Too Good to Be True
by Raas
Citation:   Raas. "Too Good to Be True: An Experience with MDA (exp21744)". Jul 13, 2013.

3 tablets oral MDA (pill / tablet)
I have always been fond of Ecstasy, and had little trouble with it. After pilling 9 times, in the space of 2 years... MDMA was always something extra and special to look forward too, an intensity which 95% of other people don't get to have.

One night my mate rung me up, selling mitsubishi's containing MDA, exclaiming 'they're bloody strong, I had 1 and I was fucked'.

Firstly it's worth pointing out that when you get MDA right, it is ALOT better than MDMA (normal ecstasy) 3 strong pills in as many hours, and I was more high than ever in my life. It was alot stronger, and gave me much more of a rush than MDMA. The way your head floats and your vision flutters makes you feel like your really on a drug. Hallucinations and an overwhelming feeling of 'this is so fucking amazing'. Where MDMA makes me feel happy, warm and loving, MDA also made me surging with confidence and power.

For the awesomeness of this high, The come-down was TERRIBLE, a week later and I still didn't feel right.. And wondered if I'd ever return to normal. Then 8 days later, at 7:30... I started to have a panic attack. My heart started to beat faster, and I felt dizzy. I got up, went to the bathroom and my heart was palpating like mad! I was EXTREMELY scared, it felt like my whole body was going wrong and I really believed I was going to die. For 2 whole hours, my chest was hurting, I felt extremely dizzy, my mouth was dry, I was having hot/cold flushes, my limbs were numb, and I was fighting to stay conscious. This was 2 of the worst and most scary hours of my life. Afterwards I was thankfully okay.

Now 2 weeks later, and I was invited with some people to a BIG club, and I REALLY wanted to take a pill. Instead of 3 pills, I took 1. I was so scared I even broke it into halves, and had them at different times. The high wasn't particually good.

1 week later, and I had another panic attack. This time however it just lasted for a few minutes... But afterwards I was not feeling good.

For 2 days I had to stay off work, because I was feeling fatigue, anxious... And a faster pulse rate. I was really worried I'd turned mentally ill, and decided to see a doctor. But I was also scared of admitting to using these drugs, the doctor looked over and said 'I probably had a virus'. I knew it wasn't though...

2 days later, and this fatigue and anxiety had gone. I was so happy about this, all my worries were gone... I was so happy and positive all day. 'Perhaps it was just a strange virus?' I thought... However, that evening, I was hit by another panic attack... And all the anxiety and fatigue came back hard. I was too scared to go to bed, coz I didn't believe I'd ever wake up. The next day I actually did wake up, but with a really painful feeling in my head. This was it... I couldn't go on. I told my parents that *ahem* someone 'spiked my drink with a strong ectsasy pill' and it's had bad effects since.

They were supportive, which is what I needed. For the next month or 2, I'd go through anxious spells but eventually got over it.

Now, 5 months on, and perfectly normal I have been wondering about this. I've heard of pills making people depressed, but not anxious? Was it really the pill? Etc etc

So, I really stupidly took my last MDA pill that I saved. MAN I MISSED THAT CHEMICAL RUSH... Mmmm for about an hour on the high I was the king again. A week later after the pill, my questions were answered in form of a panic attack, lots of fatigue, chest pains, and anxiety. MDA truely was the cause of all this. 2 weeks later and I still don't feel right, but I can get on with it now and not worry like I did the first time it happened.

Through these experiences, I wished there was someone I could talk too who knew what I was going thru... But there never was.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21744
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2013Views: 7,190
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MDA (34) : Post Trip Problems (8), Health Problems (27), Unknown Context (20)

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