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2 Trips Down the Rabbit Hole
5-MeO-DiPT, Leonotis leonurus & Cannabis
Citation:   plantshaman. "2 Trips Down the Rabbit Hole: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT, Leonotis leonurus & Cannabis (exp21751)". Oct 26, 2003.

T+ 0:00
8.0 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 5.0 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:00 13 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00   smoked Leonotis leonurus  
  T+ 8:00   smoked Cannabis (extract)
Previous experience with 5meodipt. . . I had used 5meodipt 3 times before this at 5,10, and 12 mg. I had taken 5 mg two days before and did not notice any tolerance. My experiences with this substance had all been pretty good although 12 was sort of rough for a while.

My mindset was pretty good. I had given some foxy to a few friends the day before. I made tons of progress with them. One of the two made great progress aswell! I felt ready and prepared. I had planned to spend the day with my g/f. She has little experience with psychedelics. She is well experienced with dxm and works well with it but doesn't use it anymore. This was to be her 3rd trip at a low dose. She had a few experiences at higher levels which had been extremely difficult for her. They had been hard but revealed her issues. We planned for me to take a high dose and her a small one. This way we could reverse roles and have me in a very uncomfortable space and her in an easy one for a change. I was at home. My father and sister where there. We planned to stay in my room. We both where looking forward to making progress on her issues.

At 1:45pm I took 8 mg and she took 6. With our empty stomachs it started in 10 min. I waited till 2:05 pm to take another 5 mg.

It came on fast. The first hour was very hard. I was sick to my stomach. I was salivating alot. This is normal with foxy for me. At about the half hour point I took some pepto bismol. I thought it would help with the sickness, stomach cramping, and gas that I usually get with foxy. It certainly helped. I was laying in bed. I didn't want her to touch me I was too sick. It was too much stimulation. The visuals where there but not very impressive. I was overwhelmed and talked to her best I could. We where making good progress talking about collective conciousness and our subjective experience of it. I would have to stop mid sentence and take a deep breath now and then. It was overwhelming. Over the course of 10 min it smoothed out a bit. It was probably at about 3:20 when my body started to feel better. This dose was way too high to have interest in sex.

After it smoothed out I was more able to interact and move about even though it was getting more intense. We talked and talked and talked. She was having a good experience and was pretty comfortable. I was too. Even though it was rather powerful she kept me in a good head space. I wasn't having too much muscle twitching like I had with 12 mg so that was good. We came onto a plateau at about 2 hours and 25 min after we took it. The plateau lasted about 2 hours.

On the way down we talked about some things I had been having anxiety with regarding our relationship. We talked very openly and worked through it and finaly I felt I was able to move on. We made tons of progress she had her first really enlightening experience and we both felt great about it. I was soooooooo proud of her and happy to have her!

At 7:30 We where hungry and ready to drive and get some food. She was basically baseline I was still plus 1. We went to eat and got home around 9.

I don't know why but I felt I didn't want it to end yet. We decided to boost. I guess a boost for me since I was still in that place. A re dose for her. This time I took 13 all at once. She took 8. After we took it we went for a walk. We had been laying in bed all day it was nice to get out and walk. The walk through my dark suburban neighborhood was like a dream. It was very surreal. The cars seemed to be piloting themselves and just sort of zoom off into the distance. My body was feeling good. No sickness like the first time. Tolerance was a bit nice but I thought the experience was going to be a tease.

We got back home and I decided to smoke some wild dagga and cannabis extract. It had been about an hour since we took it. It was mostly wild dagga but a bit of thc in there. I freebased a pretty large amount. It was hard to tell if I was getting anything. It was hard to see the vapir through the spider-webbed rainbows swirling about infront of me.

Moments after I finished the extract I was plus three and flirting with plus four. The next 3 hours it became super intense. I lost all sense of time. My g/f had to babysit me. At one point I put my hands over my eyes to block out the dim light in the room. It was like I was falling through my hands and the further in I went the bigger it got. I then had visions in my mind of a man in a european village around the 1400's. He was a grey haired peseant who had accidently ingested ergot infected rye. He was in the middle of the street. With his hands over his eyes he was experiencing terrifying things and going mad. Imagine the feeling of horror overwhelming And you just cover your eyes to try and bock it out but there is no escaping it. The people looked on as he screamed and rolled about in the middle of the street. I was that mad man and the feeling of going through my hands into another dimension where the visions he was having. The reason for his madness.

I got out of that loop somehow. I opened my eyes and saw the blades on my fan twisting. I put the blanket over my head and was immersed in the darkness.

I was laying on my side and asked my g/f who was behind me to put her arm around me. When she did I thought how perfect it was and how beautiful she is (mentally). I thought how lucky I am. How I love her. I said I love u to myself and It overwhelmed me. Soon im crying saying I love u. Tears poured out for about 10 min. I kept sayin I love you and thinking it. When she would say it back it would slam into me. Love so powerful and beautiful I was convulsing with tears. Truly one of the most powerful moments of life. A mystical experience. It would become so intense I would have to focus on breathing deep and manage to slow down the tears. I would think I love u to myself or she would say it and another wave would overpower me. It was love like I couldn't comprehend before. She held my hand. At times I must have squueezed so hard it hurt. I knew I loved this girl before this experience. This re-enforced it so much. All I can say is WOW! I don't think any other person could inspire that in me no matter how much foxy I ate.

We lay and talked for a few more hours and had a hard time getting to sleep. I woke up at 9 still having visuals.

All night I had massive muscle twitching at times my entire body lunging a few inches without my control. Fluffy has done this before but never seems to do it really bad until I add thc. Mescaline, shrooms, bufotonin some other stuff all have caused a twitching here and there but this is out of control. This twitching doesn't seem good and makes foxy seem a bit hard on the body. My muscle seem sore from so much twitching yesterday. I actually continued to twitch for an entire week after I did 12 mg which was about 11 days before this experience. The twitching was subsiding pretty fast over the course of 10 days. I'm still twitching every so often and its 7 pm the day after. It happens in all my muscles but mostly my legs. I could actually see a tremor in my right arm. It only effects a tiny segment of the muscle a few inches big. I don' think I should eat anymore fluffy till the twitching stops. My g/f reported twitching too. She also said it was MUCH worse after adding thc and dagga.

Today I feel a bit tired but truly healed. I feel rejuvenated. I have a powerful sense of well being. I still have some visuals like patterns on my fathers skin. It looks like a surreal psychedelic day dream outside. Colors are bright and so are my spirits. Tried to read but couldn't really absorb it so I stopped. Foxy seems to dehydrate me a bit. I drank a half gallon yesterday but im very thirsty today. I'm tired and look forward to sleep.

In conclusion redosing to get to the higher reaches seems best because it avoids getting sick that first hour. It really didn't seem to have that much tolerance beyond not getting sick and dizzy for the first hour. Pepto bismol makes the tummy feel better. Aside from the twitching this is a fine healing tool!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21751
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 26, 2003Views: 24,485
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