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Needs Further Human Exploration
Piperazines - MeOPP
by lsdteknology
Citation:   lsdteknology. "Needs Further Human Exploration: An Experience with Piperazines - MeOPP (exp21625)". Jun 30, 2005.

340 mg oral Piperazines - MeOPP (powder / crystals)


I got my MeOPP in the mail yesterday and decided I should wait until today to try it (I was already on diisopropal-o-methylseretonin at the time, and I didnít know how piperazines would interact with tryptamines) just to play it safe. So at approximately 7:00 pm, I weighed out a 340 mg gelcap of the stuff and down the hatch.

+1 hr- mild effects, calming of the body, very peaceful inside me

+2 hrs- wow music is great, absolutely wonderful, every beat has a specialness to it. Feeling a mild body high, vision seems to waver on the peripheral, motion seems to be slowed down. There is no body chills as explained in an earlier report of this stuff. I decide to walk to the store (30 min walk) and I feel somehow energized, moving feels good and flows freely, uphill kinda sucks though.

From what I can tell, this chemical has that certain 'pop' that MDMA has, the plugging of the ears like there was a Doppler shift, and the resonance of your own voice seems to make your whole body feel good, especially when coupled with music. However, this leaves a lot to be desired, there is no special interest in everything like it's the first time you're seeing it as with MDMA. The body high seems to be more of a slight buzzing than a warmness, like most tryptamines in the 5-methoxy group (particularly 5-MeO-DiPT) only on a smaller scale of buzzing. Over all I think this chemical would be an excellent mix with 1(3-chlorophenyl) piperazine, or even BZP or TMFPP as well.

+2:30 hrs- I seem to be totally calm with myself, a very minor bit of stomach nausea, nothing I can't ignore, hands seem to be clammy, but that usually happens with CNS stimulants, nothing to be worried about. Fact of the matter is, this is a very mild high. The effects are barely noticeable if one does not know what to look for. However, when trying to notice the effects (as with music) it very quickly becomes apparent and you seem to be in a state of mental and semi-physical bliss.

+3:00 hrs- things are still go, a bit less however. I'm a bit disappointed with this chemical, I donít think one can overdose on this unless he/she takes unheard of amounts (such as 1000-2000 mgs) overall, this is a great chemical for interacting with people, it does have mood lifting capabilities and makes you feel more emotionally open to others as well as yourself. Sense of humor seems to be sharpened, I can laugh at anything.

On a quick side note, I would like to remind people that what I took was a dihydrochloride, therefore weighing more molecularly and therefore less potent, I would guess at the normal dosage of MeOPP freebase at about 150-300 mgs, like was said in the previous entry on this chemical. That is, however, if the freebase comes in a powder. BZP freebase is found as a corrosive liquid, so I am not completely sure as to what MeOPP freebase would be. However, know this, a dihydrochloride weighs more than a hydrochloride, therefore less potent, and a hydrochloride weighs more than a freebase. Like with AMT, the freebase weighs around 234 if I remember correctly, but the hydrochloride weighs around 290 (hence the name IT-290). Therefore the freebase would be (theoretically) 1.2-1.3 times stronger than the hydrochloride. So what I took is more likely to be more effective at the 400-600 mg range (I have not as yet done the calculations on that).

+3:30 hrs- things do seem to be winding down a bit, I still feel physically good but there has been a lessening of both body high and musical interest. The buzzing I told about earlier is definitely going away. I donít feel tired and I donít feel 'out of place' as with most CNS stimulants on the comedown (i.e. Alpha-methyl-phenelthylamine) I still feel at peace and trouble free. Like I said earlier, this chemical is definitely missing something. I would like to try this with CPP, in much less dosages of course (I hear piperazine derivatives multiply effects when combined i.e. BZP & TMFPP) I also think the last person to write about this chemical had a very interesting point. He stated that this was more 'trippy' at higher dosages, I can understand what he is saying. The buzzing definitely feels a bit tryptamine like, and the peripheral visuals give one the feeling of 'tripping'. I just now noticed that I have very faint CEV's while listening to music. Why would this be? Does it have something to do with the slowing of the movement? Is it just my eyes interpreting things normally, while my brain tries to catch up? And in the process making a few mistakes with my visual perception?

Hmm, I think this chemical needs to be further explored in humans, it definitely has it's good points and not many bad ones. The visuals were not of a tryptamine like patterning either, they were more spur of the moment movements, like after 3 days of being up on alpha-methyl-phenelthylamine.

No paranoia however, very relaxed and very calm. I believe that at higher doses (preferably with a freebase or even a hydrochloride, because this stuff tastes worse than 5-MeO-DiPT, even when capped, the less you have to eat, the better) this chemical would produce LSD or possibly even 5-MeO-DiPT effects on someone. The body buzzing was almost exactly the same as with 5-MeO-DiPT, just on a way less scale.

Summary: this chemical definitely needs further exploration within the human psyche. There is no doubt about it. This piperazine seems to be capable of that MDMA like 'pop' that everyone has been looking for, the only drawback is that there is almost no body high, almost no alteration of the senses, and not that extreme opening of oneself you commonly find in people on MDMA. This is why I believe a combination of the cp is needed to achieve some of that effect. CPP is said to produce more of a 'body buzz' than MeOPP, while MeOPP is supposed to produce more of a 'body calming effect' well, they were right about that one. Seeing as how BZP and TMFPP are no longer available on the research chemical market, and most of the tryptamines are going to be outlawed within the next few years (5-MeO-DiPT and AMT were emergency scheduled as of Jan. 28th, 2003. And become illegal to buy, posses, or sell on the 28th of Feb.) I believe that these two chemicals (MeOPP and CPP) will have a great demand for them in the near future, if they mix well of course. The reason being that they are both of low potency and low danger as far as we know. However, I still believe that we should try to savor and enjoy the remaining years of tryptamines that we have left, people should know their dosages, have a scale to weigh them out (never eyeball a dose), and research what they are taking before they take it, in this way only can we keep the death toll and OD numbers down. Just remember kids, be safe, and know what the hell you are doing, you only get one shot in this life, have fun and peace out.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21625
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 30, 2005Views: 23,954
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MeOPP (378) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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