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Very Little Mind Disorientation
by Mr.Morlas (esq.)
Citation:   Mr.Morlas (esq.). "Very Little Mind Disorientation: An Experience with Ether (exp22216)". Apr 30, 2018.

400 ml inhaled Ether


Twisted on Ether

My friend and I decided that it was upon ourselves to test and experiment what the world had to offer in the way of mind-expanding body disorientating drugs!

We are currently at the university and drugs like no other are seemingly falling at our feet. The chemistry labs provide us with ample amounts of new and old solvents, acids, chemicals and fun things!

Not only the chemical side of things,… the botanical has all been well experimented with as well! Hallucinogens ranging from LSA-Psycilocybin in naturally occurring plants have all been ingested. I like to fancy myself as a bit of a scientist and take my self as the axis on a graph plotting effects against well, time.

I have just started writing this article after inhaling a 400ml of diethyl-ether a ostensibly harmless ‘drunkenness’ inhibiting drug that in all honestly isn’t worth the entire hassle of obtaining and inhaling unless it is really available to hand. Ever heard of Poppers? Iso-butyl nitrate a nitrate that is easily brought in sex shops and provides much more of a high (rush) though for shorter periods.

We obtained the ether from chemical supplies so there was minimal doubt of purity. It arrived in a tall glass vial and a small tablet bottle. The sweet smell was the first noticeable property apart from its clear appearance. Diethyl ether is a distillate of crude oil and I would imagine that the fumes inhaled from petrol would be relatively similar. (I have memories of my friends at home hyperventilating on petrol to get a rush).

The ether was poured onto an old T-shirt of mine and immediately brought to the nose and mouth. It feels incredibly cold seeing as it is evaporating so rapidly and I avoid contact with the mouth and skin as ether may cause slight irritation or drying of the skin.

Several deep breaths were taken at first to accustomizse myself with the smell etc. –Not much of an effect though, I knew the solvent had power.

A continuation of deep and slow breaths were taken for a period of about 1min until all the ether had evaporated from the cloth. –Effects not entirely magnificent.

More ether was added to the rag and inhaled in the same way. By the end most of the container had been inhaled and the effects were definitely apparent. A walk down the corridor proved the ether had control. The entire inhalation period was about five minutes.

There is very little mind disorientation on ether especially as I am still typing while on the drug! It mainly affects the motor skills and there is a definite sense of well being and content ness which I suppose is the cause of want for more. The effects are gentle and ware of after a minimum of 10 mins. And leave a general sense of ‘I feel O K!’

The effects I would say were very similar to that of hyperventilation in a dorm room at school, the dizziness prior to complete brain – oxygen deficiency.

The experience was well…an experience and the remains of the ether will probably become part of my chemistry set and maybe later used to separate some chemical compound!

Fear and Loathing is a FILM and as with all films facts and figures are adjusted. An ether trip is not a good as it looks unless a vast amount is taken. Though chemicals affect people in many different ways.
My next step; a Hoffman’s drop, 3 parts vodka, one part ether. Ill leave you to research that further.

More reports to come....Luv Mr.Morals

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22216
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 30, 2018Views: 1,749
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