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Meditative Help?
Syrian Rue
by Untitled
Citation:   Untitled. "Meditative Help?: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp20756)". Erowid.org. Mar 8, 2004. erowid.org/exp/20756

T+ 0:00
3.5 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 0:20 3.5 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)


The extraction was a cumbersome part. Mostly because of some confusion regarding the straining and the amount of water that was to be present. I had previously grounded 10 grams of worth of Syrian Rue into a fine powder, and was ready to proceed, after reading some reports and various papers I belived I had come up with a good way. I boiled the rue in water with lemon. And ended up with some 0,5 dl of extract. I tried to filter this, but it would not go through, leaving me with a soaked filter (filled with alkaloids) and a yellowish liquid. I decided to extract the seeds a second time, this time with more water, but no lemon. I ended up with another 0.5 dl of extract but a bit darker this time. This then would not filter either. I did a last shot with running water through the seeds in a third filter and this worked a bit better.

Combined I now had one liter of this extract, in three containers. Which I realized fast, after tasting it, would be virtually impossible to get down. So I added the three extracts together making a full liter and some more, and proceeded to boiling it down to 0,1 dl.

One of the things I experienced during the extraction was a very odd effect, somewhat narcotic and not much unlike the onset of LSD or LSA. Because I had used three filters, played with some bottles and got some seeds and water on me now and then, and had tasted the extraction and suchlike. This came as a slight suprise, but it could just as well have been anything else. I was a bit stressed and anticipatory so I would bet something like this just as well could have been caused by that.

This however, made me positive somewhat, because it told me I had not screwed up with the extraction, which I first feared for a moment. Mostly due to sloppy technique and confusion, a small amount of nervousness made this worse also, because I knew my mother could come home at any moment. This was however my first extraction, so some mistakes and misunderstandings I reckon can take place. I also added some sugar the last time, and there were small crushed seeds here and there in the last boiling, however, in the end, I had a 0.1 dl solution extraction of the seeds. This was a very dark liquid, and smelled quite nice actually. I then let this stand to evaporate somewhat.

After a while, I decided this was not good enough. So I boiled it down even more on low heat. this was a really nice thing, the evaporating water formed textures that looked like the skins of geckos and such, all the water was soon gone and I was left with a sticky dark resin that dried up very fast and hardened. I had to boil it a few times before I got most of it out. I was left with a portion that was more hard than the rest, which was more dark and sticky. I would presume that I had lost some of the yield in this cumbersome extraction, but nevertheless, I was satisfied with the results.

Body setup:
The day before I had eaten lightly, and on the day of the experience, I had only ingested a light morning dish and some fruits, free of tyramine, as the day before. And I was in a content and mediative mood. Up for the experince, I concluded.

at 19.30 I began the ritual of consuming the harmaline. It tasted very bitter, and I had a hard time taking it. I resorted to eating some fresh mint paste, in order to minimize the taste. All together I had what I would belive could be some 6-8 gram worth of extract from the seeds. However, how much harmaline that would be, I am unsure of. I took half of it to begin with. And waited to see if any nausea or bad reaction would come, 20 minutes later I decided to take the rest of it.

40 minutes later, I still had not experienced any effects, except a minor headache that lasted for a minute or two. I concluded that for some reason, (probably the extraction) I had not reached an active psychedelic dose, this left me somewhat disappointed.

So I had a shower, tea, some chocolate (as this is moderately low on tyramine) and a sandwich. I discarded the harmaline as not working or not working well enough. I was disappointed, but decided to let it slip and got on with other business.

However, around 21.15 I started to experience slight weirdness in the stomach, The kind of feeling thatís around the onset on most psychedelics I belive, which would be an and suchlike. I also experienced a small feeling of floating, or something around that notion. I soon decided to sit down and meditate.

And when I was calmly sitting in my bed, illuminated by black light (which previously gave high readings on harmaline) listening to coil and were in the beginning stage of breathing. Something came to me very hard. I had a strong profound feeling of the spiritual body being lifted up towards the mind. Of the íotherí. My head and upper body was pulsating with a streaming inner light, feet and arms where trembling. And it felt like it was to leave right where I was sitting (however the will was not there to go all the way) and a weird closed eye visual showed this by some strange picture where the body would grow smaller and the feeling of disclosure and potential ego loss, grew bigger, also my physical self grew smaller and distant to this body.

The eyes were also irritated by light around me, I could feel and see them somewhat flickering, however this was minor to the whole experience.

This was very profound, yet very slight. The effect was otherwise diminished (like a low dose of LSD, it requires that you stop with what you are doing and stand still for a moment for the full effects to kick in). But when concentrated upon. It was immense. I did however, not experience any visual hallucinations or suchlike any extreme thought activity or something else one could expect from psychoactives. However, the body was in a small narcotic state, and even when I was not in meditation, it felt uplifted and somewhat anoxious. The stomach was a bit upset, however it was not in any nausea.

I continued to meditate in this way, and was left centered and blissful. I also experienced something like very slight nausea with my stomach. The effect lasted for three hours or so, more or less.

I do not know if this was because of threshold effect of the harmaline, as I did not measure just how much was ingested. Neither if it is a placebo or simply something else. But it did came to me that itís not a very wise thing to discard a psychoactive too early, because of no effect. A whole hour and some 35 minutes seemed to me a very long time for a psychoactive to kick in. However, I guess I was wrong. I intend to do further research on this substance. Itís a very interesting one, although very bitter tasting. And Iím contemplating to do a whole 10 gram seeds whole to rule out anything with the extraction being a problem.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 8, 2004Views: 15,576
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Meditation (128), Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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