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Heavy Doseage
by Scarmani
Citation:   Scarmani. "Heavy Doseage: An Experience with 4-AcO-DiPT (exp21758)". Mar 3, 2003.

45 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (capsule)


The setting: 8 pm, Saturday, in a comfortable, safe, spacious apartment.

Five people were present, four of whom were interested in exploring this new compound.

J, male, was quite experienced with psychedelic materials, particularly psilocybe mushrooms. C, male, was fairly experienced with psychoactive materials and had a taste for strong experiences. C's female friend was modestly experienced with psychoactives, and was interested in 4-AcO-DiPT at a moderate dose. A, J's brother, was comfortable with psychoactive materials but wished to remain sober. Finally there was myself, somewhat familiar with a wide range of psychedelics. Besides myself, all present were trying 4-AcO-DiPT for the first time.

The set: Suggestion to try 4-AcO-DiPT, made a few hours prior, was fairly informal and impromptu. It was based on two strong, but pleasant and successful trials by J and myself of two other research tryptamines (DPT and 5-MeO-AMT respectively) on the prior two weekends.

The expectation was for a brief, intense, psylocybin-like experience with acute effects felt for about 3 hours, and sleep possible by 3 am Sunday (T + 7h).

The basic doseage level was decided to be 40 mg. This doseage level was based on a trial four days earlier by myself of 25 mg of 4-AcO-DiPT orally, which resulted in an ill-defined threshold effect that permitted sleep within three hours of doseing.

Two 40 mg doses were weighed out for J and C, placed in gelatin capsules, and ingested with beer. One 30 mg dose was weighed out for C's female friend, placed in a gelatin capsule and ingested with water. I weighed out a 45 mg dose for myself. The extra 5 mg were included because I desired a strong experience and was slightly concerned that there could be residual tolerance from my first trial with this substance four days earlier. I ingested the 45 mg dose in a gelatin capsule with water. All doses were consumed by 8:30 pm.

Within 15 minutes, C commented that he felt a definite effect. He described himself as 'tripping hard'. The rest of us were dubious, since we were feeling nothing, he did not appear through his speech or mannerisms to be undergoing an intense psychedelic experience, and because before dosing he had recently eaten a large meal with his female friend and A; wheras J and I had not eaten anything since that morning.

Nevertheless, he described his experience as increasing in intensity. At about 8:50 pm, he told us he felt queasy, went to the bathroom, and returned within a few minutes after brief vomiting. He did not appear physically uncomfortable and said he was enjoying himself.

At about 9:30 pm, J's roommate M and M's girlfriend K arrived at the appartment. After learning that a psychoactive session was underway, they expressed interest in joining us. After brief consultation about what doseages were taken and what experience was expected, M weighed out 42 mg for himself and 40 mg for K. The doses were placed in gelatin capsules and ingested with water. M and K's doses were consumed by about 10:00 pm.

At this point, C's experience was going strong and appeared to be quite enjoyable. J's experience had just begun and was rapidly increasing in intensity. C's female friend and I were not feeling anything, and were begininning to wonder if and when our experiences would begin. After all, 90 minutes had passed since our initial doses.

C expressed pleasure and surprise at the intensity of his trip, and J counselled patience and told us 'Don't worry. When it begins, you will understand.' The atmosphere was positive, social, and expectant.

By 10:30 pm, J was fully immersed in his experience as was C. C's female friend was beginning to feel hints of an effect, and I was still feeling essentially no effect. M suggested smoking weed, a prospect which appealed to me because in a recent experiment with 5-MeO-AMT, smoking marijuana 3 hours after dosing caused an ill-defined psychedelic effect to suddenly blossom into a fully-blown and remarkable effect which lasted the remainder of the day.

A joint of good marijuana was rolled and smoked between M, K, C, C's female friend, and myself. A and J also took a puff.

Within 5 minutes I was utterly immersed in a geometric masterpiece in which senses had become discrete, manipulable objects. Music was tangible and visual. I had to struggle to remain in-body and socially responsive. I was extremely euphoric, impressed by the clarity of the high and its lack of body-load or dark mental corners. It was clear that the marijuana alone could not possibly have engendered such an overwhelming response.

An epic kung-fu movie was started but could not be followed by most present. It presented itself to me as a disconnected series of beautiful visual impressions. Some found the sensory overload of the movie disconcerting. A large number of intense conversations were started and continued concurrently. There was a very upbeat, energetic atmosphere despite the intense trip that J, C, C's female friend and I were by now experiencing.

By 11:15 pm, both M and K were feeling the effects of the 4-AcO-DiPT very strongly.

To summarize the onset of the compound: one person (C) felt the onset within 15 minutes of dosing strongly and with transient nausea leading to vomiting. Three people (J, M, K) felt the onset about 75 minutes after dosing and found that it rapidly ramped up to an immersive +++ experience. Two people (myself and C's female friend) found that the onset took about 120 minutes, was not clearly defined until suddenly triggered by a modest amount of marijuana. Other than C, nausea was not a significant issue.

Over the course of the five hours starting 11:15 pm, everyone's experience continued to intensify. By 2am it had become clear that everyone was getting much more than they had bargained for, both in terms of duration and intensity. K first commented that the compound felt like a hard roll (ecstacy experience), and then entered a state of transcendant bliss in which she 'swam' on the wood floor, repeated phrases for several hours with a look of loving wonder on her face, and was not responsive to external stimulus or socially appropriate cues. She later stated that she had died and been reborn many times during the course of the night, becoming different people each time, and that she saw the emotional games that human beings played with one another as irrelevant and unnecessary, as she had experienced the unity and joy of all consciousness.

M stated, when asked if he wanted anything to eat, that he needed 'a big fat slice of reality pie with extra whipped cream'. He described himself as close to overwhelmed by the strength of the experience, but never crossing the threshold. Both M and J were at points 'floored', in the literal sense: they were most comfortable 'melting' on the wooden floor, trying to maintain a here-and-now connection with K. C, on the other hand, began ranting about fractals, how everything was a fractal with 'nothing at the center that expanded outwards infinitely like life,' and drew several pages of nonsensical diagrams by way of explanation to anyone who would listen. Despite being told that he was speaking utter nonsense, he did not get offended, but instead stated that he was content in the belief that eventually the rest of us would come to understand his profound and novel theory. It had to do with letters, numbers and colors, each of which were linked in some esoteric way that he could not quite articulate but which, according to him, described all physical and social interactions.

As for myself, I could manage to focus on tasks such as making tea for several people, but mostly preferred to merge with music, food, or various interactions with the five other insanely tripping people roaming the appartment.

Further description of the various activities and converstations that took place over the course of the night would be excessively lengthy. They involved spinning records, drawing things in the dark with glowing sticks, ranting, raving, cuddling, smoking clove cigarettes, attemtping sleep unsuccessfully, describing visual and auditory hallucinations, and having conversations about the past, the present, the future, things that existed, things that didn't exist, our utter shame at our U.S. government, and other such stuff.

The trip lasted at a +++ until 4 am Sunday morning, and a ++ until 8 am Sunday morning. A, C, and C's female friend departed at about 3:30 am. It was extremely fortunate that A was sober and competent to drive, as C's female friend had a flight to catch at 6:30 am for which she hadn't packed.

Sleep was attempted by J, M, K and I around 8 am with very limited success; J managed 5 hours, I managed 2 hours, K an unknown number of hours and M managed none at all. Dreams were vivid and active.

Residual ++ / + effects persisted through Sunday afternoon. Although tired from the lack of sleep and intense mental experiences, we felt better than expected Sunday morning and normal social interaction was possible by M and K with parents.

Both the duration and intensity of the experience exceeded all reasonable expectations. I was expecting some prolongation of the 4-HO-DiPT effect due to metabolic effects by the Acetoxy ether. Nevertheless, at 40 to 45 mg, the duration of 4-AcO-DiPT was experienced by several people to be, not 3-6 hours, but more like 12-16 hours. One person went completely out-of-body for an extended period of time, and the rest of us all came pretty close. A very positive experience, but in retrospect for most of us, a much more intense experience than we would care to repeat at any regular interval.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 3, 2003Views: 10,730
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4-AcO-DiPT (55) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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