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Shallow Infinity
Citation:   Soybom. "Shallow Infinity: An Experience with AMT & MDMA (exp21192)". Sep 24, 2008.

1.5 tablets oral MDMA
  0.5 capsls oral AMT
Rolling is rolling. Good fun for everyone envolved, but when the opportunity to trade a roll for sexy little dose of AMT came, I couldnt pass up. My friend and I opened up the clear dissolveable capsule, poured it out on glass, chopped it up, and licked off equal amounds. Not long after, the energy I had from the half roll faded, so I layed down on my bed. Little did I know I'd be there for at least 5 more hours.

It started smoothly enough, then my eyes began to feel as if they were moving in a strage way. Sort of jumping back and forth while I was looking at one place. My blacklght was on, and a small statue colored with highlighters sat on a table. As I stared at its peacefull smile, it winked at me. Now this was my first ever true visual in my 3 year mind expansion career, so I let out a little yelp of surprise. A friend of mine who was just rolling came to see what was up, and while I was explaining in a very calm small voice, it winked with it's other eye. I wasn't afraid or anything, but still, a little wierd for my first visual.

Now let me say a few more words of my setting. My bed sits on the floor across the room from a wall covered entirely in 13x16 inch pictures of hubble telescope photos of stars, nebulas, blackholes, partical clouds, infinity to say the least. Throught the next hours, staring at this wall was my primary activity. A star cluster on the lower middle seemed to have become a picture of discarded milk cartons and pop cans. Many of the spiral galazies began to twist and flow. At some points the after images of the large individual stars would stick in my sight and superimpose themselves on everything else when I shifted my gaze. 2 nebula clouds in the upper right sprouted neon words that then melted down the wall. On several of the lighter colored pictures, geometric patterns emerged that danced before my eyes. Another cloud became a face that turned to look at me. Now all this was just what was envolved with one wall.

In a basement full of people on various other substances such as MDMA, AMT, Salvia, and Pot, there was a lot of wandering in and out of my room. Sometimes when a person would come in and sit down I would lose sight of them against the background of stars. Other times, I would think there were people in the room who were not. On the bed at my side most of the time was a minirature Yorkshire terrier. Her presnese was somewhat comforting, as is the case with senile and insane people. Whenever the visions became too much I would focus on petting her. She was a good anchor to reality, or at least comfort, until at one point I reached over to scratch her head but found no ears, nose, or mouth. My mind had consructed her face out of the patterns of her fur color, which was softly glowing in the blacklight. In confusion I stared at her small form to try to get a grasp on which way she was actually turned. In doning so, the face of a Tiki head popped out of the patterns.

Though this is my report, I feel I should mention the results of the other half of the AMT dose. My friend who took it walked around for several hours wrapped in a black cape and wearing a black thermal mask that covers ones cheaks, mouth, and nose. He was talking in a very good Sean Connery accent the whole time, that he later told me was too hard to quit doing, so he kept it up till the end. While the entire basement was lit in blacklights, the bathroom contained a single, red lightbulb. My friend, who we'll call Sean, went in the bathroom and saw what he desctibes as the ghost of a young girl hiding in the shadows. He tried to coax her out into the open, but she would wave him away dismissivly each time. More about Sean later.

At some point in the night a girl walked in my room and turned on the light to ask me what I was doing curled up on my bed with a dog alone in my room. Because the bright light was on, I closed my eyes. The second I did, my vision turned red and I saw a very detailed fly crawling on a black box. Again, a yelp of suprise, this time from my first good closed eye visual. I felt I had no choice but to explain my chemical situation to her, but after I did, she left me alone the rest of the night.

Now for a few words about time passage. On one hand, it seems like very little time passed, but on the other I was aware of things going on outside that indicated a long amount of time had passed. The guy I traded for the AMT with came back from wherever he went and wanted some salvia. I packed some of my stash and gave it to him in a gum wrapper. Then he and his companion left again. They called sometime later and asked if they could come back and borrow a bowl, which I loaned to them whenever it was that they came by again. They left and came back yet again to return it. Around 4 a.m. I got the motivatoin to get up and wander around for a longer period then any of my other stumbling adventures into the main room. This time I played with some glowsticks, and watched others do the same. I wanted a little peaceful energy exertion to make me tired enough to sleep, which I manage sometime between 5 and 7. I cannot remember going in to lay down the final time at all, but I was preceeded slightly by my rolling friend who had crashed on the floor.

Sean didnt attempt sleep till 8 a.m. He said for some time he just wandered around and stared at things. He tried again to coax the ghost girl out of the bathroom, this time using the winking sculpture head as bait. He also went outside in confusion, but didnt feel the cold of the 25 degree temperature. When he did sleep, it was full of dreams of the ghost girl telling him why she wouldnt come out. One of her main reasons was because she didnt like us from seeing someone masturbate in the bathroom once.

My sleep was dreamless as far as I can remember. Sean says I was speaking spurts of what sounded like Japaneese in my sleep. I awoke at around 10 a.m., fully clothed still, but with a clear recolection of what had gone on that night. Sean slept while I went upstairs with the guy who was rolling to eat some food. We came back downstairs and noticed my stepbrother (who had brought the girls over and taken them home at 7) sleeping on the couch. That was confusing because his friends truck was still outside, and indeed he was asleep on my stepbrothers bed. Anyway, the guy on the couch woke up and descriped his night to us, which was just more crazyness that I dont care to get into.

About that time he asked if Sean was still asleep. From my room Sean responded that it had been a rough one. After we sat in my room listening to Tool and enjoying closed eye visuals for an hour or so, my girlfriend called to ask where the hell I had been all weekend. As I was talking to her I looked up at a blacklight poster on my ceiling and saw it begin to pulse and shoot light onto the surrounding ceiling. At this I actually giggled uncontrolably and ended up telling her what I'd beem up to, then promised to call her later if I came to a state of mind in which she would appreciate my company. I took Sean home at 1p.m. The drive was more fun then driving has ever been, I was the car, I controlled it like it was an extension of me.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Before I dropped him off I began laughing again, this time because I had added up the $75 he owed me in my head. He didnt think it was all that funny, but it wasnt a problem.

So now I'm home typing up all this so that there is more info out there on AMT trips. My only regret was that I wasnt well rested before the trip, so I didnt have the engergy to roam around. My half dose lasted a full 12 hours at least, strange when you consider a full one is suppose to last 15 hours. I cannot imagine that concentrated of an amount, but I'm sure I'll experience it in the future because all in all, it was a hell of a good time.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21192
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 24, 2008Views: 7,763
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AMT (7), MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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