No Real Effect
Morning Glory Seeds
Citation:   Various. "No Real Effect: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp2062)". Jun 24, 2000.

  oral Morning Glory (seeds)
From: Tapani Sysimies
Subject: 200 seeds of MG - no effect

Well, I don't know if this is the right group, but... Could someone give me some info of this morning glory seeds stuff, or is it really a hoax? Because I grinded about 200 seeds and mixed it in water and drank, though I took away the leftoverpieces of the seeds first - no effect whatsoever. Well, there might have been, but the 'flowing' feeling was probably because of that n2o i took or placebo or something, I don't know. I was so disapponted, b'coz I was excepting all that walls collapsing on me and other hallugenious stuff (I've never taken any psychoactives before, LSD is scarce and about 20-30$ a hit here). How long should I soak them in the water for, any effects? I don't think I want to do that petroleum ether thingy that was on the FAQ.

If anyone has got better effects on MG, please e-mail me or followup and give some advice,


From: Jeff
Subject: Re: 150 seeds of MG - no effect

I tried the morning glory thing a few months ago. I bought 3 1.8g packs of Heavenly Blue (the brand was NK, I think) and ground up the approximately 150 seeds in a bowl. I then added about a quart of warm water and llet them soak for about 2 hours. Then I drank the seeds and water over about a 20 minute period. Yuk! For about the next 45 minutes, I felt a bit nauseous. After that I felt nothing. I didn't expect much, and that's what it amounted to. Maybe more seeds and a better extraction would produce more effect, but personally, I think I'll pass.


From: The EFFector
Subject: Morning Glory preparation

So okay, i tried morning glories twice last week. Both times, i thoroughy washed them first and then ground them in my coffee grinder. With this mash (which i cut with a bunch of MJ seeds since there wasn't enuf for the blades to touch (the seeds' weight was about 4.5 g minus the MJ seeds)) i brewed a rank tea which i sugared up and drank. The first time, all it did was make the walls move a little and i felt a little giggly. The second time, it just made me sick and drowsy. What i'm asking of you, fellow MG users, is what your method of preparation of choice would be. I don't like the tea; it tastes terrible and looks worse and i think that that vehicle is what made me sick. I need an easy way (no petroleum ether, that is just a TAD hard to come by and i don't like sticking anything in my body that didn't grow in the ground) to distill or simply prepare these seeds for consumption.

Exp Year: ExpID: 2062
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2000Views: 7,371
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