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Sitting in the Fox Hole
Citation:   Arjuna. "Sitting in the Fox Hole: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp22114)". Sep 4, 2003.

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T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT  
  T+ 0:35 10 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT  
  T+ 5:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 9:00   oral Alcohol - Hard  
The evening started with a mystical coincidence. It was Friday, and I had made up my mind to finally try some foxy that had been given to me at a local Phish show. I was going downtown to chill with a friend to see if he wanted to try it. As it turns out, it was his birthday! What better gift, I thought. We started the evening with a double tall long island and a slice of pizza at a local dive techno club. I was concerned about eating before dosing, as some of the information I had read advised against it. We waited a half an hour after eating (just like swimming, gotta avoid those cramps!) and then we both swallowed 10mgs of 5MEODiPT at about 8:30pm.

At about T+0:15, my friend decided to eat a Hot Pocket. I advised against this, as I have never had an experience with this substance before, and wasn’t sure how a full stomach would affect the experience. At T+0:30, the first perceptual changes began to take place, I’d begun to feel jittery and speedy, while noticing a slight change in my ability to communicate verbally. I felt as if it took longer to formulate my sentences, and a small stutter seemed to develop. Also, around this time I was becoming more empathic to the emotions of others. Being skeptical as to how far 10mgs would take me, we decided to take another 10.

Fifteen minutes later (T+0:50) I had begun to wonder if the other 10mgs was a mistake. The perceptual changes were becoming more intense; street lights began to starburst more vividly, and textures seemed sharper. The body high was beginning to become overwhelming, and I felt the need to sit. At this point, (T+1:00) I began to breathe deeply, and proceeded with a centering meditation ritual that I often use in altered states to help me evaluate my spirit and my psyche. I was becoming amazed at how clear my inner perception was becoming. Contrary to some other reports, my body actually felt more complete. I did not experience any muscle spasms or tension. My whole body felt as if it was one complete structure; absent of its various parts. I was not a collection of muscles, bones, organs and nerves, I felt as solid as marble, clear as quartz, and bright as a star. Immobilized in the chair I was sitting in, I continued to ride the wave, waiting for the next level.

At about T+1:30 I began to feel nauseous, and began to cough excessively for what seemed like an eternity. I came very close to vomiting; So close that I could taste that bile; metallic taste in my mouth, and my salivary glands began to work overtime. I never ended up actually vomiting, but I had a feeling that if I did, I would have been shot up to a Level 5 – 6 experience for a while. Content with the current level I was at, I just waited for this uncomfortable feeling to subside. By T+2:00, the nausea was completely gone, and the cough had reduced itself to a manageable level. After walking off the nausea, I returned to my chair overlooking Broadway, one of our main streets through downtown.

It was around T+2:30 that the truly vivid and mystical experiences began to happen. I began to feel the ebb and flow of energy all around me, like a cosmic breeze. There would be this vast flurry of activity, like a rising tide. Friends came to check up on us, which was always followed by chaos, traffic, and random encounters on the street. Once our friends left, the traffic would die down, the wind would stop blowing and the street would become devoid of cars and silent all around. This made me realize that we are all susceptible to the currents of the universe. The slightest change in the cosmos creates ripples of energy that every physical and natural law here on earth are susceptible to.

By T+3:00 We were well inside the peak. The peak was very LSD like; we hit a plateau and stayed there, with only tiny perceptible valleys for the duration. It had been a long time since I had entered any tryptamine space that was so similar to acid, It had reminded me of some of the fundamental lessons psychedelics had taught me. For the next two hours I remember speaking of the concept of meditation on concepts. With enough concentration, I realized that it was possible to become anything. I decided to become peace. At this point, I felt something indescribable. It was as if I had decompressed all sense of self and became only that which my minds eye had perceived as how peace should feel. I then did this with the concept of heaven, and was awash with a bright white light and a feeling of completion. I was able to share this with my friend, and he was able to do as I did; he was able to become a singular being of whatever his consciousness wished.

By T+5:00, the intensity began to wane. The sheer intensity up until this point had left me glued to the chair. I had been sitting in that chair for the vast majority of this time, save one trip to the bathroom. The only complaint that was logged by my friend was his body load and nausea. I attributed this to him eating after dosing. Hey, I warned him! At T+5:30 I realized the trip was far from over. At this point I went inside and decided to mellow out with a bowl of cannabis while listening to Tool’s Opiate. The speaker would melt and move as he sang, and even though I’ve heard that EP north of 100 times, I’ve never heard it like that before. The pitch seemed slower, distorted and warped like a half melted record. I also had this crazy idea that the true intent of the title track (opiate) was not to be interpreted as a sarcastic criticism of organized religion, but that it was to be taken literally. ”Choices always were a problem for you; what you need is someone strong to guide you, like me.” I always knew Manyrd was God, this experience helped me to realize it in a way I never had before ;-).

We weren’t completely down until T+9:00, at which point we proceeded to drink Bloody Marys and pop in the film 'Resident Evil' at about 6:00AM. After a refreshing drink, I slept peacefully and woke up to the standard tryptamine after effects that I’m used to; fatigue, mental sluggishness and a sense of light euphoria that permeated my essence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Contrary to some of the TiKHAL reports and some of the negative effects listed on Erowid, I was pleasantly surprised to find most of them absent, with the exeption of the nausea. I’d say that 20mgs might be too intense for people who are not experienced with the tryptamine family. NEVER try to eyeball doses. A scale accurate to 1mg is ESSENTIAL if you wish to play with research chemicals. I was initially given one 100mg capsule. If I would have swallowed that high a dose, when 20mgs did all the above, I couldn’t imagine where I would have ended up, but in all probability it would have been someplace bad, like the hospital, detox, or jail.
Please exercise caution, especially with research chemicals. With that said, these chemicals can lead to profound life – changing experiences.

Happy Trails!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22114
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2003Views: 18,858
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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