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All In the Body
Anadenanthera colubrina
Citation:   Plantshaman. "All In the Body: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp20564)". Jun 10, 2006.

5 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
After trying a snuff of these seeds I decided to try smoking them. I toasted 5 seeds for 13 min on a med low flame. Seems this was a perfect toast. I removed the outer husk. Then ground to fine powder. Placed them in bong.

Took 4 giant hits. Smoke was harsh but not too bad. Felt it coming on in a few moments. Started as a pain in my jaw. Then a tightness in my head. Then in my belly, and soon a very big body high had developed. This happend over the course of about the first 5 min.

After 5 min it grew to a plateu at 10 min.

The plateau lasted 15-20 min.

The effect was not very visionary. There where no visuals. There was no noticable change in cognition. Just a giant body high that made me feel heavy. Lotsa pressure in my head and twitching muscles. My stomach stayed a bit unsettled for about an hour. It was kind of intense and I reached a plus 2. It was sort of pleasurable but nothing too special.

Came back slowly for 1 hour.

I would like to try some other seeds and see if its more like 5-meo-dmt. These seeds seem to be worth further exploration. But I think all future experiments will be done with some kind of extraction.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20564
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 10, 2006Views: 7,886
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139) : General (1), Alone (16)

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