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Wimbledon on the Tube
Citation:   Spirals. "Wimbledon on the Tube: An Experience with AMT (exp21660)". Feb 27, 2003.

So, today is the day, February 27, 2003. Alpha-methyl-tryptamine has become a part of the United States federal register of schedule one substances. Will this date be to our cohort what February, 28 1994, October, 1 1937 and October, 27 1986 were to previous generations? The two former dates, when marijuana and ecstasy respectively, became illegal, predate the drug's preeminence by a significant amount of time. Marijuana came to the fore in the 1960's and ecstasy hit it's peak in the 1990's. Unfortunately, I suspect that we are reliving February 28 1994, the date Alpha-Ethyl-Tryptamine was scheduled. After that point, the drug faded into abject obscurity. Costly and difficult to produce, use of AET as almost been completely eliminated.

It is difficult to predict the course of AMT, but unlike ecstasy and marijuana, the American cultural environment will probably not evolve to facilitate a high level of AMT use. At any rate, I am happy to have had the chance to embrace this unique and awesome chemical during its legality. CH3-NH2, amphetaminesque, a beautiful and alluring form. Tryptamine, a pentagon and hexagon of brilliance and wisdom. Fitted together, forming the ideal intelligent and attractive life-partner. (I love pop-pharmacology.) But, be it deserved or not, AMT is now 'up-there' with heroin, cocaine and all the other poisons detremental to our civilization. I feel as though i've lost a small piece of my youth.

So far, I have remained silent on the issue, but to celebrate the foregone years of AMT freedom, I have decided to share my own glowing expierence with the chemical. So that, should a child of the future stumble on it, they could make an informed decision to take part in a vice popular at the ancient 'turn-of-the-21st-century'.

Over the course of two years, I took AMT about a half of a dozen times. At no point did I ever have a serious problem with it. For the purposes of berevity, I will only describe my best experience, and give notes on the others:

It was midsummer, and I was working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. One Sunday, my parents out of town, I decided to spend my day-off on AMT. I had fasted for about 24 hours. For this report, I will use the timeline format. I've always felt that those are the most helpful and enjoyable to read.

0600 T+0 - I hit the alarm, woke up, and immediately took the 60 mg capsule of AMT I had set on the nightstand. My AMT trips last well over 18 hours, and peaking is most enjoyable in the mid-morning. It smells just like moth-balls (awfully difficult to hide or smuggle). I've only taken it inside a capsule, I can't imagine how hellish snorting must be, I wouldn't suggest it. Thereafter, I clean the house and take a shower.

0730 T+130 - At this time, I begin 'coming up'. Most users don't find this part fun. In fact, most trip reports involve projectile vomit at this point. I've never vomited and, I the anxiety of this phase is great. I'd liken it to an airplane taking off in a thunderstorm. Anxiety looms, your stomach is upset, you're shivering; but you know, once you clear the clouds, smooth sailing lies ahead.

0830 T+230 - Meet the Press is on early as a result of the Men's Finals at Wimbledon. I love Meet the Press and tennis, an added plus, watching television helps to distract me from the anxiety. I love politics, but have always found the news to be a bit depressing while on AMT.

1030 T+430 - Only now is the trip really beginning. A bowl of marijuana smoked at 6am would have more than run its course, the effect of ecstacy would be waining, but AMT is only beginning to take control. Tennis is great, it's Layton Hewitt v. that Argentinian underdog guy, who I really hope wins. The net looks like it's flying and pulling the court up with it. This is my first sign that the drug is affecting me. Colours become quite a bit brighter, and the sun is unbarable. I always wear sunglasses. The trip-hop in TV commercials is quite sonorus. In fact, I find that I always download a copious amount of TV songs while tripping.

1200 T+600 - I feel incredible, better than anything. It's this unbelievable drained feeling, like your body is empty but emptiness is the goal, not satiation. I am conciously drinking copious amounts of diet-pepsi (I hate water), and I love the additional charge of caffiene. At this point, I want to walk around and go outside. This desire notwithstanding, I never seem to make it out there and usually spend most of the day in my room reading or watching television. Nevertheless, I gain an incredible amount of confidence and self-esteem. But, I don't re-evaluate my life or anything, in fact, I would hate this drug if I had to. It seems as though AMT flings open the doors of sensation, not perception. I don't think in a different way, but light, sound and touch are very intense and pleasurable.

1430 T+830 - The ecstasy like energy has dissipated. I don't feel bad. I would describe it as anamalistic or liquid. I really don't want to walk upright, but hunched over like our chimpanzee ancestors. The confidence and hightened sensation are still there.

1700 T+1100 - Around this time, I do not want to move, I feel overwhelmed. All I can do is lay since my body feels completely liquid. I eventually slither down to the floor and realize that the carpet can be manipulated like a magic-eye book. I must have laid down and looked at it for an hour or so. Other than that, I'm just laying down on my bed and thinking about how great I am. There's a slight yearning for the previous level of energy, I always consider redosing at this point but always decide against it.

1830 T+1230 - My really great aunt and grandma come over and invite me out to dinner. I was a little 'uppity', but not too much more than usual. I didn't touch my TGIFridays salad. On AMT, I can never eat, even if I want to; keeping in mind that I haven't eaten for over 36 hours. For a previously fat man, this is an incredibly significant feeling, unhealthy as it may be.

2030 T+1430 - The metaphorical liquid is beginning to drain out of me. But, I am still distinctively high. I'm watching Nickelodeon, my most favourite channel. But now, I realize that it is a bit silly. I'm 19, so it is about time to come to that conclusion. I still have much love for it though, to this day.

2200 T+1600 - Still feeling the effects, I remember IMing a friend and telling him about how amazingly long the drug lasts. Soon thereafter, I lull myself to sleep. At bedtime, I am a bit bored of the feeling. This alone, is the best facet of an AMT trip. Other drugs, especially those that elevate my mood, always end too quickly. By the time an AMT trip is wrapping up, you are ready for it to end, and eagerly await a return to baseline conciousness.

0600+1day T+2400 - I wake up and go deliver the mail to my small town in New York. I feel fine, but, I would not feel good, had I have taken it any sooner than 24 hours before. I eat a small breakfast. Fascinatingly, I have not lost weight despite 48 hours of fasting. I assume that AMT afffects the hippocampus/hypothalamus in such a way that your body retain water for a long time (unlike ecstasy).

On other trips, I have taken it around 10am, noon and 7pm. I wouldn't suggest taking it at night. About 8 hours into it, I tried to go to sleep. I developed a severe headache. The only thing that dissipated the pain was staring at my bright computer screen. It's as if sensory deprivation upset my system, as opposed to the usual headache arising from sensory overload.

Has there been any overarching negative effects? Well, vision in the periphery sometimes blinks when I am fatigued. However, I have no idea if I just became aware of this recently, it was caused by something else, is a result of ageing or is indicative of a more serious medical problem. The only reason that I mention it is that it is reminescent of the way my computer screen blinks when I am tripping.

AMT is the best thing I have ever had in my body. In fact, it is the only drug I would ever consider taking again. Nevertheless, it does have a high potential for abuse, and really no safe medicinal use at all. Moreover, this designer drug is considerably more powerful than most controled substances of this kind. In this context I welcome the new scheduling. But, it is a shame that, the small number of interested people, as of today, will find it difficult to embrace this amazing and thoroughly enjoyable chemical with legal impugnity.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 27, 2003Views: 15,139
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