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2C-B & DXM
by misty
Citation:   misty. "Panicked: An Experience with 2C-B & DXM (exp21944)". Nov 4, 2004.

480 mg oral DXM
    insufflated 2C-B


I just got out of the ICU at the hospital. Friday night I took 480mg DXM and then snorted some 2C-B, I guess I snorted too much. I vomited the DXM and I felt fine, and I started tripping harder and harder and I tripped so incredibly hard. The synergism of these two substances was absolutely amazing, it's like a whole new drug, not DXM and 2C-B combined. It was more intense than anything, and it was so intense that the physical effects began to take hold.

After laying on the bed a while, my body felt prickly and tingly and I felt like I was laying on sandpaper. I started to fade away like I was about to sleep. I didnt really think much of this until I realized I wasnt breathing; those effects were from oxygen deprivation. 'Fuck!' I thought and started gasping for breath. But this kept happening. I'd try to keep my mind on breathing and I would forget and then only begin to breathe when I realized I wasn't breathing. I was suffocating myself. I had a near death experience several times. I felt like I could give up and slip away, and fall into like a sleep. And I really would have died too, of suffocation.

I couldn't even figure out how to breathe. I was dizzy and I made it across the house and woke up my father, who was pissed but he took me to the emergency room. They stuck a tube down my nose and put charcoal in my stomache, gave me IV's, and measured my heart rate and whatnot. I stayed in the icu overnight and was released the next day. The DXM gave a false positive for PCP in drug testing.

It was scary that I came so close to death, I was actually considering not breathing and letting myself die. But I was thinking about how I'd die without ever being marrying or anything, without ever being loved, it made me sad. And I changed my mind and tried as hard as I could to concentrate on breathing.

The trip would have been amazing if if I wasn't dying. If I hadn't gotten to the hospital I would have suffocated. Now I owe my dad $1000 for the hospital bill. I'm fucked.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21944
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 4, 2004Views: 14,526
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2C-B (52), DXM (22) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Overdose (29), Hospital (36)

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