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Our Lives Are Changing
Amanita muscaria & Cannabis
by Godwithin
Citation:   Godwithin. "Our Lives Are Changing: An Experience with Amanita muscaria & Cannabis (exp21153)". Erowid.org. Nov 19, 2003. erowid.org/exp/21153

T+ 0:00
1 cup oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
  T+ 1:00 2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I heard about Amanita Muscarias psychoactivity about two years ago and at that time I knew it wasnīt right time to try any, but last summer my friends and I had really good luck with finding amanita and we smoked it, with minor effects. When we first time drank tea, about one mushroom/person, effects were noticeable but so little that I only kept waiting it to really start. but it didnīt.

Second time was amazing! We drank the tea, about two and half mushroom/person and as I started to feel little a nauseous my friend's parents came to visit my friend and we had long discussion about the problem they had with our cannabis use. We tried to make them understand that only problem is the problem they have with themselves and their really narrow-minded world view and that for us cannabis is not a drug, itīs rather a holy plant with extraterrestial origins (gift from 'gods' as stated in indian Vedas) and should never been made illegal and should never be used without great respect for entity that lives in third dimension in the form of a plant but can make human being experience something real and understand really important things about reality. Well, we didnīt tell them it with these exact words but just tried to make them see our perspective. They left and at that time we didnīt feel any overwhelming effects, just a little strange buzz and very clear mind.

We left my friends house and headed to top of neighbouring hill. We walked some kilometers in the forest and talked about our lives. It was night and as it was autumn the night was very dark and we had hard time to stay on the path. As we arrived to camping place we noticed that someone was sleeping there so we kept going and we headed to another camping place that was quite far away. We stopped and sat on stones - it was an amazing place, no trees but only big sharp rocks everywhere - and I loaded bong with leaf and smoked and enjoyed the great view as moon was full and these were last warm nights before winter. Later we found the camp and we made fire and just sat there many hours and talked and had great night. I understood that sacred Amanita teaches everyone just what they should learn, but only if one is open for new views and doesnīt have problem with own ego.
So that was second time and later that night when we decided to leave and my friend and I started biking to home, my bike broke down and I had to walk about 15 kilometers but it didnīt matter at all. I just enjoyed as I saw that dark night sky flashed with lightning and once again I understood the real power of nature.

Third time was when I was with my friend and we drank tea from about seven mushrooms and after an hour we were both feeling little nauseous, but when we smoked little leaf (as we didnīt have any bud) nausea was totally gone and great power owerwhelmed us. I felt like I could just rise in the air and fly. but i didnīt. Both of us felt like nothing could ever stop the flow of energy that the mushroom gave us, expect the time. We saw some politicians in TV and I just felt like 'they donīt know what they are doing - let them be forgiven.' They were just like puppets that were saying just what someone had told them to say. Itīs a fucked up world.
We went out with our two dogs and they were as happy and exited about everything as us. Later that night we went bicyling to our place about ten kilometers away we many times a week go to smoke and play music - 'coma-music' as we call it. itīs really the craziest music that can be. And as we started playing -I played guitar and my friend drums- I could not concentrate at all, and I just didnīt care how madly or badly I played. We just laughed for the music we had played. it was great! Next morning when I woke up I was totally exhausted, but when I ate little food, my energy came back to me. That taught me that I have to channel my energies for all good and higher state of consciousness and not any action - as we were so full of that energy that we could have jumped to the trees and whatever. Especially the energy that Amanita gives to person has to be channeled in right way, so that the mushroom can really teach or heal.

And the fourth time: Yesterday I had prepared my mind for sacred Soma to enter me and teach me what I was meant to learn. The mushroom had been calling me for many weeks but I was waiting for something and now I knew it was right time to enjoy the sacrament. Yes, it really had called me - in my dreams. And my friend also. At earlier times we had made union with sacred entity that lives in third dimension in form of mushroom, but in whole reality is much greater than anything that can be understood in daily awareness - entity with extraterrestial origins as hemp and psilocybe-mushrooms and possibly salvia.

Yesterday when we went to our place where we grow hemp and play music and the place where we have succeeded to make our... well straight translation of the word we use for it is The Monastery. I started eating dried mushrooms and I thought that I could eat three mushrooms or something like that, but as I took the first bit, I could feel the mushroom having some sort of control of my mind and I thought I donīt need so much. It tasted quite horrible and was difficult to swallow, so I ate only about half or little less than one whole mushroom, but it was the greatest experience with Amanita so far.

My mind was totally clear and I understood the situation we had throughly and had very much energy flowing and at this time I knew how I should channel it. I was aware of every other persons thoughts and feelings and was just happy about it. About an hour later I smoked little bud and it was really great addition to that night. I felt and knew two different entities in straight connection with my spirit and understood really much more about the sacred geometry that surrounds our third dimension. For about two and half years ago I had taken hemp in my life and I had waken up in my life. At that time I started to understand reality and my life as part of universe. Firstly, I am. Secondly, I am somewhere - meaning, that I can -at any time- understand that there is 'past, present and future' and that right now I can understand only 'NOW'. This means we live in third dimension as time has three parts. Then fourth dimension means that we have always opportunity to make our decisions and if we choose well, so that we are choosing good instead of harming someone, we live for fifth dimension which is what we know as good. And when we understand that only thing that has ever existed is good and that bad is only vain entropy that makes time go slower and makes everything only worse and delays the big Plan of everything.

Yesterday the mushroom teached me to create what I know is good and that is what I am going to do. I dedicate my life for the Truth that shines from within and as much as I can, I will try to connect all who know they can help this world in cataclysms that will come in next spring. You can do it now. you can help. Just know what it is the holiest thing that makes you live and visualize or anything, give a thought for the truth and know that this planet and people on it will now start to understand their lives. See holiness in everybody, see it everywhere and feel it with all of your senses and understand that really, you are 'the sixth sense' that makes those five senses to sense the beauty of everything. You are the one who uses those senses and nothing but your own fear of your self can make you feel that you are not 'good enough' to make miracles that still surround our everyday lives. Get rid of your fears - you donīt need them!

Two times I have encountered extraterrestial beings - when out of my body - who have taught me things about our reality and many many times I have been directed in my dreams to understand things that I can not understand now in my day awareness. Last night was such and mushroom showed me my path in my dreams. All I saw, was that I flew somewhere in near east and saw some kind of Illuminati-emperor coming to a city with a boat and ask for authorisation to enter. He got a green light and I pulled a rope that was linked to a big bell, and it made jingling sound. At that time, as i knew i was seeing a dream, I heard a voice that told me to 'fly, fly like an eagle' - and so I did and that dream ended. Later I was in some kind of boat that was floating in lake or river at night and as I saw the stars in the sky, I felt the knowledge about sacred geometry filling me and at some point my teacher went away and was going to come back - It was time for me to wake up.

I saw one star flying fast in the sky - my teacher - and asked what I should keep in mind in between this and the coming event and got my answer telepathically, but my conscious transated it in quite unclear form; 'think about blue and grey Volvo.' Well - when I try to feel what that sentence means, I can feel its message in my subconscious.

Indian Vedas say that the sacred Soma makes its user Immortal and I know what it means - It means that it can, if one is openminded, teach that death is not an end of any kind - it is just a continuation of life itself that has been bound in material density for time of our life in this third density.


Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21153
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 19, 2003Views: 24,810
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9)

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