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Morning Glory Notes
Morning Glory Seeds
Citation:   Anonymous. "Morning Glory Notes: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp2063)". Jun 24, 2000.

700 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)
The following is a collection of my experiments with Morning Glory seeds.

I read many bits about morning glory seeds on the net and so I decided to check into the high myself. I ordered 2 ounces ($12) of Heavenly Blues from Redwood City Seed Company. I know they came untreated because there were some tiny rocks mixed in with the seeds.

I decided to get a sample of the effect (and to sort of baseline strength) so I ground up 25 seeds and down it went. Interestingly enough, 25 seeds fit very nicely into a 500mg capsule. I felt some mild effects, tense stomach, a very slight strangeness, mild sensitivity to room temperature, and a little drowsiness. So the next week I thought I would try 100 seeds.

I took 1 Dramamine 30 minutes before ingesting 100 seeds which were nicely packed into 4 capsules. After about 1.5 hours the effects started to come on. I felt very tired and took a short 30 minute nap. When I awoke I was still feeling tired and lethargic, but the effects of the glories were still with me. The next 5 hours I was very lazy, food tasted funny, and no visuals. My vision was somewhat funny, sort of fisheyed. Everything seemed to be at a distance (neither enjoyable or unenjoyable). After about 4 hours I started to get some very intense gas and that is when I think I was peaking. The feeling was like being on mushrooms but with out the comfortable euphoric feeling. Not something I would desire again thought it wasn't terrible.

My next step would be to attempt the extraction which is documented in the Morning Glory FAQ. So I took 700 seeds and ground them up into a power in my coffee grinder. (700 seeds = approximately 1.5oz) I thought I had ground the substance well, but as I discovered later, the husks don't grind very easily. I then put MG powder into a small glass container and decided that I would use starting fluid as my first solvent. I found a starting fluid that was Heptain, Diethyl Ether and Hexane. After reading the Solvent FAQ I decided that this would be an acceptable substitute. I sprayed the starting fluid into a container to capture and contain it. I then poured it into my container holding the ground seeds (a small glass jar). I let it soak for 45 minutes then I filtered out the ground seeds (using a coffee filter) and let it dry. Next I used EverClear (150 proof) as my alcohol solvent. I mixed the ground seeds with 4 shots of alcohol and let this mixture soak for 4 days. I made sure I shook the container twice a day at least. On the 5th day I took a syringe and used it to extract the clear alcohol from the container. I figured this was easier than trying to filter it all.

I then took the remaining glop (plus a small amount of alcohol which was left) and filtered it through a coffee filter. I got about 3/4 a shot out of it. I saved this and figured I would try this to check strength. After ingesting the 3/4 shot (will definitely not win any taste awards) I sat back and waited for the effects.

After about 15 minutes I felt different. After 1 hour I was feeling quite a bit different, much like being on shrooms. After 3 hours I was peaking and the effect was very similar to a mild dose of shrooms--though, minus the pleasant visuals. No nausea, no blurry vision, and generally a very nice feeling. Much like a weak mushroom experience. I have about 3 full shots left and I figure that 1 and half shot should provide a nice trip. 3 shots should provide an 'experience'.

Conclusion? Well, for one, the Morning Glory FAQ extraction technique does work. Is it worth it? Hard to say, my 3 shots probably cost me $25 and should give me and a friend a nice trip. Given that shrooms aren't available in my area this is a fun exercise. The extraction definantly beats taking the seeds raw, in fact I wouldn't recommend it any other way. I have been wondering if letting the mixture (my 3 shots of MG extraction) could be evaporated into just a powdery substance. If this would be possible I could reduce all my work into something that would be easy to ingest. I decided to forgo this step and just evaporate my magical mixture until I had about 1 shot of magic alcohol.

Note: If I was to do this all over again, I would look for a starting fluid that consisted of just Diethyl Ether as the other additives of the starting fluid seemed to leave an unpleasant aftertaste to my final mixture. Also, I would grind the seeds even more than I had so that the husks would be pulverized more. In the final mixture, there were too many large chunks of seeds--somewhat the consistence of ground pepper. A finer powder would probably yield more magic, but be more difficult to filter.

Exp Year: ExpID: 2063
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2000Views: 91,479
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