Personality, History, and Dignity
Citation:   Christopher K.. "Personality, History, and Dignity: An Experience with Peyote (exp2135)". Jun 26, 2000.

3 buttons oral Peyote (fresh)
This individual got to try peyote a number of times around 1975-1977, sometimes dried/black/chewy, sometimes fresh/wet/gooey/green&dripping slime. One would take 3 or 4 huge juicy ones, or perhaps up 6 dried little black ones.

Sometimes there was not much nausea, (after getting the totally yucky substance itself down), other times there was enough to puke once. It passed though. Actually I was more nauseous coming on to acid or mushrooms sometimes. The hardest part is eating the shit. I remember a very funny Zap Comix cartoon about gags to play on friends, and 'peyote toothpaste' was one of them...... argh, the memory of the taste would produce involuntary shivers of revulsion for many years afterwards, though it's faded by now, alas :-)

Impression of the trip, from so many years ago, was that it was generally not as 'deep' and 'complete' as acid, not totally interconnected and composed of so many lines & patterns extending out towards infinity etc, not racing thoughts physically so fast. It was very visual, perhaps less auditory than acid, perhaps lacking some of the strangest 'tactile hallucinations' from strongest acid trips where one felt as if one's hand actually touched a strange thing,....

Instead, there were pastel-colors, softer patterns, more 'natural' kinds of hallucinations, deep and profound thoughts but not quite on the uncontrollable express train. Indeed, it felt extremely 'wise and mature' to the 18-20 year old subject at the time :-) 'The Smile of the Beyond' was one impression (named after a Mahavishnu Orchestra song, or maybe the other way around? :-).

It went deeper than mushrooms, though, which sometimes appeared to place hallucinations on a giant balloon-like tension surface in front of the eyeballs.

Oh, yes I remember there were also lots of tinglies and chills, up and down the spine, even up and down the legs, everywhere there were nerves.... sometimes these blended with and turned into hallucinations.

It took a long time to come on, sometimes up to 2 hours. Didn't last as long as big acid trips, maybe 6 hours or so.

The very first peyote trip for this individual was actually also this individual's very first 'bad trip' (after several pleasant acid and mushroom experiences), which was apparently necessary and instructive at the time..... one recalls waiting and waiting and waiting forever, doing too many bongs of headache weed, for it to start, then all of a sudden, a goat-like figure with nasty horns appeared in pentagrams on all the walls, nodding specifically at me, yes, YOU will freak out now, etc. etc.

The tingles and chills turned into horrible scary flutters, rugs and grass and dirt would erupt with all sorts of tiny little creatures...

oh yes, I remember, peyote hallucinations would often take on an animate quality of actual little individual creatures, faces with personality and history and dignity behind them, etc.

Exp Year: 1976ExpID: 2135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 26, 2000Views: 95,196
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