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Two Years of Combos
DXM & Various
by Sounds of Placement
Citation:   Sounds of Placement. "Two Years of Combos: An Experience with DXM & Various (exp20637)". Erowid.org. Dec 1, 2004. erowid.org/exp/20637

  oral DXM


This is my lengthy list of drugs that I have done in combination with DXM to try to let people know what they *might* be able to expect. As an intro to myself, I've been doing DXM for more than 2 years, always in OTC's and always searching for that perfect combo. My highest dose was 2.6 grams in less than 24 hours with a half a gram of coke at the absolute peak. Wow.

Heroin - my most recent adventure. This was the only time I have ever done it and I was on about 500 mg of DXM, but the overall feeling was kind of like a K body feeling mixed with a very intense feeling of what I can call nothing other than stupidity. I did one line of raw H which I was told was very large, and it took about 5 minutes total to change my high. Not too interesting, stick with K.

Ketamine - I was on about 400 mg of DXM and re-upped every 45 minutes to an hour with 40 mg IM doses of K. This was very intense and much more surreal than just K. Mind games were fun but I didn't get the cool DXM hallucinations.

MDMA - I've had two experience, one with 900 mg of DXM and half an E pill snorted, the other with one pill oral and 400 mg DXM. The snorted experience also included a couple Tylenol-3's, which made things very interesting. The only way I can describe it is an all day (18 hour or so) feeling of that weird feeling I get the morning after a big dose of DXM (a gram and a half or more).

Cocaine - very, very nice. It makes the coke last for a really long time and can make a small amount of DXM seem a lot more potent. I make sure I have plenty of coke and plenty of time to stay awake because it feels extremely good. Keeping DXM doses low I can even interact with humanity. If doses are too high, it'll just override the coke and I'll miss out on an experience. Shooting coke on DXM sucks, IMO, but I think shooting coke sucks anyway. It's too much 'static' and not enough tangible high.

Marijuana - the perfect 'party mix' for DXM. Make sure that everybody in the room is roughly on the same wave length with this combo and get ready for deep spiritual conversation.

Alcohol - good for the end of a DXM trip. Be VERY careful about where you are; I lose every inhibition I have. I've drank up to 30 some odd shots (estimate) at the end of an 800 mg trip and I have no memories of it and the only thing that let me know how out of hand it got was how practically everything in my house was moved or broken in some way or another.

Hydrocodone/Oxycodone/etc. - fine with E (as mentioned earlier), but not too much by themselves and can actually kill a DXM high by making me go to sleep. Hydro is better than Oxy and Hydromorphone is just too much (not too mention a waste of a good Hydromorphone high...)

Salvia - I do this one by myself and just close my eyes. I actually had better experiences with leaf than extracts. Nitrous can really kick this one up a level or two.

Nitrous - speaking of which...This one is pretty bland by itself and is pretty much just like a nitrous high that ends in the DXM not seeming as fun. I would classify this in with pain pills that it's really only fun with at least a third drug.

Crude Homemade Absinthe - as I've never been fortunate enough to try real Absinthe, this is the best I could do. Great with Salvia. Get ready for intense mind games.

Diphenhydramine/Dimenhydrinate - blech. Nasty. Sick. My highest doses were something like 1200 mg DXM and 12 Dramamine tabs (however much that is). If you like hallucinating and will sacrifice your sanity and physical comfort to do so, I guess give it a whirl, but otherwise I am better off doing DXM by itself.

Sleep Depravation - and by that I mean at least three days and two nights of no sleep. I don't do coke as I'll just go weird, and try not to leave the house as I will look like death. High doses are necessary.

I've never had the opportunity to do acid or mushrooms on DXM as they simply haven't been around my area since I found out about the wonder of DXM. I have tried Morning Glories and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and to no effect. As a matter of fact, I've only gotten high off of the seeds once and it was the first time I tried it.

As a bit of a side note, play with a flash camera in the pitch black on doses of 700 mg or more. Get cramped up with good friends in a closet with a mirror and a flash camera. Experiment. Stand behind somebody, put your arm in front of their face, flash your arm (not their face) and then grab them with your arm. If they're staring directly at it, it'll leave an after image from the flash and they'll feel your arm but still see it. On high doses this is EXTREMELY STRANGE.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20637
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2004Views: 22,343
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