A Few Sessions with Divine Mint
Salvia divinorum
by Nemo
Citation:   Nemo. "A Few Sessions with Divine Mint: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp22290)". Erowid.org. Mar 30, 2007. erowid.org/exp/22290

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This is my individual account of the effects of Salvia as both a hallucinogen and as a general headfucker.
For background info: I've limited myself in true hallucinogens to mushrooms (They're my alli) with which I had three encounters; the first two were solo journeys and rode out very pleasurably with lots of common 'shroomy' visuals and colors (liquid breathing/expanding/waving in the walls), and the third was so profound I wrote a report for it which hopefully gets posted. I'm well versed with pot and alcohol and have some experience with DXM, I usually like to stick with what nature intended as a teacher and not something a chemist came up with.

Experience the first:
After about 2 weeks waiting while my order was processed I finally recieved my half ounce of Salvia; a zip-lock baggie full of dried leaves crushed to the size of those chile flakes you put on pizza. I was alone in the house for at least the next half hour and had been feeling fine all day, so I figured I ought to try a hit of this stuff; that was stupid. I knew I was feeling apprehensive (bordering on nervous) even as I was emptying/refilling my water pipe and trying to center myself; I trusted the strength of my mind though, it was just giving me a shitload of what-if's which it does all the time. I loaded a heaping bowl for me to clear in one lungful (this pipe is made for high flow and hits REALLY hard), and fired it up.
I could feel that tingly menthol type feeling (Salvia is a mint mind you) all over my body as I was holding the smoke down; when I let go it was a definite cross over, but I didn't seem to feel it this time. I stood up and noticed I was feeling quite drunk, like I had that stumbly feeling where you're being pulled all over the room by your legs, except I could control it now. I got it in my mind somehow that I should have another hit, which is moronic but I did anyway; that's when it really got me. Suddenly I woke up and had no idea what/where/WHY I was, my mind blanked entirely and all I knew was that I felt FUCKED up; my vision had a dreamy distortion over it and through this I could see some fast and intensive visuals (my door was swinging open and shut for example but it was much less 'real' seeming than other visuals I'd had), I also had a feeling of discomfort like I didn't know what to do next. I felt like there was nothing behind the surface layer of comprehended reality, Salvia had washed it out like a wave does to a sand castle; I had this image of myself being rolled up into a little wheel of flesh and rolled off into the infinity of my own head, and was thinking if that was what had happened to me and I was soon going to be looking back from where Syd Barret ended up or something (the dark side of the moon that is). Of course this was smoking and so the experience ended about the time when I was starting to feel hot but distinctively 'minty' flashes (If you're familiar with that feeling of pleasent pleasure you get when high on pot, I had that about 10 times more intense). I decided then that I'd keep this stuff away from me until I could get a friend, the experience made me NEED something to do besides just sit around.

Experience the second:
Now I had a friend with me who was curious about the Salvia too, this was about 3 days later the same week. We both used a butane torch (last time I'd used a Bic becuase it was all I had) to burn a heaping bowl for each of us, though we didn't finish the whole hit and passed it off; each of us took one 'fresh' hit and one 'ass' hit. I had the exact same experience of being blanked and waking up wondering what the hell; this time I had an image in my mind of two wheels spinning together (one was me and the other was the world), mine stopped while the other continued and I had to get it to start again, it was a lot like a syncro-mesh transmission if you know what that is. We were sitting down watching Pink Floyd videos and I was having the same sort of experience, I couldn't help thinking about the fragility of Animalian organisms (this is always a subject I find interesting), but I was having a pointedly bad experience; I wasn't feeling bad but it was like the Salvia itself was forcing me to feel scared and uncomfortable. 5 minutes passed of me wishing it would return to base-line and my friend suddenly tells me he is 'disgustingly sober', I'm just like 'What the fucking fuck dude? I'm getting my ass kicked over here!' He took another hit-maybe two now that I think of it-but he must be a hardhead or something because he said that it felt like something was trying to come through for him but was just being fought back by his body.

Experience the third:
This was a few days later, again I was alone, although my mom was downstairs. It at this point has become my goal to figure out what the hell Salvia has against me, so as I packed another heaping bowl I prayed that she show herself to me and make it known what she wanted. She did, oh that bitch. While holding the hit I again had that minty feeling in my body, after letting it go I again felt drunk; I did not however get the dissociation (yay!). I stood up and recognized the drunk feeling again, but there was something else there this time...Voices! Yes, it was her; and she was talking to me VERY clearly. She was asking me again and again what I wanted to do now, I ate a piece of candy and she told me I was fat (I work out three times a week), I was looking all over the room and trying to keep a though; every time I had a clear thought I would get this image of it being thrown down a hillside by her while she sat there laughing hysterically at me, I could hear her from every piece of furniture in my room. For like 2 minutes while I was just standing there she would just give me shit about every thing I thought of, then laugh about how stupid I was being; it was crazy becuase all of my thoughts were now vivid voices in my mind along with hers, when a thought came I could hear it ridiculed/mocked and the echoes of the taunting along with the thought would slowly die away until I had another thought. Now she was telling me I was a 'mommies boy' for some reason, finally fed up with this bullshit I decided I was going to show her who was boss; so I grabbed my guitar. For a bit I had trouble getting a good tune going, but soon I was busting out with some serious energy and style; she had shut up for sure, I could still feel her presence but now she was watching me play like I was her entertainment for the time. She seemed to like my playing, but she must have left at some point realizing she couldn't torment me (I've beat the most astoundingly evil presences with music, probably has something to do with the usage of different parts of the brain they can't really effect or something) anymore, when I was done playing she was gone and I was almost normal again.

Conclusion: Don't have one (yet), Salvia didn't like me at first but maybe I've discovered a bit of a trade-off between her and I; we had about 10 good minutes where I could feel her listening to me play. The last experience I had was much less directedly negative, althoug all three were equal in intensity (duration was what varied). I talk about some of the experience like it was a full blown trip, it wasn't; in all cases there was a dreamy sort of distortion over reality and THROUGH that I could see some visuals, in the last experience the voices in my head were very vivid and real, but as for my furniture talking to me that was also through the illusion. If I had higher doses I'm sure I could actually get some real effect, so far I don't think I might really go beyond what I already have for smoking though; I made a tea at one point but noticed no effect whatsoever. In all of these experiences I had a feeling of being slightly scared which I've never gotten off anything else, it luckily goes away somewhat each time I get to know her more; and when this was all over I'd smoke some pot (within two hours after) and become very thankful that at least this drug is still happy to give me a good high with not mental price. I did notice the few times playing music for her that I did some differences in the way the music sounded, I had a song that has a really bizarre sounding chord in it; when I played that chord under Salvia it had a totally new sound to it, much deeper and almost alien sounding.
Good luck and Good times:

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22290
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2007Views: 5,324
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