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Almost Satisfactory
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by fretwanker
Citation:   fretwanker. "Almost Satisfactory: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp21075)". Nov 22, 2005.

T+ 0:00
420 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I should begin by saying that I am a relatively experienced tripper as I have done LSD-25, Psilocybe mushrooms, Amanita muscaria, DXM, datura (won't do this again), nutmeg (won't do this again, either), and of course cannabis. In addition, I have used morning glory seeds several times prior to this experience.

My past experiences with morning glory seeds have never been really successful, usually culminating in the most unpleasant nausea and violent vomitting that one could imagine. I did get some psychoactive effect from the seeds but not much to speak of--light pastel-colored patterning and aztec-inspired visuals reminiscent of LSD-25 but lacking in fluidity and intensity. Anyway, if you've never vomitted gritty little morning glory seed chunks, then consider yourself fortunate. It's unpleasant going down and just as bad coming back up! Because of my nauseating experiences, I have developed a SERIOUS aversion to the taste and smell of the ground seeds. Just thinking about it (literally) makes me gag. In fact, I'm gagging as I'm writing this.

My latest experiment was my first (and so far only) successful attempt with morning glory seeds. This time, I used a different brand than usual. I used to always use Burpee brand but I think that these lack potency as I've used 1000+ seeds (no wonder they made me nauseated!) with little to no psychotropic effect. This time, I used a different brand whose name eludes me for the moment (the seed packets specifically mentioned on the front label that the seeds were 'for planting purposes only' but nowhere could I find a warning about fungacides or seed coatings). I bought 7 packs of ~60 seeds from Lowes for $1.69/pack. I ground the seeds in my blender until they were mostly a pretty fine powder. I then stored this powder in my freezer until I was ready to use it.

Later that night, I shoveled the seed powder into my mouth (I'm gagging again) in about 4 or 5 bites, washing each bite down with a sip of water. This, in itself, was a terible experience for me. I almost barfed several times. Finally, I got the seed powder down the hatch and was afflicted immediately with pretty severe nausea. I wasn't anticipating much of an effect from the seeds and was already beginning to regret my decision in eating them as I knew that I would probably have a long night of unpleasant vomitting in store. The nausea was pretty constant for about 1.5 hours and there were several instances when I had to fight off the immediate urge to purge. An hour after taking the seeds, i noticed the first wave of effects. My sinuses felt congested (typical for me when taking LSD or other ergolines) and I began to get mild (but still annoying) abdominal cramping on the order of a good jog. I was lying on the floor watching a movie with my (unsuspecting) wife when I felt the familiar LSA waves of intoxication. This was neither euphoric nor was it dysphoric. LSA gives me a very strange feeling in my brain--kind of like the intoxication one feels with a very high fever. I hope that doesn't mean that I was frying my brain cells.

When the first wave of this feeling came on, I thought 'oh crap--maybe I *am* in for a real trip'. The wave passed and was succeeded by several others, each growing in intensity. About 2 hours after ingesting the seeds, my wife went to bed and I retired to my basement, still feeling pretty nauseated but not as much as before. I smoked a few bong loads of some anti-nausea medicine and turned off all the lights except for some black lights. At this point, I was still not convinced that I would really trip. Upon getting pretty damn stoned, the seeds began to make themselves known. My nausea was replaced by a very euphoric feeling in my abdomen--almost like a magical presence covering up the nausea. The cramping was still there (probably due to the vassoconstrictive properties of the ergolines) but easily ignored as I listened to the Rolling Stones on headphones. I constantly scanned the darkened room, looking for visual distortions and hallucinations, hoping that at last, i would trip like I used to when LSD-25 was actually available in my area. The visuals were slight but when I looked at my jeans (which glowed in the black light), I could see neon-pastel 'graffiti' written in some foreign language scrawled in pinks and greens across my jeans. I could also see cartoon characters but these were very faint.

I was thrilled that I was actually tripping. Still, the body load was unpleasant at best. About 3 hours after eating the nasty seeds, I returned to my living room and attempted to watch television. It is well known that morning glory experiences are best accompanied by a natural environment. Television has no place in a morning glory trip. Watching television made me feel uncomfortably sober and seemed to make the abdominal cranmps worse. I looked in the mirror several times and noticed that my pupils were slightly dilated and also noticed the tell-tale facial morphing (subtle) that usually comes along with tripping. Approaching the 4th hour after ingestion, my trip became more visual although nothing like a good acid trip. When looking at my hands, they took on a more textured look and as I mentioned above, facial morphing was observed in the mirror. Also, with eyes open and closed, i could see a familiar pattern (I always see this pattern when I take tryptamines) that looked like a chrysanthemum made of pink neon. It starts in the center of my field of vision and radiates outward. I have also seen this pattern every time that I huffed 'duster' (which I will NEVER do again). As I understand it, many people see this pattern when tripping. I think it is of biological origin.

I'm not sure when I peaked because it was very subtle--totally unlike the tumultuous peak of an LSD-25 or shroom trip. I would say that I began the comedown process about 4-5 hours after ingesting the seeds. I got to sleep 6 hours post ingestion and woke up the next morning with a slight afterglow. I was expecting to at least have diarrhea the next day from the seeds, but thankfully I did not and felt fine although a little lethargic and tired from staying up so late the previous night.

All in all, I would say that this was a rewarding experience in that I finally have confirmation that these seeds can work. The trip wasn't exactly pleasant or as intense as I would have liked but I plan to repeat the experiment with 600+ seeds of the same brand. I don't have access to petroleum ether (and zippo lighter fluid is a poor substitute, so I'm told) so I'm afraid that I have to forego an extraction and somehow choke down those nasty little bastard seeds. Following is a list of positives and negatives that I have observed from my morning glory experiments:

1. Nausea--sometimes SEVERE!!!
2. Vomiting--not so cathartic when I'm puking gritty little particles that hurt my throat and get stuck in my teeth and under my tongue. VERY UNPLEASANT!!!
3. Sinus Congestion and thickening of mucus membranes--maybe it's just me. Easily ignored.
4. Abdominal Cramping--feels like a runner's cramp due to oxygen deprivation. Can last for the entire trip and can be pretty painful--in my opinion this is the worst part of the trip because it almost always happens and there is no way that I know of to get rid of it.
5. Minimal Head Trip--this could be seen as a positive or a negative but to me, it is a drawback. The only head trip that I've gotten from the seeds is a feverish-type state that comes and goes. I expect that a serious head trip could be achieved with a higher dose. We'll see.

1. LSD-like Trip--not EXACTLY but it's a decent reminder of what LSD is like. I will experiment further with higher doses to see if I can achieve a TRUE LSD-like experience. Based on the reports of others, I would assume that such an intense trip is possible.
2. Nausea is almost ALWAYS eliminated with cannabis. In fact, I can't imagine eating these seeds without having at least a bowl of buds to puff on when the nausea gets bad. But remember--it's easy to overpower the experience by getting too stoned. I recommend smoking until the nausea goes away and then just letting the seeds have their way. Smoking herb on the comedown is a good idea, though.
3. Legality and Availability--I can get these seeds at any Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or garden store (as long as it's late-winter to mid-summer).
4. A Relatively Relaxed Trip--none of the super-intense, brain-frying infinity loops that LSD induces. The overall 'feel' of the trip is akin to LSD-25 but it also resembles a mushroom trip in that it is possible to relax although it is sometimes easy to get restless while under the influence of the seeds.
5. Connection with Nature--These seeds are best enjoyed in the daytime in natural surroundings. A secluded forest or an outdoor concert would be ideal locations to trip. Some preparations would be needed, however (food, water, cannabis, barf bag, etc). Also, the seeds are best experienced when used in small groups of 2 or 3 people. I doubt that anyone who has experience with illegal psychedelics would need a sitter for the experience but I will recommend it anyway. The seeds seem to enhance the human conection to nature and have a funny way of making me realize my place in the scheme of nature. Obviously, your experience may differ.

This concludes my experience but I will follow up as I experiment with higher doses and different settings. Also, I am SERIOUSLY dedicated to finding a feasible and convenient way of reducing the nausea associated with these seeds.


Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21075
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 22, 2005Views: 99,437
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