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A Change of State
by Scotto
Citation:   Scotto. "A Change of State: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DiPT (exp2212)". Jun 27, 2000.

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T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 10 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


I must confess I had rather high expectations of this one, due to Shulgin's note that he flirted with the mythical ++++ with this substance. I was disappointed by the experiences I had in relation to that, and learned yet again that expectation is probably my biggest stumbling block as I continue exploring the psychedelic world. Nevertheless, there's something unique here that I enjoy, if I can just put my finger on it. It's a remarkably subtle experience, and those who know me know that I appreciate subtlety in a drug experience about as much as I appreicate watching golf on television, which is to say rarely if ever.

First of all, though, it's worth noting that the ++++ Shulgin describes is actually in relation to a different substance, 4-ho-DIPT. The theory is that 4-acetoxy-DIPT converts into 4-ho-DIPT in the brain, and so although the experience might take a bit longer to unfold than 4-ho-DIPT, it is essentially the same drug. 4-acetoxy-DIPT has the advantage of being a more stable compound than 4-ho-DIPT, which is why one would prefer it.

In TIHKAL, Shulgin describes the active dose as having a maximum of around 20mg, but I have found Shulgin to be a relentless lowballer when it comes to these things, or rather, I am a giant pig when it comes to these things and usually require More. My first experience with 4-acetoxy-DIPT involved a 30mg dose, followed by a 10mg boost at approximately 1.5 hours in.

The experience was, as I mentioned, remarkably subtle. I was looking for some kind of intensity that simply didn't manifest. I was completely unmoved intellectually or emotionally, and I sat on the couch for quite a while wondering if anything was actually happening. There was definitely a 'change of state,' sure, but it was not particularly useful or interesting. However, after a while I began to realize that my body had changed its timbre a bit; I was growing into the experience and feeling extremely sensual. My ground control drew a bath for me, and it was an immensely luscious experience. By 3.5 hours in, however, it was obvious the experience was ending, and at 4 hours, it was gone. I took MDMA later that night to good effect.

My next experience with 4-acetoxy-DIPT was at 40mg right from the start. A companion took 20mg, and boosted with 10mg later on. The subtlety of the experience that night is hard to encapsulate in words; we both agreed that 4-acetoxy-DIPT makes 'a good appetizer' for other things. It's a good way to shift your headspace without actually giving too much of a hard wrench, and indeed, one thing that I do believe is that it would make an excellent therapeutic tool, as a way to comfortably introduce novices to the feeling of an altered state, or even as a useful tool in itself for conversation. It doesn't demand much, but things are changed in the mind enough that perhaps some cobwebs could be shaken loose without fear of opening up traumatic spaces. We later took LSD after the 4-acetoxy-DIPT was over, and again, I had no cross-tolerance.

It is entirely possible that for me, hardhead that I am, an effective dose of this stuff is going to be much higher than what I've managed to try. By the same token, I have a good friend who has spoken to me before about an ability to appreciate subtlety in the psychedelic experience, in particular as it relates to taking smaller doses of drugs that I typically enjoy at high levels (such as 2C-B). 4-acetoxy-DIPT offers a lot of opportunity in that respect.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2212
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 27, 2000Views: 40,532
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4-AcO-DiPT (55) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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