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Watching the Walls Turn Into Calm Blue, Lava
5-MEO-AMT & Cannabis
by The Conductor
Citation:   The Conductor. "Watching the Walls Turn Into Calm Blue, Lava: An Experience with 5-MEO-AMT & Cannabis (exp21801)". Jan 21, 2004.

5.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (capsule)
  2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


My experience with drugs within the last two years has narrowed me to a group of drugs that I find the most comfort in doing: hallucinogens. Of the class, Iíve tried mushrooms nearly a dozen times, salvia without much hallucinogenic qualities, 5-meo-amt twice and DXM which is still debated over whether or not it belongs in the hallucinogenic category. (I still have yet to get my hands on some acid, which is the substance Iíve been searching for for over two years.) This specific report refers to the second 5-MEO-AMT experience I had just two nights ago. The first experience with a 5mg dosage proved to be rather uneventful and provided some unsettling pains in my stomach and skull. Though visuals were present near the fourth or fifth hours, they soon got old and all I wanted was sleep. On this occasion, I decided Iíd smoke some bud to take the trip up a notch and see what could come of it.

All I could obtain was another 5mg capsule. The capsule was big enough to fit nearly a gram of powder in it, and the 5mgs of crystalline powder looked very puny in comparison. I swallowed the pill at 7pm and waited, but this time, trying not to articulately notice every little affect. I waited for some signs of the 5-meo-amt to take hold and then I got into a warm bath. I torched the bowl and took two or three tokes since my reaction to pot is commonly paranoia and anxiety unless Iím on a more powerful chemicalÖkind of ironic. Right away I could feel the high of the cannabis set in and so I laid down and submerged myself into the water. I couldnít help but notice the unkemptness of my bathroom and itís simple, ugly walls. It was a bathroom fit for a mental hospital or a trailer park. I got somewhat anxious (probably due mostly to the bud) and got out to sit in my room. My mom just got home and my eyes were red so I laid in bed waiting for the her to fall asleep and the full effects to engulf me.

As she settled into her bed next door to my room, I could feel the high of the bud wear off and sobriety slowly take over. This was somewhat expected since the last time I experienced this substance, I felt mostly sober. My neck was as stiff as wood and was only getting more rigid as time went on. I went online and talked to some friends and began to notice something. The wallpaper on my computer is this array of pinks, yellows, blues and white splashes. Itís an abstract collage of flowers that began melting before my very eyes. This was somewhat similar to the visuals I get on mushrooms, but somehow different and in some ways more intricate. I watched this for a while until retiring to my couch to lie down. The body load was discomforting so the couch became my new dwelling location. There, I peered through the darkness into my kitchen. There, again, the melting, ďbubblingĒ, effects took hold. I could see everything in my kitchen just blend together in a very liquid, flowing fashion.

For a while, this was a remarkable sight. It certainly got my mind off of my physical pain that was occurring in my muscles. I could see a vortex almost forming in my living room, sucking in the contents of my kitchen like a calm, cool, blue stream of lava. It was like watching a freshly painted painting being rained on and blending into itself. I then looked over at the staircase and watched the small, sturdy pillars bend and curve like sea weed in the ocean. Out the window I could see a pink sky resembling a lava lamp in the way it moved. The sky was a rippling current and the snow laced trees (that I could make out in the morning) made for interesting designs. The material on my couch became tangled in loosely gripping vines crawling all over it. The vines would pop in and out, like 2-d to 3-d to 2-d to 3-d.

Soon, the physical pain became overwhelming and I needed to talk to someone. My friend S, who was online and somewhat concerned insisted she call me. I talked to her, curled into a fetal position on my couch for nearly 3 hours. She calmed me and I found myself being very comfortable whispering back and forth. My tone was compassionate even while being in terrible pain. I almost felt like I was falling in love, but I knew it was the drug and the soft, caring sound of her voice. Plus, my mind is completely on someone else.

I never slept until the next night near 10pm. The entire next day was pain filled and extremely uncomfortable. I didnít go to school, but work was an absolute necessity. That proved even more tedious than usual with my brain being so jolted. I probably wonít find myself doing this drugs for a long time unless I have a few vicodins for the comedown and the entire weekend to recover. I would also enjoy doing this with one other person instead of being alone. Someone I am open and close with. All in all, Iíd prefer a hippy flip and a few huge gulps of robo any day over this, but it was an experience worth having.

-Symphony of Swift Turtle Steps-

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21801
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2004Views: 12,701
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5-MeO-AMT (104) : General (1), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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