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New Source = Powerful
Cannabis - Hash & Tobacco
Citation:   James. "New Source = Powerful: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash & Tobacco (exp20664)". Sep 9, 2007.

4 hits smoked Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)
I'm 17 and live in the north of England and most weed comes in resin form, which is basically very low grade hash. I've been smoking pot for well over 2 years and have had no negative effects from it whatsoever. One of my best mates is a small time drug dealer, just selling pot within the school, and he supplies me with nearly all of my pot which in turn he buys of the same guy. I was low on money and my mates dealer had been arrested by the police and was on bail so had stopped dealing. My mate met some 30 year old guy at the local bus station who offered to sell us some weed, which per ounce was quite expensive. I paid ten pounds and my mate paid about 60 pounds (so about 90 dollars) but the guy kept telling us it was worth it because it was strong, though we thought he was just making it up trying to rip off two school kids. The guy broke me off my ten pounds worth and gave the rest to my mate, after he'd gone I complained he'd given me nothing like 10 pounds worth, it was a bout 5 pounds worth if that, by our normal standards, so he gave me about twice as much again.

I got my bus home and as soon as I got in went up to my room to have a few bongs. I'd not had any mj for a few days and had a new bong I wanted to try out. So within 5 minutes of getting home I was making a rippable bong mix. For those of you don't know what it is, I mix ground up tobacco 50:50 with hash and when it's alight push it through the bowl into the bong water with a pin. Back to the story: Because the weed where I live is so poor quality it normally takes about 4 bongs to get me stoned. When I put my lighter under the hash it imeditally set alight and crumpled into a powder. I thought mmm, this hash is quite strong though I want to get really stoned so I'll have 4 full bongs. Took one bong and didn't feel any effects so a minute later took another and still didn't feel any effects. At this point I thought maybe I hadn't bought weed at all and had been sold car filler or something, it certainly tasted differant. I took another one and sudenly felt very stoned. Though I thought 'What the hell another one wont hurt', which was one of the biggest mistakes off my life.

I collapsed on the floor and lay there for about half an hour, then I got up and tried to walk, it was like I was in a computer game I was walking around though nothing seemed to be real. Then I began 'seeing my brain' it was like the real world was black and all I could see was a diagram of my brain with differant parts of my brain sending messages to other parts of my brain. This lasted for about ten minutes, with every thought I had, a part of my brain on the diagram would glow up.

Suddenly I was back in reality lying on the floor in my room. I stood up thinking it was all over, apart from feeling sick it had been quite pleasnat and would certainly be a story to tell my mates at school. Then I realised my memory span was that of about three seconds, I felt incredibly strange and my vision kept blacking out. I'd think something like 'Why am I feeling so strange?' then I'd remember it's cos I'd had too much hash, then I'd forget. This may sound fun but it wasn't. Everytime I realised something was up (like every 2 or 3 seconds for about 2 hours) I'd think I might never come out of it and blind panic would set over me.

While all this was happening I was also getting extreme paranoia, thinking the floor was going to collapse or the wardrobe was going to fall on top of me. I realised I could make it go away by concentrating on something else so I concentrated on pacing around my room, which helped but I'd forget why I was pacing and I'd stop, then it would come back like a wave and everytime it came back black would creep acroos my vision till eventially everything was pitch black. As I'd begin to pace again my vision would return. A voice in my head started talking to me saying I'd got to keep walking and everytime I forgot why I was walking it would come back and say 'Keep walking and explain why later' at the time this didn't seem strange at all.

My sister came in and realised I was tripping out. And I was being very strange telling her to hug me and to keep talking to me, about anything. This made it better until she began to lose interest in it and started having a go at me for smoking weed when my parents were about. For some reason the best thing to do to get her to shut up was to pretend to be a dog. In the end she put her hand over my mouth to stop me attracting my dad's attention. Before deciding the best thing to do was to slap me and pour water over my head 'to snap me out of it'. If anything this made it worse.

Then it began to get dangerous. I convinced myself I'd gone mad and was going to live in a metal asylum for the rest of my life and that my parents would be upset and embarased. The best thing to do was to kill my self, and using a pillow seemed to be the best way although surprise surprise that didn't work. According to my sister I tried to jump out of a window too but I think she's making it up because I don't remember it at all. By this point I'd refined my theory from that I'd gone mad to that I was dead and this was hell. To proove this to myself I decided to slit my wrists and got half way to the bathroom before stoping and realised how dangerous I had become.

I decided to tell my dad so I just went downstairs expecting to get screamed at and said 'Dad, help me I've gone mad'. When I explained what had happened he didn't shout he just told me to sit down and try and concentrate on the tv. He kept making me cups of coffee and within an hour or so I was back to normal. After all this he said he couldn't really tell me off because he smoked dope when he was my age but I should be more careful etc, etc.

This was one of the worst experiences off my life and over the course of a few hours I went from thinking marajuana was a harmless relaxing herb to realising what it can do to me and how powerfull it can be. I told my friends and they all seem to think it was cut with crack/ketamine/lsd or whatever but I'm convinced it was just decent weed, something most British teenagers don't get to see very often. This happened a month ago and I still smoke weed regulary, I just pace myself especially between bongs and know where the weeds come from.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20664
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 9, 2007Views: 11,153
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : Alone (16), Families (41), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5)

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