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No Need For Heroic Doses
AMT, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Usual25. "No Need For Heroic Doses: An Experience with AMT, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp20641)". Jan 22, 2003.

14 mg oral AMT
1000 mg of AMT was dissolved into 200 ml of grain alcohol. A medicine dropper from the drugstore was purchased that measured out ml portions. For every 1ml there was 5mg of AMT.

Because of the lack of human to human confirmation on the substance, a minimal dose was taken. Online info is a good starting point for research but not being able to shake a survivor's hand tends to put a ml or two back into the flask.

10mg and nothing to do on a Friday night is a good experience. There is no grand hallucinations, no twists of grey matter, and personally no ill effect. A sense of wellbeing, an awful lot of smiling, and a bunch of laughing lasted about eight hours. The come down was no big deal and the next day was bright and groovy.

Because the small dose was such a treat it was increased to 15-18 mg the next weekend. Because I had taken a dose already, I felt secure giving a 10mg dose to my girl. My 15mg was slightly stronger and longer lasting, she agreed that it was pretty neat and gave a thumbs up. She felt the amphetamine effects a great deal, blah blah blah. Her motor mouth was in rare form. A circular breathing talker plus one.

Another week passes and the shot glass is now filled with 20-25mg of AMT solution. Sunny D tries to mask the unique taste but fails. The taste is not intolerable but compares to a mothball laced beverage.

On this Saturday night three new people were invited to taste the solution. All male and all well accustomed to the psychedelic experience. The warnings were given and all possible side effects were mentioned. I had only mixed AMT with pot, the three new guys were all drinkers and already showing. They trusted my dosage but doubted the effects. Moments after they mocked the o.j. mothball shooter the body buzz hit. It takes about two hours to feel the full effect, resist another dose until you are familiar with the drug. We all had a wonderful experience and I realized alcohol and AMT isnít so bad. The psychedelic threshold had been passed with this dosage, mild visuals and pupils the size of black olives.

The body load the next day was a bit more serious. It was a drinking hangover plus total lethargy and a traveling headache. Not terribly painful but not all fun. Once the ill feelings passed the AMT was still present, not full on but mild.

Overall, we experienced a minute amount of ill side effects. Iím not saying you feel 100% normal after eating this un-researched chemical, but it is nothing more than you should expect. A tense jaw and jitters are all there at 20-25mg but they do not overpower the experience. If you are ok with LSD, this should be fun. As the dosage goes up and up these side effects become more noticeable. Of the three guys who took 20-25mg two have done it a few more times at the 15-18mg dosage.

I strongly recommend taking a small dose the first time. 10mg (oral) is a good starting point, I feel you can judge your bodies reaction with this dose. Do not take an eyeballed dose, 25mg of AMT in the alcohol solution (5ml) is ridiculously small. The substance is powerful and dangerous, but with proper precautions the experience should not turn into a tragic freak-out, you will probably have a good time.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20641
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2003Views: 38,336
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