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World filled with magick and beauty
Salvia divinorum
by PM
Citation:   PM. "World filled with magick and beauty: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp21810)". Jan 4, 2021.

2 leaves smoked Salvia divinorum (dried)


I have been reading quite a lot on Salvia lately. I got a “specimen” of Salvia (approx. dried 20 leafs) from someone, and for quite a long time hesitated to try it. But lately I decided to give it a try, partly because I got “stuck” on my “journey to Ixtlan” and needed a kick to keep me going. I don’t know, from reading the stuff online I expected something really out of this world, total self dissociation or something. Thus, I proceeded with an extreme caution and instructed my wife what to do “in case of what”.

So, I got a couple of dried leafs and put them into the ordinary pipe, lit it with a lighter, and took 3 hits or so. When I felt it. “Wow, this is a real stuff” I thought and moved to the patio where I sat with my dog on it’s “bed” and took a couple more hits. Then I saw a dog like all being covered with a shining net of energy. The same with my hands. I started moving my hands admiring the beauty of the net it produced. Then I had a “dropout” to another world – I was in a forest, near some sort of wooden fence, and I knew that knitting the energy net was my lessons in magick or something. Then I slipped back to our world. The feeling of magick remained, everything around was beautiful, full meaning. I had a strong feeling of de ja vu – like that I WAS in this world before, even more, that this world, the magick and all, is the NORMAL way of life to me, that this is how I used to live and this is how I have to live because it is the only normal way for me – to live in the wold of magic! The world of Salvia is MY world, in the sense that I fit in it so naturally...

In the morning I woke up rested and fresh, and for several days had this afterglow – remembered the incredible feeling of magic surrounding me and filling the world.

In a couple weeks I repeated the experience. Several hits and here it was, pulsating sensation in my chest, and again, the feeling of magic. It was like I suddenly got to fairy tale – it was the “normal” world here and suddenly it opened up a new dimension, a dimension of magick and beauty. “How can ANYBODY have any doubts that it exists!” I cried and went to tell my wife that she absolutely have to try Salvia and experience the beauty of the fairytale that our world is. Later in 10 minutes it all faded away and it was a real pain and disappointment to get back to a “normal” state, because the state I was in under Salvia, was so much more natural!

What did I get out of the experience? It showed me that the world of magick is quite real. I mean, I can experience it and live in it, if I can do that under Salvia, I can certainly do it without it, it is only a question of work. I got a new impulse in my practices, now I KNOW what it is – to live here and now, to experience the world as an incredible beautiful fairytale.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21810
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 4, 2021Views: 366
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