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A World of Difference
Citation:   The Hunted Cat. "A World of Difference: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp21989)". Sep 23, 2008.

T+ 0:00
0.5 g smoked Cannabis
  T+ 2:06 10 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT
  T+ 2:45 3.0 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT

Note: If you do this chemical and come down... good luck sleeping!
I'm still up! and have I got a crazy story to tell...

On a bright beautiful saturday afternoon in my college dormroom, I recieved a call (that I was awaiting) from a few friends of mine. I was excited to hear that they were planning a trip down to visit me, and asked if they could get any drugs to bring back home. I told them I would check into it. I was originally planning to eat mushrooms later that night with a friend of mine who was originally here with me. But... shrooms are scarce around the campus I currently reside at, and the person I usually get my shit from was gone. Hearing about a new drug in town called 'Foxy Methoxy'(5Meo-DIpt), I was immeadiatly interested. The results are said to be similar to AMT, DMT, and other triptamines of its type. Having never done a triptamine before, I didnt know quite what to expect, except that it was alot like 'candy flipping' or eating LSD with MDMA. I once observed a friend take 100mg of AMT using about 5 grams of chronic pot to kick in the buzz. he said he was tripping his nuts off. Being a habitual user of tobacco, and marijuana and an occasional user of acid and mushrooms, I like to trip, and I thought this was my chance to drop some good shit!

I called up an aquaintence with the foxy and asked how much he had left. He replied that he had a solution of 250ml (1mg 5Meo-DIpt to every 1ml water) and how much I wanted to get. I told him I had some friends that were interested in getting fucked up off of something 'new' (most of my friends up north only drink and smoke weed occasionally). We agreed to meet later that night at 8:00pm to arrange the purchase of this wonder drug (which is soon becoming illegal to possess) for 1 dollar a milliliter (10 bucks a hit). After I hung up the phone, I felt reluctant to what I had just set up... I haven't even done coke before, and here I was planning to do a research chemical that nobody knows too much about including myself. So, I called up my friend about the shrooms... he wasnt there, probably fucking his girlfriend again and not answering the phone. Pissed off, I hung up the phone and decided to chill to some music and watch a few TV programs.

A couple hours later my friends arrive with money and a fat (just over 3 grams) joint of pretty good weed. We end up smoking around 6:30pm in my dormroom, kickin up some tunes and conversing with each other about the ride down and any new exciting adventures I should be aware of. After we shoot the shit for a couple hours, I give my foxy friend a call (hah, funny) and depart to pick up my shipment. Since there were alot of people in my room, I decided to get 70ml of the foxy, which came in a mountain dew 20oz. bottle. He also gave me 7 small plastic solo cups (which hold about 40ml of whatever) with precise 'dots' as to where the correct 'hit' or 'dose' is at. To reassure me that the dots were precise he showed me a measuring tube, measured out 10ml of water and dropped it into one of the cups. Yup. Exactly 10ml. I thanked him for the goods and went on my merry way into the biggest adventure I've ever had in my lifetime.

I arrived back into the room with a the bottle, cups and a big ol' grin on my face.
'Who wants to get FUCKED UP!?' I said.
'What is it?' was the curious reply from the room.
'Foxy' I said,'Foxy Methoxy'.
'And what does it do?' they asked.
'Make you trip your fucking nuts off!' I said with a crazy smirk on my face.

They seemed uneasy about taking something they didnt recognize for the first time. I agreed to surf the net and get as much information on foxy as I possibly could, however, they were ready to take their hits, and so was I. The 5 of us took 10ml each (or 10mg) at 8:36pm (except for the driver). We had 3 cups left over when a friend called me to come meet him downstairs. Cool. Better get him his dose. As I leave the room I first notice a 'stoning' effect from the foxy. This was very pleasant, and I met my friend smiling and buzzing. He was anxious to do some, so we went back up to my room where he consumed 2 of the cups. I then found out that he had to meet someone in another dorm hall 5 mins across campus because of money he owed.

Anxiously, I decided to go and keep him company. It was really cold when we got outside, and I kept swearing, saying that the cold was killin my buzz. My friend wasnt feeling any different, even 20-25 minutes into the drug. When we got there 7 minutes later I noticed that noises started becoming louder and richer sounding, like they do when I smoke really good bud. But the overhappiness is not there like bud, I just felt strange. It felt like I was stoned but I wasnt giddy and laughy. This disturbed me but I decided to not worry about it and just have a fun time.

On the way back to my dormhall I could just feel my body getting heavy. I started feeling sensations that would shoot through my spine and gather around the back of my head and neck. It was really cold out, and that only essentuated my buzz, as before I thought that it would destroy it. At 8:50pm we got back to my room. My stomach began turning over and I felt the first effects of nausea on my system. 5 minutes later I started to get really anxious and felt like I had to do something important. I couldnt quite put my finger on it but it felt like something was 'missing'. I decided that it wasnt because of the drug, it was because I was bored and needed to move to a more comfortable place.

I decided to call one of my girls to tell her about the exciting new drug I was experiencing. Me and the friend I met downstairs earlier ran up to her room and talked for what seemed like hours. Right before we left her room at 9:18pm it started to kick in. I felt the effects of the triptamine start to grow, my body became a slightly ape-like when I walked back to my dormroom where my friend took the last 10ml of foxy.

My friends who were half freaking out, half enjoying themselves, left to go up north where they came from. I then took all of the cups (which werent all totally empty, a few drops remained in some) and poured what was left in to one cup. Here I had about 2ml, I couldnt tell, but it was about 1/4 the way to the dot on the cup. I drank this, and also filled up the bottle (which was coated with 5MEO-DIPT droplets) with water and drank about 3/4 of that (I estimate I drank between 0.5 to 1ml in this), because by this time it felt like I was rolling hard on Ecstasy, but I was getting only a few tracers and wasnt having any hallucinations. However, after I drank the little bit of foxy that I did (taken at 9:35pm), the rolling effect on my body kicked in hard, and shivers shot down my spine and became more intense every minute. Time was so twistedly altered by this time that 2 minutes seemed like 30 minutes. I was thoughroughly enjoying this new experience, all except for the urge to shit and puke at the same time.

At 9:50pm we decided to go on a walk to the commons. The wind was extreemly intense against my skin. It felt like the hundreds of nerve endings in my body were experiencing orgasmic pleasure, while at the same time my stomach was in incredible pain. On the way to the commons I stopped, sat on a park bench and stared at this brick wall with a light on it. The light would get really bright, then dim. Wierd, bug-like ripples moved across the bricks with blinding rapidity. My friend finally got my attention and we walked into the commons.

We met another friend who wanted company with her on the way to the store. At this time I was extreemly nauseas, overheating, and the anxiety I felt was too much. Too many people, too many sounds, too many distractions which I could not tell were safe or dangerous. I melted to the chair and words came out of my mouth slightly slurred. I finally convinced my friends that we needed to leave the commons. We got into the car at 10:20pm and drove for what seemed like hours to the store. Headlights of moving cars streaked beautiful colorful tracers across the road, buildings stretched and grew, trees were unusual and odd looking, light posts would have auras around them and a 'pinwheel' design circling around the fuzz that slowly grew brighter. This was still nothing like acid, and I was a little dissapointed, but I dealt with my new triptamine and took the ride in.

When we got to our destination, all I could see was red blots everywhere (on top of my normal vision) from the headlights and tracers I saw. Walking into the store was one of the scariest places ever, and a HUGE mistake. The first minute we were there I saw a dirty old man look at me like he was going to kill me, little girls walking around screaming for daddy to give them candy, and a 40 year old scruffy looking midget being pushed around in a shopping cart by what looked like a carney at a state fair. My friend and I, overwhelmed by what we had just walked into (there are ALOT of fucking cameras!!) decided to walk to the video game section and check out some of the games.

We watched an intro for a new GameCube video game, which was blurred with tracers and wierd fuck-with-your-head visuals. All of a sudden I came down from visuals, and my body took on a load like none other. I walked around the store praying to god that no one would see me if I vomited, because I was in no shape at this moment to talk to authorities. Whenever I spoke about something my mind created thousands of different ways to say it, threw in more ideas and eventually by the time I spoke it came out as 'Hiii mummmphhh muhphh'. By this time I knew I needed to get some fresh air, so me and a friend went outside to have a cigarette. As we're outside he tells me not to freak out, that I'll be fine. I agreed with him and let him know that I didnt take enough to hurt me, that I hadnt puked yet, and the cold air was cooling me out.

It wasnt long before this person walked up with his hand in his pockets, a violent, aggravated look on his face, and started talking to my friend, who by now, was tripping his nuts off. 'Why'd you break my skateboard,' the obvioulsy pissed of stranger said,'It was one of a kind, you can't replace it!!' Mitch apoligized but the guy said in response, 'Really... oh yeah?!' ~*CLICK*~ I heard the sound of a knife click open in the stranger's pocket. In absolute fear of being stabbed while on this strange new drug, I promptly told him not to start any shit and that I didn't even know him. My friend almost started a fight with him, and I myself felt really aggressive, but terrified at the same time. Nothing was done, apoligies were made and accepted by both parties, but the fear still remained inside of me.

By now the cold air was getting to me, the chills were too intense, my body did not feel like my own, everything was alien, people kept telling their children not to stare at the, 'Strange man' in the corner. I remember talking to someone that was sitting in a car. I dont know how or why I started talking to him. As of now I was existing in 2 dimensions. I wondered if I even was here, or if this was all just a hallucination and I was just sitting in my room staring at a wall. I asked him for a cigarette and he gave me one, reved the engine and then turned up the music. He asked me what I was on, and I said that I was a little drunk, but when he reved the engine again and I grabbed his car in extreeme fucking non-controllable sensation and orgasma. He laughed and asked me again what I'm on. I tried to say, 'foxy methoxy' but it came out as 'fathoxy moxy' or something, and then I said it was like X and acid. He laughed and soon left, leaving a streaking trail from his tail lights.

At one point I started walking, I dont know when and I dont know how long, but it was sometime after the car incident. By this time I was on my own, my trip buddy was somewhere inside. I was alone, but there were thousands of people around me. So I started walking, I stopped after about 20 seconds because I got tired of it, and ended up by the rows of shopping carts, alone, outside, by myself.

This was the first time that I actually began to 'trip' on this stuff like acid. Suddenly I heard a cracking sound and to my horror the ground started to give way under me. I saw thousands of lines spreading from the sidewalk, crystal clear hallucinations (most of the shit I was seeing before was tracers, not actual clear visuals). The shopping carts began clanging together, auditorial hallucinations began to get more intense untill and I started moving with the broken sidewalk pieces. It was horrifying but extreemly intrigueing. I knew in the back of my mind that it wasnt real, that it was all because I'd taken a drug, but every second that passed, my mind began forgetting that I had even taken a drug. I tried to close my eyes and gather my thoughts like I have before on shrooms, but the tracers fucked with my head and the hallucinations became only more confusing and intense. Pretty soon it felt like however long I had been standing there had been an eternity. An infinitely long glimpse of the world around me falling apart.

Then I caught sight of my trip buddy. The world calmed down and I stayed at a hightened roll state untill we left at 11:40, nearly an eternity later. My friend who took us to this God-forsaken place finally took us back to campus where my trip buddy left me alone so I could get some rest. Suddenly my stomach growled and made the wierdest noises I have ever heard, followed by 5 or 6 giant smelly farts. I decided and felt while I was airing out the pungent room that I should take a monster shit. It made me feel better, although it was a little odd to complete this task. I took a shower at around midnight, exactly 3 and a half hours since I ate the 10ml and 2 1/2 hours since I ate the 2-3ml.

So there I was, almost on the end of my foxy plateau and in the shower. I noticed that in quiet environments the noises that I heard were much louder and more vivid. Every drop of water that dripped from the leaky shower stalls sounded like a myriad of people making poping noises with their mouths. I was still shivering with excitement as I got into the EXTREEMLY soothing shower which sounded like a waterfall falling over me. I looked down to see the bathroom tiles and to my amazement my trip kicked in once more, just like acid. There was what looked like cigarette smoke coming up from the tiles. This freaked me out and I stepped in the puddle on the tiles next to me. BOOM! The lighting in the room reflected off of the water splashes and the tiles just right that stars exploded from my foot and wrapped around my entire body. The drain began to stretch and grow, and for a second it looked like niagra falls shooting down the drain. It's as if someone whispered 'come here, come here' to tell you a secret and then they yell as loud as they can in your ear, but not just your ear feels the rush, your entire body.

Occasionally the water spraying off my back would hit the shower stall curtain which would make me hear some of the wierdest auditorial hallucinations such as people calling my name, and little girls running around the bathrooms and turning on the hair dryers. Since foxy is an amphetamine, it makes me feel stronger than usual. To test this out I located the solid steel curtain rod above me and gripped it with one hand. I pulled as hard as I could and it felt like if I pulled it a little more it would break off. I even witnessed the bar slowly bend as I pulled on it. Suddenly I thought about what the bar was made out of and how it was reinforced to the wall in a way that not even a truck with a winch could rip that out without bringing the whole wall down. The water was incredible and helped to absolutely sooth any pain that I was feeling.

After I got out of the shower at about 1:00am I was still pretty messed up but felt like I was coming down. I still had no appetite but needed a cigarette. I had no lighter so I walked down the hall in my boxers to the kitchen, where I lit it with the stove. Walked back to my room and havent been able to sleep since. It's 6:00am and I have no desire to sleep. Although it could be that I havent smoked marijuana in 10 hours, (I have insomniac problems if I dont have a bowl before I go to bed, I smoke weed probably 3-4 times daily if possible more.)


I should have researched thoughroughly the chemical I put into my body. The only reason why I failed to do this was because I heard it's similar to AMT, and I've researched AMT. Little did I know that Foxy Methoxy is a roll from another world. It's a dark experience in some environments, but a great orgasmicly wonderful experience in others. I WENT TO HELL for what seemed like an eternity, but ended up in an absolutely ecstatic heaven. I shouldn't have taken it at a public place, the least amount of people in the room, the better. I've heard sex is suppost to be great on this drug, Visuals are mild acid visuals combined with an INCREDIBLE and almost overpowering roll similar to pure MDMA.

5Meo-DIpt or 'Foxy Methoxy' would have been better enjoyed at lower dosages, as a sort of wonderful buzz to accompany a marijuana high. If I would have known the dosage curve of foxy was the way it is, I probably wouldnt have taken the extra 3ml of foxy, 10ml would have been perfectly fine for a first timer. But everyone reacts different to different people. Please, know your drug, know your body, know your mind, know your source and PLEASE be careful when measuring out doses. Foxy can be a world of difference between 10mg and 15mg.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 23, 2008Views: 5,168
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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