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Hi! My Name Is Mike! Can I Give You a Hug?!
MDMA (Ecstasy)
by rvrkid420
Citation:   rvrkid420. "Hi! My Name Is Mike! Can I Give You a Hug?!: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp20663)". Nov 11, 2005.

1 tablet oral MDMA
    repeated smoked Cannabis


The weekend started good with me and my girlfriend smoking a lot of marijuana, like usual. She came over to my place Friday and spent the night, and before I took her home we decided to stop by and see Tom, my best friend, and her buddy also...well, we got there at about 6:00pm and she stayed until 11:00pm before she went home. Needless to say, Tom and I were bummed out. We were bored, it was Saturday night, and there was no where to go, nothing to do...or so we thought....

At about 12:00am Tom's cousin Justy call's us up and asks if we'd like to go to a hotel party with him, he say's that there's probably going to be herb and free liquor there. Seeing how there was nothing better to do..we agree and impatiently wait for him to pick us up. Finally, around 12:30am Justy gets to the house and picks us up. He say's we're going to some hotels over by Universal Studios, that's a good 40 minutes car ride, so it's pretty far away, plus, we were pretty broke. I had twenty bucks, and Tom had fifteen.

We get to the hotel finally, it's now close to 1:30am since Justy sped all the way there. We get inside the room and it's very dark, with a strobe light going and lots of people I half recognized from school..but wasn't familiar with. All I could hear was three different techno songs playing out of three different stereos, in three different rooms. I thought that was kinda strange, but I didn't give it much thought, I wrote it off to thinking that these people were just high off their gords and didn't know what was going on. I sat down on a sofa with Justy and kept my eyes, ears, and nose open for any scents of the green stuff.

We hadn't been there for longer than five minutes and Tom tells me to give him fifteen bucks. Since I trust Tom with my life, I willingly coughed up the money, and waited for my bag of weed. Two minutes later Tom plops down next to me, I ask him to see the stuff and he gives me a little blue pill with a Motorola insignia stamped on it. I say, 'what the hell is this?'.

Now, I know about ecstasy and I've heard all the propaganda about how bad it is, and how lethal it is. So I was kinda pissed...but Tom had done it numerous times before and basically told me to shut the fuck up and swallow the pill. Again, I trust Tom with my life, so, a little aprehensively, I followed my specified directions and downed the aweful tasting little sucker.

Ten minutes passed with no effects at all. Tom says that we are going downstairs to smoke a cigarette, since I didn't want to sit by myself in a room full of strangers, I went along. The weather guy on t.v. had said that it was going to be 28 degrees out, well, it felt like 10. I was so effin cold. Tom kept asking if I was feeling anything. I kept telling him no. Tom and his cousin JD (who also happened to be at the party and trying MDMA for his first time too) finished their cigs and we headed upstairs. The elevator hit the fourteenth floor and we got off and walked to the room. As we stood at the door I noticed that my legs still felt like the elevator was going up. I thought this was strange but didn't think much about it. We get inside and sit down. MAYBE five minutes passed and we were headed downstairs again, this time because we had a bag of herb, and a beautiful glass pipe. We get in Justy's car and start smoking.

All of sudden, my brain feels like it's vibrating. At one point I thought I felt a little queazy, but I just kept in mind that eveyone I had talked to previously about their experiences with ecstasy had told me that there would be an overwhelming feeling if I let the stuff 'get on top of me'. So, I'd say that maybe after 2 or 3 minutes of me looking out the window and focusing on one point to keep my head straight...I started feeling very warm inside...

I finally noticed that I was feeling incredibly great. I look over at Tom, and Tom just looked so nice. I felt the most powerful urge to tell Tom how much of a friend I considered him...the urge finally got so great that I just had to tell him. 'Tom, bro, dude you are such my fucking homeboy.' Tom looks over at me and he's got the biggest grin on his face, he askes me if I'm feeling it, I tell him that I am DEFINITELY feeling it. For the next fifteen minutes Tom, JD, Justy, and I all sat in the car telling each other how cool we all are and how much we all love each other.

We finally get out of the car and head back to the hotel room. Walking felt so good, it felt like I had always walked with broken toes or something before, I can't even describe how great it felt to just to walk. By the way, I could still tell it was 28 degrees out, but it just didn't seem so cold anymore. The cold actually felt good, in fact I loved the cold. The elevator ride up was great, it felt like there was no gravity when it started to go up, I honestly thought that I was going to float up and hit my head when the elevator stopped, but this didn't bother me, I was almost looking forward to bumping my head. On the way back to the room it must have looked like I was holding Tom's hand because I was 'slapping hands' with him so much. I kept thinking that someone was going to see us, and think that we were homosexuals...but I didn't even care.

We get back into the room, and all the lights are on. There were two older people (obviously a couple) sitting in the middle of the room and I couldn't hold myself back from telling them hi and waving. I plopped down on the sofa again, Tom went in the room with Justy and JD. I sat on the sofa and smiled at the couple, they looked so happy with each other, so content. I just wanted to go over their and tell them how happy I was for them, but, instead I offered them some candy.

After they had some candy, I (still holding the candy bag) went into the bedroom where Tom was and sat down on the bed. In the room there was Tom, Justy, JD, a kid who I later found out to be Brad, two other kids I didn't know, and a girl that I didn't know. I sat down in the only open spot, right next to the girl and proceeded to have the following conversation: she says, 'HI! What's your name?', I say, 'My name is Mike! I would love to know your name!', she takes 'my' bag of candy and says, 'My name is Jennifer! Quit clenching your teeth and have a lollipop!', I say, 'Thanks! By the way, I love you Jennifer!', she says, 'Haha, I love you too Mike!' and then she snatched off my beenie and started rubbing my head and playing with my hair. This felt soooo good, I thought I was going to get an erection. All of a sudden, puuuure ecstasy surged through me, seeming like it was coming from my left hand...I look down and Tom is giving me a palm massage. I say, 'I FUCKING LOVE YOU TOM!', and the whole process of every one on the bed telling everyone else they loved them started again. I look over and Jennifer is hugging JD, so I asked for a hug too, it felt sooooo nice...I must have hugged Jennifer at least six times in the next few minutes.

Jennifer's boyfriend kicked us out of the room a few minutes later, so we all (minus jennifer) went into the adjacent room and layed down. I didn't notice I had finished my lollipop until I had eaten half the stick. This was so funny, Tom gave me a stick of gum to compensate...OH MY GOD, chewing gum felt like I was chewing up clouds, I had never experienced anything like it before. Next I found a car stereo remote and discovered just how damn neat buttons are. Then I discovered how great raving and glowsticks are. The colors of the glowsticks merge into one and transform into beautiful streams of light. Tom all of a sudden says, 'Dude, take off your glasses', so I do, and he puts the butt end of a vicks inhaler in his mouth and holds my eyelids open, then, he blows a large steady stream of vicks drenched air into my eyes, nose, and mouth...It felt soooo unexplainably nice..orgasmically nice.

Next thing I know Tom is ushering me into the now vacant room (since everyone in it was now playing video games) and says that he scored the weed and the pipe. We sat and smoked the rest of it, then Tom asks me if his eyes are weird. I look at them with the light of a glowstick, and his pupils were dime sized. I went and looked in the mirror and there was only a thin strip of color around my pupils, it looked so awesome, And then I noticed it...I noticed that I had a mouth, and a nose, and ears. I was amazed. I was especially amazed at the fact that I had piercings and stretched earlobes. That shit tripped me out..mainly because I couldn't feel them, I tugged on my septum ring, but I coudln't feel it. I did the same to my labret and my tongue...I hooked a finger in each earlobe, pulled..I couldn't feel them at all. My skin felt very numb, but very sensative at the same time.

All of a sudden, Tom says, 'Holy shit dude, get the fuck up, we have to leave.' and then he goes and tries to wake up Justy because he just remembered that Justy had to have his car back by 7:00am, it was almost 6:00am and we were 45 minutes just from Tom's house, Justy lives another twenty minutes from there. The really bad thing was, Justy was passed out drunk. After we finally got him up, Tom had to drive us home. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] I still don't know how he maintained on the ride home. I was still rolling hard as hell, and I kept poking tom in the back of the head and flashing glowsticks in the rearview mirror at him.

It seemed like we were at Tom's house in five minutes, but Tom says it took us almost an hour because he did the speed limit all the way there. Anyways, we get to Tom's and we go upstairs, and I am STILL rolling hard. So I'm just walking around Tom's house touching things in my own little world..Justy leaves and I lay down in tom's bed. Tom finally gets me up and lays down. I walked around his room touching things for the next 15 minutes or so all the while Tom is begging me to get in my pajama's and go to bed. I finally get into my pj's(which felt sooooo nice and soft and neat), and again I'm walking around his room in my own world touching and smelling things..after another good ten minutes of that Tom gets me to turn the light off and go to bed, it's daylight.

....The next morning....

We both wake up at about the same time, roughtly 2:00pm. I felt like a large wet, steamy, soggy shit filled paper bag. We both sit in Tom's room, fairly silent, until about 2:30pm. I had no energy at all. I just wanted to sit there...all day. At about 4:00pm Tom and I stopped by my girlfriend's house. This proved to be the best thing ever. Just her being close to me made me feel so much better. She set my mood for the rest of the day..actually, the rest of the week. It's been 5 days since my first Ecstasy experience and I still feel so great. I've been a lot more courteous, caring, mellow, and basically just a lot more happier since then. It's the best substance I've ever tried and I can't wait until my next experience with the greatest drug to date.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 11, 2005Views: 39,188
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Large Group (10+) (19)

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