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Trials with a Novel GHB Analogue
Citation:   Renwick. "Trials with a Novel GHB Analogue: An Experience with GABOB (exp21749)". Sep 4, 2003.

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200 mg oral GABOB
Yesterday I decided to try taking the GHB analogue GABOB (gamma-amino-beta-hydroxy-butyric acid ) again. I had tried it previously while I was experimenting with massive amounts of GHB, GBL, 4-Methyl-GHB, GVL, etc. without much success. While taking GBL semi-regularly I experimented with this compound at dosage levels of up to 1 gram without much effect. While it was better than GVL, it still was less potent than Valium or a small glass of alcohol.

I was in for a shock however. I took 200mg of the chemical last night to see if it may help me sleep at all. I waited for it to do something for about 20 minutes then I went to go take a shower. Half way through the shower I started to feel my leg muscles become weaker. By the time I was done showering I thought half an hour had passed but when I got out I saw
it was only 10 minutes.

The effects were almost exactly like Valium, maybe a little weaker. It was definitely more noticeable than with previous trials. I also noticed that it felt like my heart rate was slowed down or altered in some way, it was hard to tell because I had no way of measuring it handy. I wonder if previous GBL cross-tolerance had blocked me from feeling its effects before. The only other things I had in my system where a humus sandwich, some wheat grass juice, and a multi-fiber tablet (which does contain licorice root which may be a mild MAOI). I will have to try a higher dose next time and see if it is comparable to GBL/GHB at those doses, although I would guess that it probably won't be that much more psychoactive.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21749
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2003Views: 22,205
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