and its stern moral clarity make it the best candidate for this role. Its 'primordial wisdom teachings' on good and evil are not abstract, but extremely personal and direct. While not the most delightful experience, the iboga trip is one that I would recommend for most people. The doctor at the clinic says that their success rate for treating addiction seems to be running at about 50%.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20492
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2003Views: 57,379
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