Psychedelic Haven
by Rico
Citation:   Rico. "Psychedelic Haven: An Experience with AMT (exp20579)". Oct 27, 2005.

T+ 0:00
2 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate  
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 1:00 50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 3:00 30 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:30   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
T- 2HR's I was about 30 mins from getting off of work and waiting impatiently to try this new chemical. I wanted to see how it affected me in accordance with what others have written about their experiences. I had done my research about the effects and dosages. I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. I had eaten lunch but was going to skip dinner to avoid any regurgitating of my food and to get the best effects. I am a big guy there is no way that I can go all day without eating. The plan was to take about 50mg and then 2 hours later take another 50mg. I was going to do this at home because I always feel safe in my own house when trying things. I have all I need there and no loud noises and weird things going on.

T- 1 HR I had just arrived at home. The wife and stepson were sitting down to dinner. I had already told her earlier in the day that I was opting not to eat anything for dinner. I had her pick me up some orange juice though at the store. My wife and stepson both ate and he fell asleep about 20 mins later and would sleep for the next 4 hours.

T- 20 Min While they were eating I had gone into my bedroom and taken 2 dramamine just in case I got nausea and began to measure out the AMT by dividing 1 gram into 10 separate piles. This is by far not a very accurate way to measure and should not be used if there is a better means to measure. I didnt have the money to go buy an accurate scale. There are scales that measure down to 100mg's for around $30 but that wasnt accurate enough to even bother with for me. The scales that measured down to 10mg's were around $110, and that was just out of my range. So I opted to measure by eye. I disinfected a piece of glass and poured the gram of AMT onto it and began to seperate into piles. I spent about 10 mins trying to get it into equal piles. No matter how hard I tried the piles looked lopsided. I just said ok since its my first time I will take the smallest of the piles and put the others back into the vial. It took about 5 mins to get all the AMT back into the vial and some had spilled onto the plastic glove I was wearing so I licked it up and the little bit that had spilled around the mouth if the vial I licked off too.

T= 6:30PM I had the pile that I was going to take split in 2 parts. I took the first half and placed it on the razor I was using to divide it up and dumped it onto my tounge. I was expecting this to taste like ass, and it did. There was no smell to it really though. I tasted kinda like the post nasal drip I get from Methamphetamines. I quickly swallowed some water with it. I was in the bathroom at the time where I was preparing the AMT. I just stuck my head under the faucet and drank a few big gulps. Wasnt quite as bad as I thought it would be. I placed the other half of the pile under my bed on the glass, so that I could come back later and take it if needed. I started to notice that my tongue was going a little numb.

T+ 30 Min I had gone to the kitchen to drink a glass of OJ and then sat down and started to watch some Mexican soap operas with my wife who is Mexican of course. I started to notice a rush like I get on speed, nothing to major though. I decided I would go outside for a cigarette. It was cold as shit outside. I live in Northwest Florida and we had just gotten the coldest weather of the year so far. It was probably about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I noticed the temperature drop more than usual. I was wearing sweat pants a T shirt, slippers and a jacket. I noticed my feet were sweating really bad and my hands were clammy. I finished smoking and went back in and into my room lit a big candle and began to listen to music.

T+ 1HR I had noticed that I was getting speedier but hadn't experienced any nausea at all. I was like I hope this is going to be a nice trip. I decided to take the other half of the pile at this point. It still tasted like crap. I got another glass of orange juice, and listened to some more music. The music I had picked for the night was RUSH, Black Sabbath, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I went and got my guitar and tried to play along with a few songs that I can normally play along with. I noticed that I was way off and could not put my fingers on the proper frets. I was like well something must be happening. I just put the guitar down and laid on the bed and listened to the music.

T+ 2HR's I started to notice more speediness but still no nausea. I figured if I hadn't gotten sick off of it by now then I wouldnt. I was right I would not experience any sickness during this trip. I did begin to grind my teeth and went out for a couple more cigarettes, and a few more glasses of OJ. I went and watched a little more TV with my wife but it was getting ridiculous, and I decided that I was more interested in the groovy music.

T+ 3HR's Ok now I was starting to feel something coming on like the first wave of an Acid trip. Begin to feel like I'm coming up on a low dose of LSD. I go to the bathroom and retrieve the AMT and dump a little portion out, maybe 20 to 40mg's. I take this too because now I want to see visuals and trip hard. This is way above the Max dosage and I know it, but I also know that I can handle it, being 280lbs and having done LSD around 500 times. I know the feeling coming on all too good and know that I can handle more, that is why I took more.

T+ 3.5HR's I am starting to get mild CEV's and open eye distortion. I go out for some more cigarettes. Outside things are waving around and my eyes are more sensitive to the light. The moon was extremely bright and the whole sky was lit up. It looked so beautiful. I was starting to see what AMT was about.

T+ 4HR's I was completely engulfed by Distortion and Visuals. I went back inside in my room where the candle was and watched it burn for a few minutes. It was very fascinating. I turned on the Who and it started to feel like I was really at a concert. I closed my eyes and the music did the rest. The visuals were intense. I had a lot of bright colors like looking trhough a kaleidescope. I then stood up and felt like I was Roger Daltry singing 'We won't get fooled again'. This chemical is amazing I was thinking. I went and told my wife and she was asking stupid things like do you see that animal over there in the corner wating to jump out. All I could do was laugh. She decided to go shower and I decided it was time for some Playstation 2.

T+ 4.5HR's My Stepson had woke up by now and he wanted to play PS2 also. I put in WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth. It was fun to play for a while but then got boring when he started to beat me due to my coordination being off. I decided that listening to music is what I wanted to do. So I spent the next 6 hours engulfed in intense visuals, listening to music, smoking every now and then and drinking OJ once in a while. During this time I noticed I would be hot and so I would take off my jacket and sweatpants and 5 minutes later I would be freezing my ass off. I had gone to take a bath during this time too but. It wasn't very pleasant. I was cold even though the water was hot, so I hurried up and finished and went back to listening to music.

T+ 10HR's The intensity was starting to wear off and I was starting to get tired. I decided that I could lay down on the couch comfortably with my eyes closed and rest. The visuals were still there but not as profound as they had been. I knew I was not going to ba able to sleep anytime soon. But when I opened my eyes it was about 5:30 AM. I must have fallen asleep, but how the hell could I have. It was about an hour and a half that I couldnt recall.

T+ 12HR's I decided that I would go to my room and crawl in the bed with my wife. I laid there and think I slept but can't remember. I got up to let my dog out around 7:30 AM he had to piss real bad. I brought him back in and laid back down in the bed for another hour.

T+ 14HR's I was feeling tired and hungry. The visuals had gone but there was still auditory senses still lingering. I got up again at 9:00 and my stepson was up again watching Saturday morning cartoons. I went and ate a muffin and milk. Then went back to bed. I laid there until noon now, still not sure whether I was sleeping or what. I did stay in bed all day though tired as hell. Coming down wasn't as fun as going up and thats for damn sure. I did get a good nights sleep that night though after watching the Rolling Stones on HBO live from MSG.

All in all this was a good experience for me. It is something that I will definitely try again. I didn't notice any MDMA effects like some have reported. I did feel like I had just taken a small amount of Meth before the LSD like effects began to manifest themselves. After it kicked in overdrive I felt like I had taken about 10 hits of LSD. I didnt have any negative side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches or bowel movements. It did leave me a little dehydrated and feeling very tired. I drank water all day and stayed in bed all day tired. I wasnt in a bad mood or anything though. It wasn't really an enlightenment kind of chemical to me, more of a recreational visual kind. I would recommend it to others. Although not as high of a dose as I took. I am a very experienced tripper and think I know my limitations pretty good. I have never ever experienced a bad trip so that is a plus for me. Well have fun with this and be very careful. Chemicals act differently for different people. Thanks for letting me share my experience with you.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20579
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 27, 2005Views: 35,310
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AMT (7) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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